Each year at Radiothon, in addition to the special premiums we receive from local businesses, we offer new WCSB branded swag as a premium gift item for Radiothon supporters.  Below we’ve listed the new items, and some repeat goodies that we’ll have available and their corresponding donation amounts.

Check back in at or on our facebook or instagram pages on SUNDAY for the full list of premium items and ways to donate.

T Shirts:

Glow-in-the-Dark Contest winner T shirt: $40
Splatter T shirts (Men’s & Women’s): $30
Rainbow Pride T shirt: $30
White T shirt w. blue circle: $25 (offered last year)
Star Wars T shirt: $25 (offered last year)
Black T shirt w. straight logo: $25 (offered last year)
Mix & Match: Pick any two of last year’s shirts for $40
Special Limited Edition Hess 40th anniversary T shirts, signed by the artist: $65 (while supplies last)

Hess Zipper Hoodies: $60
Blue Scribble Hoodie: $45 (offered last year)
Black Hoodie w. red circle: $40 (offered last year)
Splatter Windbreakers in Royal Blue or Mint: $55

Circle Logo Ski Cap: $20
Embroidered Green Baseball Cap: $25
B&W Trucker Hat: $15

Drinking gear:
Coffee Mugs: $15
Pangaea / Splatter / Circle logo
Etched Pint Glasses: $15
w. bottle opener and can koozie: $20
Set of 4 w. 1 bottle opener & 4 can koozies: $50

Other Item:
Drawstring Backpack in Purple or Lime: $15

We will have the Softball jerseys (maroon and yellow & brown w. owl), Green Windbreakers, Umbrellas, Travel mugs, Slip mats and other merchandise for sale during Open House, and they will be offered at slightly reduced prices.

Thanks for planning on a WCSB 2017 Radiothon donation!



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This year I plan on doubling my normal annual contribution. I don’t need more gear although I’ll probably pick some stuff. But what I really enjoy are CD’s produced by various DJ’s. (I have Herb’s every year since 2007 as well as several Max Payola’s. I would have loved one from Cowgirls.) Any way to get an idea of who will be producing one this year?

Also, I usually pledge once for the full amount. Is it possible to pledge several times on different shows for smaller amounts?


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