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Chin Strap Radiothon crap.

Posted by decaf 
Chin Strap Radiothon crap.
November 11, 2010 03:06PM
1. CD sets! 2 discs each some bands, some without bands. Tune in to hear the list of selection. 1 for $15, 2 for $25, etc...
2. Host my show for a $50 donation per hour. I'll be your bitch. You program it and I'll run it. MY SHOW ONLY! NOT A STATION PREMIUM, JUST FOR MY SHOW!
3. For any amount of money, I'll let you call me live on the air and chew me out until I cry. It's the only day of the year I'll let you do this. Next week its back to me yelling at you.
4. Our phone operators will give you dirty, sexy talk for $1.00 a minute.
5. A special $200 premium will be announced LIVE ON THE AIR! You can't miss it.
6. For any amount, a young lady can deflower Bummer Keith. No one wants this, but its there for you to choose.
Re: Chin Strap Radiothon crap.
April 08, 2011 01:40AM
Frank just said that last week's declaration that Frank was going '70s to prepare a demo tape for employment was part of April Fool's. I can't believe I fell for it, for a whole week (until now).
Re: Chin Strap Radiothon crap.
September 02, 2011 02:30AM
Thanks again for the Screaming Smoldering Butt Bitches! Its nice to have old friends stop by hot smiley

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Re: Chin Strap Radiothon crap.
May 18, 2012 04:16AM
Strokiin' supposedly does cause mental retardation. smiling bouncing smiley
Re: Chin Strap Radiothon crap.
April 18, 2013 01:31AM
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