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Order Disorder

Posted by odjunkie 
Order Disorder
December 18, 2007 06:58AM
Going.... through.. withdrawls

Does anyone have the podcasts of John's Order Disorder shows from over the past few years that they can burn to CD or DVD for me???

Of course I'd reimburse for postage and handling. Send e-mails to patrickm at alloymail.com to work out the detail$.

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Re: Order Disorder
December 20, 2007 07:00AM
Not sure where to find Podcasts on your hard drive? E-mail me.

I might set up a shared server they can just be uploaded to. Of course I'd still pay. E-Mail me to let me know the dates of the shows that you have. Send to patrickm at alloymail.com
Re: Order Disorder
December 22, 2007 08:44AM
Does anybody at least have the one show from November 07 when John played Chavez and Pink Floyd's Nile Song? Please let me know, thanks.
Re: Order Disorder
January 11, 2008 11:00PM
Mr. Junkie:

I am honored that you have shown continued interest in the show. It sure was a fun time. I am really sad not to have the Sunday slot anymore, but, alas, I have some serious life business to attend to...Namely, impending fatherhood and completing my studies.

As for archived shows, I used to have all of my playlists. When it comes to music, I am a fastidious bugger; however,I am sad to say that most editions of order disorder have been lost when my hard drive crashed several months ago...

I have some old playlists, but I must look around. I remember the show when I played the Nile Song. It was a request for a faithful listener, Tony. It is a fantastic song by the way, maybe their best.

I still am a member of the station and participate in the Friday Night Rock Rotation...Next show: Friday January 21. 7-9 PM EST.

If there is something I could do for you, let me know. It might be fun to but together a mix or something.

Yer man,


order disorder

p.s. Do I know you?
Re: Order Disorder
January 13, 2008 09:15AM
o r d e r d i s o r d e r

Play List

Date: Unknown


1.Mogwai/ Hunted by a Freak/ BBC Sessions
2.Spacemen 3/ Sound of Confusion/ Revolution or Heroin
3.Pink Floyd/ Nile Song/ More Soundtrack
4.Chavez/ Flight '96/ Ride the Fader
5.Leadbelly/ Bourgeois Blues/ About a Son Soundtrack
6.Ulrich Schnaus/ Look at the Sky/ Quicksand
7.Ride/ Leave them All Behind/ Leave them All Behind
8.Black Moth Super Rainbow/ Sunlips/ Dandelion Gum
9.The Warlocks/ Moving and Shaking/ The Phoenix Album
10.13th Floor Elevators/ Reverberations/ 13th Floor Elevators
11.The Volta Sound/ We'll Be Fine/ Turn on Your Mind (compilation)
12.New Fast Automatic Daffodils/ ?
Re: Order Disorder
January 17, 2008 06:50AM
Yes! Thankyou. Keep them coming please! Wow.
I only discovered your OD podcast about a month before you ended it, which SUCKED! I loved it and bought alot of the songs and albums of the songs you played from iTunes and then I was suddenlycut off. So now you understand. In your show I had finally found a viable source of heady-goth-whitenoise-psychodelia. You introduced me to shoegaze (I was in Germany when it became popular here) and I thank you for that. I majored in early-80's goth and could send you a CD which might blow your mind if you want but compared to "Leave them all Behind", pfft! Dark, foreboding, reverberating, rocking . Ghostly but ALIVE. I love it! How else can I say it. Your musical taste is f'ing incredible to me. You should have your own station. Your playlists should be embossed in golden plaques and displayed in the halls of WCSB and the days you played them should be written into the history books. Don't mean to make your head too big but you are a national treasure in this 40-something rocker's mind. Really, I'm looking forward to seeing your future show songlists and any other old ones you come up with. (I guess future podcasts are out of the question??) Take care and thanks for the personal response!!!
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