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Save our Smut, pt. 2?

Posted by The Smoking Loon 
Save our Smut, pt. 2?
October 02, 2006 02:30PM
Let's start w/ a shout out to Sweet Ass Sassafras for the original.
Anywho, these fucking right wing zealots are now petitioning to close adult clubs and bookstores by midnight, regulate a minimum 6' distance between dancers and guests, restrictions on dancers' actions (no touching between two/more in SEMI-nude states, etc.).


My regular callers, who are cabbies, dancers, porn clerks....are going to be affected. My own personal smuttiness will be affected. I in fact tell girlfriends that if I can't enjoy strippers or porn occasionally, to leave. I see or I find, I guess. Which is the lesser of two evils? (Usually, it's no problem because I would never be with someone who is so uptight/insecure)
Anyways, I want info, opinions, and thoughts on how we can protest this
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