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A Very Krauty Kristmas (12/20)

Posted by krautymckraut 
A Very Krauty Kristmas (12/20)
December 20, 2007 01:11PM
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell- "Fredrik's Cosmic Spaced Out Blues Band and Orchestra: Hot Fudge" Beyond The Black Crack 1976

David Stoughton- "The Anedote of Horatio & Julie" Transformer 1968

Sky Sunlight Saxon- "Spirit of America" Live At The Orpheum 1977

Andy Williams featuring Anal Magic- "The First Noel" (w/"Oh What Joy It Is to Know You Have a Turtle Heart" playing over it) Andy Williams & Rev. Dwight Frizzell Spread the Spirt of Christmas from Beyond the Black Crack 1963

Cartoon Toilet Land- "Looking for My Friends (While the World Ends)" Rapture Express 1976

Can- "Doko Dai E" Canaxis 5: Studio Demo Tapes, August 1973

Stooges- "I Wanna Be Your Dog" (original John Cale mix) S/T reissue 1969

Logic Circuit- "Motorcross" (196?) V/A Psychedelic Experience Vol. 3

Chrome- "Chromosome Damage" Alien Soundtracks 1978

Sternklang- "Krautsploitation" Sternklang I 19??

Blues Addicts- "Hailow" S/T 1970

Jose Feliciano/Sternklang Duo- "Feliz Navidad (w/"Electrostatic Discharge Constipation" drowning it out) Live At Budokan 1970

Stackwaddy- "Mystic Eyes" S/T 1971

Bing Crosby/David Bowie/Hapshash and The Coloured Coat Featuring The Human Host and The Heavy Metal Kids Trio- "Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (mutilated by two versions "Empires of the Sun" playing simultaneously w/the pitch turned all the way up)" 'Tussin By The Mistletoe 196?
Re: A Very Krauty Kristmas (12/20)
December 26, 2007 02:19PM
The actual Christmas Filly McFillin show crushed any and all Christmas music and made my guests very uncomfortable. Needless to say, hats off and thanks for making my holiday special!
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