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playlist please for Giraffes on Fire 2/4/08

Posted by White Rabbit 
playlist please for Giraffes on Fire 2/4/08
February 04, 2008 03:18PM
could some someone post the playlist
Re: playlist please for Giraffes on Fire 2/4/08
February 04, 2008 07:15PM
in the next few days, check the "Playlist" thread for this entry:

Filly McFillin & Friends' Monday Brunch Exchange 2/4

That will be the playlist for this show ( Krauty McKraut filling in)

i'm pretty sure that Giraffes On Fire has retired - erin had a great show and will be missed.
Re: playlist please for Giraffes on Fire 2/4/08
February 05, 2008 03:56PM
here ya go:

Eternal Tapestry- "Vibrations" Vibrations New Dawn 2007

Tom Nehls- "Dawn In The Park" I Always Catch The Third Second of a Yellow Light 1973

George-Edwards- "Magnetic Variation" 38:38 1977

Nothing People- "I Can't Find a Monkey" Problems 7" 2006

Flesh Eaters- "Satan's Stomp" A Minute To Pray A Second To Die 1981

Geeks- "Too Fat Pig" Too Fat Pig 7" 1979

Manfred Mann- "Snakeskin Garter" Chapter Three 1969

The Sons of Adam- "Feathered Fish" (1966) V/A Tony the Tyger Presents...Fuzz, Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 6

Moses- "Skaev" Changes 1971

Jarvis Street Revue- "Mr. Oil Man" Mr. Oil Man 1969

Van Halen- "Everybody Wants Some (demo)" Women and Children First Sessions 1980

Slicing Grandpa- "The Parasite" Split 7" 2006

Evil- "Moral Outrage and Other Human Atrocities" A True Untimely Atocity 10" 2007

Oho- "Ain't Life Dumb" Okinawa 1974

Cigarettes- "Gimme Cigarette" Gimme Cigarette 7" 1978

Gates of Freedom- "Havu Godel-Baruch Shenatan" A Religious Rock Service (for the Reading of Scripture) 196?

Up- "Together" Killer Up! 1969-72

Rationals- "Smokestack Lightning" Fan Club LP 1966

Stonemen- "Faded Colors" (196?) V/A Psychedelic Experience Vol. 4: Ultra Rare Acid Punk Fuzz Monsters from the 60s!

Mark Tucker- "64ZO37375 Part 1/Sideways Love Forever" Batstew 1975

Rabble- "Buttercups Blue" Give Us Back Elaine 1969

Mike Rep and the Quotas- "Rocket Music On" Mama Was A Schizo, Daddy Was A Vegetable Man 7" 1975
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