Thurday, December 22, 2011 | 8 PM (7 PM door) ---- Cleveland, OH at Beachland Ballroom - 9th Annual Old Home Night: SCARCITY OF TANKS with Home & Garden (feat. Tony Maimone, Tom Herman, & Robert Wheeler), Cats On Holiday, Kidney Brothers (mem. of Numbers Band), Nicholas Deveney ------ $10. All ages.

(a version of HOME & GARDEN)

TONY MAIMONE and ROBERT KIDNEY, © Ted Barron, 2010 from

SCARCITY OF TANKS, © Michael Paterson, 2011

Tony Maimone interviewed by Mike DeCapite, from [] :

I feel like I've almost come full circle from the early seventies. I used to turn off the lights and play the piano, and that's "Dub Housing". I used to come home late at night and turn on an amp and play, and that's the beginning of "Codex". That stuff was really influenced by my surroundings.
Personally I was really influenced by what I was listening to. You'd never know that I was listening to reggae and Miles Davis and Bob Dylan, but… Playing with Bob Kidney had a big influence on me, too. We'd sit out in his backyard and really go over those Robert Johnson tunes.


This was later, maybe early '80s. I probably met him in the late seventies and by the early '80s I was playing with him. He wanted me to join his band, but I was touring with Ubu and I didn't really want to stop doing that.

I think what I was asking was more about when you guys started writing music and would get together to put together songs, you guys were trying to recreate the atmosphere of your lives at that point, and…

Let me just stop you. The first place we ever rehearsed at was in that building over on Euclid Avenue around 62nd. It was a small room and it was dark in there, and it felt like the heart of Cleveland. And I think organically songs like "Sentimental Journey" came straight from that dark room with everybody being in there, looking into themselves, listening to what was going on around them and reacting to it.

There's something about those first albums. Like "Dub Housing"---what does that mean but hearing what everybody around you is doing? There's Tony on the other side of the wall playing piano with the lights off---"Dub Housing". It's all about you guys trying to recreate your environment and giving it some shape.


"Have you got it yet?"
Sorry, but I have just found out that Scarcity Of Tanks will not be on that bill...

I said, "David, what 8-Track machine?"

From []

In 6 hrs. it changed me from an unsuccessful rock guitarist, to a slightly successful experimental guitarist.

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"Have you got it yet?"
One more thing: don't call me Herman!

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"Have you got it yet?"
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