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Posted by CultJam 
November 08, 2011 03:23PM

Everything listed below will be available as a thank you for donating to my show this year!!
Call 216-687-6900 on Wednesday November 9th from 7-9pm to make your pledge.

These will only be available on Wednesday November 9th from 7-9pm.

Radiothon info - please visit: wcsb.org - look at the homepage - for info about How to Donate + Fantastic new WCSB Logo items with photos + Gift certificates + for other general station premiums available.

**All donations to my show of $50 or more will receive an additional extra secret mystery surprise cd as a bonus!!

**Special "Be the DJ" package deal at the bottom of the list - check it out!!



CONTACT MICS!! Made by Sam Harmon (Glacial23), local mad scientist of the homebuilt modular synth variety.
$15 - Limited edition of 10

Contact mics are a form of microphone designed to transmit audio vibrations through solid objects. Thin, versatile, and portable, these are a favorite tool of the experimental musician. All of these mics have a 5' cable and a molded 1/4" connector, and the piezo element is protected with a rubberized coating. All have been tested.

ATARI PUNK CONSOLE KITS!! - Weird Sound Generators - (also from Sam Harmon / Glacial23)
$25 - Limited edition of 5

A build-it-yourself experimental electronic sound generator for beginners. The Atari Punk Console is a simple and fun 9-volt battery-powered portable sound generator, featuring a built-in speaker. The original circuit was designed by Forrest M. Mims III, and published in a Radio Shack booklet: "Engineer's Notebook: Integrated Circuit Applications" (1980). It was named the Atari Punk Console by Kaustic Machines, due to the similarity of sounds it makes to an Atari 2600. This deluxe edition of the kit includes a plain metal mintbox-sized enclosure to house it in that you can art or sticker up any way you'd like. You may also choose to house it in a larger case of your own, per your preferences. Instructions on how to build it are available. (requires a soldering iron). You too can become a noise musician! (the photo of the parts kit does not show the metal enclosure tin, but the tin will be included with the kit)



Murderous Vision - When Civilization Spews Blood cd - (W.C.S.B. - get it?)
$15 donation level - 10 copies

Three long tracks from Northeast Ohio's master of dark ambient industrial noise covering all the styles that are Murderous Vision. "Embryo" is MV's vision of Pink Floyd gone dark and creepy. The title track "W.hen C.ivilization S.pews B.lood" is rife with low grumbling, whispered secrets, and layers and layers of voices? evp-s? Whatever they are, the whole piece builds into a crescendo of uber-spooksville, a portal to the unholy and inhumane psyche that lies beneath, a soundtrack to the fate of the wretched and the doomed. "Live October 30th, 2011" is a sound document of a tremendous live performance featuring local noiser Michael James and showcasing MV's more noisy and pissed off side. Solid. full color artwork.

Fascist Insect - Paradigms Collapse cd single (limited to 1 copy)
$10 donation level - 1 copy

Two tracks documenting the change in direction of Fascist Insect from grindcore to a more noise rock project. Featuring members of Cleveland's noise, industrial, and grindcore scenes, "Paradigms Collapse" is a brutal mix of heavy, relentless drum and bassy guitar rhythm beneath noise texture and gurgling electronics, sounding like a soul thrasher in a field of the avenger of all that is unjust. The first track is a preview from an upcoming full-length release. The second track, "Paradigms Collapse (Live)", is a sound document of this track performed live at the private gathering of awesomeness known as Deejfest in July 2011. There is only 1 copy of this available. full packaging.

Lilypad - Airplanes Part Two cassette (c15)
$15 donation level - 4 copies

John Elliott of Emeralds' former solo project. Recorded in 2007 as an exclusive recording for Radiothon that year, several additional copies have been recently discovered buried in moss and lichens beneath the gnarled and gasping roots of a peculiarly burned and marked tree near the portal of Mt Shasta. Blissful and heady ambient drones from one of Cleveland's greats. A rare artifact for fans of all things Emeralds. full color artwork.


City/Ruins: Art in the Face of Industrial Decay - feature length dvd documentary
$15 donation - 5 copies

City/Ruins is a feature-length film documenting the Northeast Ohio Experimental/ Industrial / Noise movement in a city crushed by industrial collapse. It examines the effects of the mired Cleveland economy on this underground art community, and the art that is produced in its wake. The story is built around interviews and performance clips of those involved in the scene, intertwined with visual evidence of industrial decay, via a montage of decayed local landscapes. Think of it as an oral retelling of the history and characteristics of this scene since the early 1990s, spliced with footage of nearly 20 industrial and harsh noise acts including Skin Graft, Murderous Vision, Aaron Dilloway, Robert Turman, and more + interviews with a who's who of experimental sound in NE Ohio. City/Ruins compiles over 2 hours of interviews and live footage, and this pro-duplicated DVD comes in a slimline case. Released in late Fall 2010.

***View the trailer here: City/Ruins: Art in the face of Industrial Decay Trailer


OTHER RECORDINGS - $10 - $25 donor levels, limited quantities:

MAP (Mary Halvorson/ Tatsuya Nakatani/ Reuben Radding) - Fever Dream 2xLP vinyl (2010 Taiga)
$25 - 1 copy

Here's the deal with the minimal, experimental, improvisational stuff you hear on my show: you're either weird enough to like it, or you hate it. If you're on the good side like me, this is a recommended recording. MAP is Mary Halvorson (guitar), Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion), and Reuben Radding (bass) - three heavy hitters in the world of contemporary improvisation. Fever Dream is a vinyl-only release of high-temperature improv that elicits abstract thought. It contains13 tracks of short, brooding pieces that blast forth from the sweaty sheets of a sleepless night in vivid color. Meticulously recorded by Radding and mastered by James Plotkin, the trio sounds dense, bright and clear. This three-sided double LP was cut direct to metal and pressed on 200g virgin vinyl, including a beautifully etched fourth side. It comes housed in a quality old-style Stoughton tip-on gatefold jacket that's printed beautifully in blinding full color.

C*nting Daughters (referred to as "Blanking Daughters" during my broadcasts) - Gone
deluxe cd box (2011)

$20 - 2 copies

These two 'weird sisters' of NE Ohio have created a special release housed in a magnificently crafted box that is one of the best packages I have ever held. The three long tracks on this recording are meant to portray aurally the Death Journey, with each piece representing a stage of dying and the afterlife. "Quietus" depicts the release from life; "Expiry" depicts the departure from life; and "Asomatous" depicts being without a material body. Each piece embraces a dark ambient aesthetic, but they aren't as creepy as much as evocative and esoteric. Housed in a hand-painted box with an aged-screen top with their logo burnt into it, the contents include the cd along with a special collection of unique surprises and original art exquisitely crafted and wrapped in antiqued fabric. The idea was to evoke a trinket box full of little secrets found in the attic of some eldritch house tucked away in a place time forgot, where nightbirds and skittering, crawling things are the only inhabitants under the pale and waning moonlight.

This is only available to the general public by donating to my show during Radiothon.

Nurse With Wound - Space Music cd (Beta Lactam-Ring Records 2009)
$20 - 1 copy

"Warning: subliminal effects are used on this recording." from Brainwashed - "This is one of the best realized Nurse With Wound albums yet. Steven Stapleton and his crew, including first-mate Andrew Liles and chief of engineering Colin Potter, voyage through the outer limits of The Outer Limits and Sun Ra's most cosmic offerings. Influenced by those haunting electronic soundtracks of vintage Sci-Fi, Stapleton guides the U.S.S. Nurse With Wound through the furthest regions of the universe, documenting spatial anomalies and creating some of the best sounds audible in the Milky Way."

Music From The Film - Bit / Crushface 7" vinyl (2010)
$10 - 2 copies

Music from the Film (Maryland) inhabit the same ghoulish, cartoonish universe as The Melvins, just down the road from Mike Patton. They explore a similar throbbing low-end theory, interrupted by demonoid squeaky toy vocals, and any other noise-maker they could dig out of the toy chest. Weird sounds abound on these two songs recorded by Gary Young to be broadcast on a UK radio program. There’s everything from banjo to glockenspiel to rain stick to theremin (played by Arthur Harrison) to wind-up toys, all designed to create playful noise. Side A is more melodic, while Side B is more crunchy, but each is delightful in its own cacophonous way. Bit / Crushface comes on clear gold vinyl, and also includes its own 45 adapter with multiple holes punched in so you can get a more wobbly, wavy sound out of it if you want. The pieces can be played at 33 rpm or at 45 rpm. The adapter has three holes in it. That is 6 different ways per side to play it. However, if you pop the adapter out and put it back into the record differently, you can have 6 additional mixes and so on. So theoretically, one could play the record hundreds of times without hearing exactly the same mix. Love it. Full color packaging with extra surprises in the inserts.

Skin Graft - Dystrophy cd (Hanson Records 2011)
$10 - 1 copy
Wyatt Howland aka Skin Graft has been blasting his crude noise in the filthiest Cleveland basements and scum punk bars every two or three nights…A WEEK! for the past five or so years. He has a knack for writhing in the filthy underbelly of sound using junk metal, field recordings and primitive electronics. Dystrophy is complete audio horror texture…pulverizing harsh sounds of fluttering static, feedback and crushed metal… This is the sound you hear when you are stuck upside down in the backseat of a hit and skidding car. Always touring, always playing gigs, and always recording…solo and as a member of long running Cleveland noise punks Dead Peasant Insurance as well as countless collaborations with a who's who from NE Ohio and the Midwest's noise scenes. Recommended for fans of Wolf Eyes, The New Blockaders, Napalm Death, Taint, Murder Corporation, Negative Approach, Prurient, and Controlled Bleeding.

Ohio's eclectic sludge/noise/doom/metal/avant-rock weirdo band Sloth have been creating some of the most f-ed up, strange, funny music from the past 10 years. Known for ultra-limited split 7"s and import releases, Sloth is becoming more well-known in Cleveland, but has had a strong cult following in Europe, Japan, and elsewhere for some time now. These whacky Ohio outsider-types play a very diverse array of genres including noisecore, sludge/doom, hardcore, thrashcore, punkcore, samples and weird mixtures of other stuff that usually results in very humorous and strange compositions. Weird lo-fi songs that sound like they were written by a psycho kid sit happily with garage rock high-end jams and tar pit slo-mo doom dirges.

Sloth - "A Whole Other World of Fun" jewel case cd with full color original art (At War With False Noise)
$10 - 1 copy
A multi-genre concept album including sound collage samples, lo-fi, garage rock, and doom dirges.

Minch/Sloth - "Parmacia" split 7" vinyl with full-color sleeve and liner notes (Agromosh Records)
$10 - 1 copy
Minch side - hardcore heavy metal.
Sloth side - creative, whacked avant-rock/metal commentaries on the darker side of our modern culture.

Nate Scheible + J. Guy Laughlin Jr. - "Shy Guy Sessions" 3"cdr (SKSK)
$10 - 3 copies

Highly touted psychotic and creepy percussion battle from two of the best drummers/percussionists/improvisers hailing from Cleveland.

Billy Gomberg + offthesky - "Flyover Sound" cd (Experimedia)
$10 - 2 copies

Flyover Sound is the collaborative effort of Billy Gomberg and offthesky. The pair bring together their individually unique sounds to create a rich and beautiful album. Complex drone and glitch arrangements play alongside acoustic guitar and subtle field recordings. "Flyover Sound" is packaged in Experimedia's signature custom designed six panel tall-slim pack, is a limited edition release, and features full color artwork/photography.

Poopy Necroponde - "We're All Going to Tax You" cd (100% Zero Records)
$10 - 4 copies

(Poopy Necroponde is Matt Lindsay of Sockeye/9 yr.old Mudflesh/and others) Creatively-composed and well-recorded collection of disturbed and brilliantly calm but scathing socioeconomic political reflections on the current state of clueless business-as-usual denial of the dark side of modern life's realities. Good subversive stuff! The 20-minute title track alone is well-worth the investment. Very clever and very listenable.

Of Swine and Swill - self-titled cd (Live Bait Recording Foundation)
$10 - 1 copy

Imagine a unique mix featuring the rock elements of Black Sabbath, industrial soundscapes ala Deutsch Nepal or In Slaughter Natives with a touch of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, and you're somewhere close to the project of northeast Ohio's Stephen Petrus and John Potter. Without the constraints or boundaries of one genre, blending their rock and electronic roots, Of Swine And Swill's music is personal, introspective and emotional: aggressive, yet subtle; atmospheric, yet never a passive listen. Ominous, heavy-hitting, and oddly evocative - the album also features an 8-page full color booklet which includes all lyrics and artwork by John and Stephen. Pro jewel case release.

Jerk - F*ck Action 3"cd (A Soundesign Recordings)
$10 - 2 copies

Voice manipulation, noise electronics, and drums, drums, drums...textural noise rock improv and composition from Cleveland's own. In a jewel case with full color cover art.


SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL: YOU BE THE DJ!!!!! - $100 donation level

Choose any (1) of the WCSB logo T-shirts (including the new 2011 Radiothon T-shirt)

Plus+ any other premium from our WCSB Station Premiums list that is $25 or less (can add up to $25 with multiple items including apparel, glassware, station premium recordings, gift certificates, etc) see wcsb.org - for a full listing of WCSB Station Premiums

Plus+ any (1) of my specialty premiums listed on this page up to $15

Plus+ You get to dj my show!!!!!!! Two hours of sonic bliss all at your command! - You pick the music and do all the talking (if you'd like), you program the setlists, and I just push the buttons and make sure everything's FCC kosher.

Plus+ I will throw in an extra secret mystery surprise cd as a bonus!!!!

(***You may substitute an additional $25 from my specialty premiums list while supplies last for the $25 station premium mix if you'd like - we can work out those details****)

COME AND BE THE DJ!!! It's a bargain deal!!!! And you get to be a college radio dj for a night!

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