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Polacky McPolack Playlist (1/23)

Posted by krautymckraut 
Polacky McPolack Playlist (1/23)
January 23, 2007 04:52PM
Moussa Doumbia- "Keleya" (1975) V.A. World Psychedelic Classics Vol. 3

Ray Barretto- "Acid" Acid 1968

Max Meier-Maletz- "Swinging Nordwest" V.A. Pop Shopping Vol. 1: Juicy Music From German Commercials 1960-1975

Cane And Able- "Girl You Move Me" S/T 1972

Zoot Money's Big Roll Band- "Mound Moves" As & Bs Scrapbook 1964-70

Alan Morehouse And His Bond Street Brigade- "Funky Fever" V.A. The Sound Gallery Vol. 1

Barney Wilen & His Amazing Free Rock Band- "Dear Prof. Leary" Dear Prof. Leary 1969

Black Renaissance- "Magic Ritual" Body, Mind & Spirit 1976

Archie Shepp- "Blues For Brother George Jackson" Attica Blues 1972

Teppoudama No Bigaku- "Japanese Title" The World Of Sadao Nakajima 1973

Micheal Legrand- "Homme de Mort" The Outside Man 1972

Pastor John Rydgren- "Hippie Version of the 23rd Psalm/Hippie Version of Creation/The Lord Is My Shephard" Silhouette Segments 1967

Les Maledictus Sound- "Inside My Brain" Freakout Total 1968

The Free Pop Electronic Concept- "Cosmos Rhythms" A New Exciting Experience 1968

Michael Small- "Bree's Abandon/Club Scene" Klute Soundtrack 1971

Syd Dale- "Knock On Wood" V.A. Cinemaphonic Soul Punch Vol. 2: A Selection of British Library Music 1970-1976

Mandingo- "Pagan Ritual" Primeval Rhythm Of Life 1972

Alain Goraguer- "Strip Tease" La Planete Sauvage Soundtrack 1973

Resonance & the Peppers- "Auto Moto Rallye" OK Chicago 1974

Stanley Wilson- "Ritual of the Fertility Tree" Pagan Love 1961

Orienta- "Yokohama Ferryboat" Markko Polo Adventurers 1959

Marty Manning w/Orchestra- "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" Twilight Zone 1957

The Cake- "Annabelle Clark" Slice Of The Cake 1968

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Re: Polacky McPolack Playlist (1/23)
January 23, 2007 06:46PM
arghhh!! I missed this show--You really need to keep us posted when you do fill-ins
Re: Polacky McPolack Playlist (1/23)
January 23, 2007 09:10PM

Thanks for the post. I'm flattered that you would say "arghhh" in regards to missing my show. I really appreciate the feedback and your thoughtful comments mean a great deal to me! Let me know if you'd like burns of anything!

thanks again!
deady mcdeadhead (in your honor)
Re: Polacky McPolack Playlist (1/23)
January 24, 2007 09:42PM

Thanks for the kind words. Maybe we need to form a mutual admiration society. I really dig your show and have been turned on to tons of great music from listening to your shows. Maybe I'll take you up on your offer of burns...

Keep up the great shows!

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