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Lenny Bruce tricked me from beyond the grave!

Posted by baronightwolf 
Lenny Bruce tricked me from beyond the grave!
October 31, 2007 12:42PM
Gah! Last night was my Tenth Anniversary Halloween programme on Dave Kosky's 'Throat Culture Cafe', OK? All and all, it was great, even though Chas Smith recently passed away. And then there was Something Else ... something I never expected.
OK, so my penultimate reading for the show was a Lenny Bruce skit satirizing Dracula. I had read it through, and it had hardly any bad language, although it seemed dementedly frenetic. So --
There I am, reading this freaky bit which is mostly a vicious argument between Dracula and his wife, and I'm reading all these parts in thick European accents [as indicated]. Well, Mrs. Dracula starts sarcastically asking her son: "You know vhat Daddy does for a living? He sucks the neck! He sucks the neck!"
I never realized that when saying these lines in a heavy accent that listeners might have thought that instead of saying "sucks the neck" that I was saying --
You know ...
Hey, Chas! If you see Lenny up there in Heaven, tell him from me: GOOD ONE!
And no hard feelings, either ...

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Re: Lenny Bruce tricked me from beyond the grave!
November 04, 2007 06:58PM
Language is the source of great humor.

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