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2 down 2 to go!

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
2 down 2 to go!
May 10, 2008 05:15PM
For anyone who went to go see the Meatmen last Thursday at the Jigsaw did they play "Fuck the Beatles (1 down 3 to go)" and if so did they update the song?

I think they should tour every time a Beattle dies.

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Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 11, 2008 07:59AM
And I thought I was the only one who didn't like the Beatles... :Op
Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 11, 2008 05:21PM
Tesco and the boys stayed true to the original "1 down 3 to go" and put on a solidly entertaining show. I was impressed that they still had "it".
Anonymous User
Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 12, 2008 03:12PM
Yeah I am mad that I missed it but I had a ton and 1/2 shit to do.

Well I guess they get an "A" for keeping it old school. I still think they should have an updated version.

And yes I terribly dislike the Beatles for many reasons...Oh let me count the ways.

1) There were several American bands out there during the British invasion that kicked more ass than the Beatles but stayed in the underground due to the fact that they were getting overexposed (this is my opinion of course).

2) What was America's answer to the Beatles and a little too late may I add? The Monkeys. Come freakin' on I know there are several monkeys fans out in this forum but once again...there were a lot better bands that could have battled this phenomenon and possibly crush the early Boy-band archetypes.

3) If john Lennon was still alive today (or at least past the 80's) he too would appear in a horrible duet with Micheal Jackson. I dunno if anyone remembers but before he died his music was sucking big time!

4) The only thing that would have saved the Beatles is if all of them would have died when John did. Except George Harrison... He was OK in my book.

5) They Sued Apple computers just because It was called Apple (remember their record label?). Why did they not just go ahead an sue the produce industry while they were at it?

6) They and the GreatfulDead made my life miserable in high school because I let it be known that I disliked both of those bands. The reaction was as bad as when someone was spreading rumors around school that I allegedly said America sucks. When you are from another country that comment seems to be almost suicide in high school.

7) Because they would teach it in music theory. Hate school = Hate school work.

8) Because they were all ugly homos and no one notice cause everyone was too busy fainting and screaming.

9) Yoko Ono

10) John Lennon's Son, Paul's 1 legged Ex-wife... They just all suck as.The Beatles are like the King Midas of suckyness ...what ever they touch it turns to shit!

2 down 2 to go!
Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 12, 2008 04:36PM
i can't believe that after all these years with me, you don't know how to spell the Monkees correctly!

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Anonymous User
Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 12, 2008 11:01PM
Who cARes! I only spell things right that I care about. I got your name right don't I?
Re: 2 down 2 to go!
May 25, 2008 04:15AM
I thought they did update it, or at least mention it should be. I was in Rockstar Mode, though, as Sassy can attest to. Tesco did wear his awesome ABBA flair bells.

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