The Brewing Luminous

Host Dr. O

haute jazz, rock, and world
the very annals of sound
complete yourself, man

Every Thursday 9:00am - 11:00am   |   Freeform
The Brewing Luminous
Host Dr. O

The Brewing Luminous

haute jazz, rock, and world
the very annals of sound
complete yourself, man

Every Thursday 9:00am - 11:00am   |   Freeform


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  1. Playlist 23 May 2024

    Bobby Bradford – John Carter Quintet, “Encounter” from Comin’On (Hat Hut 1989)

    Charles Gayle / Milford Graves / William Parker, “C3” from WEBO (Black Editions Archive 2024)

    Alan Braufman, “Brooklyn” from Infinite Love Infinite Tears (Valley of Search 2024)

    David Murray Quartet, “Ninno” from Francesca (Intakt Records 2024)

    Marta Sanchez Trio, “I Don’t Wanna Live The Wrong Life And Then Die” and “The Absence Of The People You Long For” from Perpetual Void (Intakt Records 2024)

    Wadada Leo Smith / Amina Claudine Myers, “The Harlem Meer” and “Albert Ayler, a Meditation in Light” from Central Park’s Mosaics of Reservoir, Lake, Paths and Gardens (Red Hook Records 2024)

    Luke Stewart Silt Trio, “Seek Whence” from Unknown Rivers (Pi Recordings 2024)

    Tidiane Thiam, “Dannibe Pine” and “Neene Africa” from Africa Yontii (Sahel Sounds 2024)

    Stephan Crump, “Dusk Critters” from Slow Water (Papillon Sounds 2024)

    FUR, “Particule” from Notebook (Tricollectif 2024)

    Amalie Dahl’s Dafnie, “We don’t want your stupid war” from St​å​r op med solen (Aguirre Records 2024)

    John Taylor / Norma Winstone / Kenny Wheeler, “The Tunnel” from Azimuth (ECM 1977)

  2. Playlist 16 May 2024

    Seebalak, “Tan Singing (Holi)”; Corcoree Band, “Tassa”; “Madrasi Funeral Drumming”; and “Guadeloupe Kali Ceremony” from Caribbean Voyage: East Indian Music In The West Indies (Rounder 1999)

    Arif Fazliev, Mefaj Fazliev (zurna), Njazi Idrizov (drum), “Toska”; Promahi Village Brass Band “Patrunino”; “Gajda” (bagpipe); Mile Kolarov (kaval), Atanas Kolarovski (tapan drum), “Ratevka”; “Adana” (a town in Turkey); Arif Fazliev, Mefaj Fazliev (zurna), Njazi Idrizov (drum), “Cifte Camce”
    from Macedonian Folk Dances Vol. III (Folkcraft 1964)

    Konstantínos Kóstas (flute), “Miroloi (Lament)”; Nikolaos Paparas (clarinet), Akhileas Zervas (daf), “O Skaros (Pastoral Melody)”; Ioannis Mettos, Nikolaos Batzis (zurna), Nikólaos Gjoulíkas (violin) and Panayiotis Batzis (doli), “Yerakina”; Ilias Kostopoulos (bagpipes), “Tuo Trapeziou (Music Of The Table)” from Musica Popolare Della Grecia Del Nord = Folk Music Of Northern Greece (Albatross 1976)

    Vassilis Tsitsanis, “Taqsim 1,” “Se Mazepsa, Se Symmassa” and “Taqsim Et Danse Aptalikos” from Grèce – Hommage À Tsitsanis (Ocora 1984)

    A.C. Marias, “Just Talk,” “Our Dust” and “To Sleep” from One Of Our Girls (Has Gone Missing) (Mute 1989)

    Dome, “Cruel When Complete” from ST (Dome Records 1980)

    Sheila Chandra, “4” and “8” from Quiet! (Indipop 1984)

    Colin Newman, “fish 2” and “fish 3” from Provisionally Entitled The Singing Fish (4AD 1981)

    Cocteau Twins, “The Spanglemanker” from The Pink Opaque (4AD 1986)

    Siouxsie and the Banshees, “Obsession II” from the “Slowdive” 12-inch single (Polydor 1982)

    Siouxsie and the Banshees, “A Sleeping Rain” from the “Melt” 12-inch single (Polydor 1982)

  3. Playlist 9 May 2024 – Steve Albini Tribute

    Big Black, “Steelworker” and “Live In A Hole” from Lungs EP (Ruthless Records 1982)

    Big Black, “Cables” and “The Pigeon Kill” from Bulldozer EP (Ruthless Records 1983)

    Big Black, “The Ugly American” from Racer-X EP (Homestead Records 1985)

    Big Black, “The Crack Up” from Gods Favorite Dog compilation (Touch & Go 1986)

    Big Black, “Kerosene” and “Bad Houses” from Atomizer (Homestead Records 1985)

    Shellac, untitled track from Futurist (self-release 1997)

    Big Black, “Every Man For Himself” from Gods Favorite Dog compilation (Touch & Go 1986)

    Big Black, A-side of “Heartbeat” 7-inch single (Touch & Go 1987)

    Big Black, A-side of “He’s a Whore” 7-inch single (Touch & Go 1987)

    Big Black, “My Disco” from Headache EP (Touch & Go 1987)

    Big Black, “L Dopa” from Songs About F*cking (Touch & Go 1987)

    Rapeman, “Log Bass” and “Dutch Courage” from Budd EP (Touch & Go 1988)

    Rapeman, “Hated Chinee” from Two Nuns and a Pack Mule (Touch & Go 1988)

    Pigface, “Point Blank” from Gub (Invisible 1991)

    Shellac, “Rambler Song” and “Billiard Player Song” from The Rude Gesture (A Pictorial History) 7-inch (Touch & Go 1993)

    Shellac, “Wingwalker” from Uranus 7-inch (Touch & Go 1993)

    Shellac, untitled track from Futurist (self-release 1997)

    Shellac, “My Black Ass” and “Crow” from At Action Park (Touch & Go 1994)

    Shellac, “Didn’t We Deserve A Look At You The Way You Really Are” from Terraform (Touch & Go 1998)

    Shellac, “Mama Gina” (excerpt) from 1000 Hurts (Touch & Go 2000)

  4. Playlist 2 May 2024

    Carl Nielsen, Symphony No. 5 (excerpt) performed by the Royal Scottish Orchestra conducted by Bryden Thomson (Chandos 1993)

    Luc Ferrari, “Tête et queue du dragon” (1959-60) from Complete Works 01 (Maison ONA 2024)

    Olivia Block, “Violet-Green” from The Mountains Pass (Black Truffle 2024)

    Richard Teitelbaum, “Original Soundtrack” (excerpt) from Asparagus (Black Truffle 2024)

    Richard Teitelbaum with Anthony Braxton, “Crossing” (excerpt) from Time Zones (Freedom 1977)

    Nick Dunston, “Blinding, Joyous, Fearful” and “Fully Turbulent” from Colla Voce (Out of Your Head Records 2024)

    Kenny Warren, “Angels Migration” from Sweet World (Out Of Your Head Records 2024)

    Dan Weiss, “Five to Nine” from Even Odds (Cygnus Recordings 2024)

    Tomeka Reid Quartet, “Sauntering With Mr. Brown” from 3​+​3 (Cuneiform Records 2024)

    Chris Corsano, “I Don’t Have Missions ” from The Key (Became the Important Thing [and Then Just Faded Away​]​) (Drag City 2024)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “Exultation Wave” from Hexadic II (Drag City 2015)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “Threshold Of Light” from Burning the Threshold (Drag City 2017)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “The 101” from Companion Rises (Drag City 2020)

    Six Organs Of Admittance, “Messier 42” (excerpt) from Sleep Tones (Hermit Hut 2020)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “All That They Left You” from The Veiled Sea (Three Lobed Recordings 2021)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “New Year’s Song” from Time Is Glass (Drag City 2024)

  5. Playlist 25 April 2024 (Forty-Year Throwback)

    March Violets, title track from Snake Dance 12-inch (Rebirth 1984)

    “Alien’s Theme” from Liquid Sky Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Varese Sarabande 1984)

    Long Pig, “Language” from Of Love and Addiction (Anagram Records 1984)

    Big Black, “Cables” from Bulldozer (Ruthless Records 1983)

    Tripod Jimmie, “Empty Seed” from Long Walk Off A Short Pier (Do Speak 1982)

    Velvet Monkeys, “Any Day Now” from Future (Fountain of Youth Records 1983)

    Chrome, “Anorexic Sacrifice” from Raining Milk (Mosquito 1983)

    The Danse Society, “Red Light (Shine)” from Heaven Is Waiting (Arista Records 1984)

    King Crimson, “Dig Me” from Three Of A Perfect Pair (Warner Brothers 1983)

    The Terrible Parade, title track from Sometimes I’d Rather Be Alone 10-inch flexi-disc (self-release 1984)

    Meat Puppets, “Aurora Borealis” from Meat Puppets II (SST Records 1984)

    Violent Femmes, title track from Ugly 12-inch (Slash / Rough Trade 1984)

    Black Flag, “The Swinging Man” from My War (SST Records 1984)

    The Cramps, “I Can’t Hardly Stand It” from Bad Music for Bad People (I.R.S. Records 1983)

    Breeding Ground, “Slaughter” from Reunion 12-inch (Fringe Product 1983)

    Echo and the Bunnymen, “Do It Clean (Live)” from The Killing Moon 12-inch (Sire Records 1983)

    True West, title track from Hollywood Holiday (New Rose Records 1983)

    Animal Slaves, “Man From Glad” from ST (MO DA MU 1984)

    Minimal Man, “In Your Heart” from Safari (CD Presents, Ltd. 1984)

    Method Actors, “House on Fire” from Luxury (Press 1983)

    Clock DVA, title track (single version) from Breakdown 12-inch (Relativity Records 1983)

    Crispy Ambulance, title track from Sexus 12-inch (Factory Benelux 1984)

    The Soft Boys, “The Face Of Death” from Wading Through A Ventilator (Delorean Record Company 1984)

    The Smiths, “Hand In Glove” from ST (Sire Records 1984)

    Minutemen, “The Sh*t You Hear At Parties,” “The Big Lounge Scene” and “Maternal Rite” from The Politics of Time (SST Records 1984)

    The Feelies, “Fa-Cé-La” from Crazy Rhythms (Stiff Records 1980)

    Icicle Works, “Waterline” from ST (Arista Records 1984)

    Eyeless in Gaza, “Tell” from Sun Bursts In 12-inch (Cherry Red Records 1983)

  6. Playlist 18 April 2024

    Lungfish, “Washing Away,” “Idiot Vehicle” and “The Evidence” from Pass and Stow (Discord 1994)

    Igor Stravinsky, The Rite of Spring performed by the Orchestre National de la R.T.F. and conducted by Pierre Boulez (Nonesuch 1964)

    Alice Coltrane “Excerpts From The Firebird” and “Going Home” from Lord of Lords (Impulse! 1972)

    Devin Gray, “Hunker Down,” “Pull To Refresh,” “Bad WiFi” and title track from Most Definitely (Rataplan Records 2023)

    Devin Gray / Luke Stewart / Chris Pitsiokos, “Data Points Nowhere,” “Internet Explorer” and “Subtle Bully” from GPS Trio Blast Beat Blues (Rataplan Records 2019)

    Earth Tongues, title track (excerpt) from Anemone (Neither/Nor Records 2024)

    Yu-Hui Chang, “Germinate” from Mind Like Water (New focus Recordings 2024)

    Joan La Barbara, from “ShadowSong” (1979) from Sound Paintings (Lovely Music 1990)

    O.K. Subramaniam, “Kriti: Rama Nannu Brovara” from Southern India: Nagaswaram in the Carnatic Tradition (Inedit 2004)

  7. Playlist 11 April 2024

    Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)” and “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue” from Bringing It All Back Home (Columbia 1965)

    Han Bennink & Terrie Ex, “Tzwef & Tkalf” from The Laughing Owl (Atavistic / Terp 2000)

    The Ex, “Let’s Get Sceptical,” “Tin Gods,” “The State Of Freedom,” “The Early Bird’s Worm” and “Catkin” (excerpt) from Joggers & Smoggers (Ex Records 1989)

    Marc Ribot and The Jazz-Bins, “Live at Banlieues Bleues – extrait n°1” ( Marc Ribot official)

    Marc Ribot Trio, “Sun Ship” from Live At The Village Vanguard (Pi Recordings 2014)

    Marc Ribot / The Young Philadelphians, “Love Rollercoaster” from Live in Tokyo (Yellowbird 2015)

    Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos, “Aurora En Pekín” from The Prosthetic Cubans (Atlantic 1998)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “Summer’s Last Rays” from Time is Glass (Drag City 2024)

    Judith Berkson, “Bent Meanings” (excerpt) performed by Miroslav Beinhauer from Pieces For Sixth​-​Tone Harmonium (Sub Rosa 2024)

    Olivia Block, “The Hermit’s Peak” (excerpt) from The Mountains Pass (Black Truffle 2024)

  8. Playlist 4 April 2024

    Gillian Welch, “Look at Miss Ohio,” “One Monkey” and “One Little Song” from Soul Journey (Acony Records 2003)

    Pete Seeger, “The Foolish Frog” from Children’s Concert at Town Hall (Columbia 1962)

    The Doors, “Peace Frog” from Morrison Hotel (Elektra 1970)

    Charles M. Bogert, tracks 1-11 and 34-41 from Sounds of North American Frogs (Smithsonian Folkways 1957)

    “19 Èsa Propitiatory Hunting Songs,” “18 Imitations of Animals Cries & Decoys” (excerpt) and “Women’s Song and Musical Bow” from Chasseurs Pygmées: Pygmées Aka d’Afrique Centrale (SELAF-ORSTOM 1982)

    Alice Coltrane, “Shiva-Loka” from Journey in Satchidananda (Impulse! 1970)

    Alice Coltrane, title track and “Battle at Armageddon” from Universal Consciousness (Impulse! 1971)

    Muhal Richard Abrams, “Before and After” from Think One, Focus All (Black Saint 1995)

    John Sinclair, introdction, and Art Ensemble of Chicago, “Nfamoudou-BouDouGou” and “Immm” from Bap-tizum (Atlantic 1973)

    David S. Ware Quartet, “Rhythm Dao” “and “Tao Above Sky” from Dao (Homestead 1996)

  9. Playlist 28 March 2024

    Alice Coltrane, “Journey In Satchidananda” (excerpt) and “Africa” from The Carnegie Hall Concert (Impulse! 2024)

    Cecil Taylor Unit, “February 9, 1980 I” from Live At Fat Tuesdays, February 9, 1980 First Visit (First Visit Archive 2024)

    Nicole Mitchell’s Black Earth Strings, “Crossroads” from Renegades (Delmark Records 2009)

    Amirtha Kidambi’s Elder Ones, “Third Space” from New Monuments (We Jazz Records 2024)

    Joy Guidry, “Members Don’t Get Weary” from AMEN (Whited Sepulchre Records 2024)

    Jason Stein / Marilyn Crispell / Damon Smith / Adam Shead, “a universe of otherwise” from spi​-​raling horn (Irritable Mystic Records 2024)

    Dave Sewelson / Ava Mendoza, “Don’t Buy The Lie” and “Do Nothing Man” (excerpt) from Of It But Not Is It (Mahakala Music 2024)

    Mars Williams / Darin Gray / Chris Corsano, “Set One 1” and “Set One 2 (Part A)” (excerpt) from Elastic (Corbett vs. Dempsey 2024)

  10. Playlist 21 March 2024

    NRG Ensemble, title track from Hold That Thought (Corbett vs. Dempsey 2024)

    Ivo Perelman Quartet, “Entrainment” from Water Music (RogueArt 2024)

    Ivo Perelman / Mark Helias / Tom Rainey, title track from Truth Seeker (Fundacja Sluchaj 2024)

    Rent Romus’ Lords of Outland, “Mutual Eclipses and Transits” from Ghost Moon (Edgetone Records 2024)

    Jonah Parzen-Johnson, “Not Writing About This” from You’re Never Really Alone (We Jazz Records 2024)

    Chris Pitsiokos, “Nebula” from Irrational Rhythms and Shifting Poles (Eleatic Records 2024)

    Shane Parish, “Lonely Woman” and “Avril 14th” from Repertoire (Palilalia 2024)

    Bill Orcutt Quartet, “A different view” and “Out of the corner of the eye” from Four Guitars Live (Palilalia 2024)

    Moor Mother, “My Soul’s Been Anchored” and “Liverpool Wins” from The Great Bailout (Anti- Records 3/8/24)

    Nox, “Noxativa Live” and “Cold Piece” from Iron Knowledge (Snax Records 2/7/2024)

    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, “Cloud City” and “Hans Gruber Express” from Weird Album (Everyone Else Has A Record Label So Why Can’t I 2024)

    Allan Ravenstine, “Williamsburg Afternoon Suite I and II” (excerpt) from Modulisme Session 100 (Modulisme 2024)

  11. Playlist 14 March 2024

    Mars Williams & Hamid Drake, “The Worm” from I know You Are But What Am I? (Corbett vs. Dempsey 2024)

    Alan Braufman, “Edge of Time” from Infinite Love Infinite Tears (Valley of Search 2024)

    Dave Harrington / Max Jaffe / Patrick Shiroishi, “Dance Of The White Shadow And Golden Kite” from Speak, Moment (AKP Recordings 2024)

    Michaël Attias, “#63 (Settled)” from Quartet Music Vol. I: LuMiSong (self-release 2024)

    Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti & Frank Rosaly, “Destejer” from Mestizx (International Anthem 2024)

    Cassie Kinoshi’s Seed, “i” from Gratitude (International Anthem 3/22/2024)

    Ruth Goller, “Next time I keep my hands down” from Skyllumina (International Anthem 2024)

    Caroline Davis & Wendy Eisenberg, “Attention” from Accept When (self-release 2024)

    Water Damage, “Reel E” (excerpt) from In E (12XU 024)

    Horse Lords, “Truthers” from As It Happened: Horse Lords Live (Rvng Intl. 2024)

    Ka Baird, “Gate IX” from Bearings: Soundtracks for the Bardos (Rvng Intl. 2024)

    Gerycz Powers Rolin, “Stasis” from Activator (12XU 2024)

    Zoh Amba & Chris Corsano, “Live in New York 2023” (posted by Jazz Is Canceled on YouTube)

    Jessica Ackerley, “IV” from Wave: Volume I (self-release 2022)

    Jeremy Bible, “Anthropocene” from Human Savagery (self-release 2020)

    Luke Martin, “part 2” (excerpt) performed by Short Americans, from by our faint shadows going before us (All Sky 2023)

    Jonah Parzen-Johnson, “What They Love” from You’re Never Really Alone (We Jazz Records 3/8/2024)

  12. Playlist 7 March 2024

    Blonde Redhead, “Water” from Fake Can Be Just As Good (Touch and Go 1997)

    Blonde Redhead, title track from In an Expression of the Inexpressible (Touch and Go 1998)

    Robert Preston, “Chicken Fat (School Version)” (Capitol Records 7″ 1961)

    The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Chicken Dog” from Now I Got Worry (Matador 1996)

    Ludwig van Beethoven, Late String Quartets (excerpts) performed by the Budapest String Quartet (Columbia 1961)

    Matt Sargent, “Sixth Illumination (2021)” (excerpt) from Illuminations (Sawyer Editions 2023)

    Paal Nilssen-Love / Yuji Takahashi / Ken Vandermark, “December 4th 2019, Koen-Dori Classics, Tokyo – Part 1” from Japan 2019 (PNL Records)

    Charles Lloyd, “Monk’s Dance” and “Booker’s Garden” from The Sky Will Still Be There Tomorrow (Blue Note 2024)

    Moor Mother, “All The Money” from The Great Bailout (Anti Records 2024)

    Brian Eno, “Lighthouse #429” from the Eno documentary film soundtrack (

    Nate Scheible, “Small and Horseless,” “Outlined In,” “Reproof Of Fancy Games” and “The Silver Shore” from or valleys and (Outside Time 2024)

  13. Playlist 29 February 2024

    Muhamad Qadri Dalal, “Taqsim, Maqam Husayni” and “Taqsim, Maqam Husayni” from Alep Syrie; Improvisations Au Luth (ORSTOM-SELAF 1986)

    “The Mode Abu’Ata” performed on setar by Jalāl Zolfonun, from Classical Music of Iran (Seven Seas 1982)

    “Prosnis’,” “Reka Tu-ni” and “Naydeno v solonchake” performed on the dutar by Ammanazar Atayev, from Napevy Dutara: Turkmen Folk Melodies (Melodiya 1981)

    Dr. Lalmani Misra, “Raga Multani” from Nectar of the Moon: Vichitra Vina Music Of Northern India (Nonesuch 1981)

    “Chants Des Pêcheurs De Perles, Muhamaq (Bahrein)” from Pêcheurs de Perles et Musiciens du Golfe Persique (Ocora 1968)

    “Culte Au Monastère Nyingmapa De Rewalsar” from from Le Message des Tibetains (BAM 1971?)

    “About A Man Who, After Marrying, Becomes A Monk At The Sgang-ngon Monastery,” “The Praise Of A Dove” and “Man’s Dream Song” from Musica Popolare / Folk Music From Tibet Vol. 2 (Albatros 1979)

    Professor Liang Tsai-Ping and David Ming-Yeuh Liang, “Floating Lotus (Ch’u-sui-lien),” “Universal Celebrations (P’u-t’ien-t’ung-ch’ing),” Song Of Silk Pounding (Tao-i Ch’u)” from Chinese Masterpieces For The Cheng (Lyrichord 1965)

    “Fanno, Mary Armeede” “Fila Flute Dance” and “Anuak Toum, Thumb Piano (Sanza)” from Ethiopian Urban and Tribal Music: Gold From Wax, Vol. 2 (Lyrichord 1972)

    Dead Can Dance, “Threshold,” “A Passage in Time, “Wild in the Woods” and “Musica Eterna” from ST (4AD 1884)

  14. Playlist 22 February 2024

    Ferka Jilaliya & Zine Mohamed, “Arih Masbahi” b/w “Sidi Mbarek” (Tangephone 480)

    Jamil Bachir, “Lami,” “Swehli,” “Abudhiye,” “Awi,” “Mukhalef” and “Riqbaniye” from Luth Traditionnel en Iraq (Pathé Marconi EMI 1974)

    Pannalal Ghosh, “Raga: Basant Mukhri, “Raga: Bopali Todi,” “Raga: Thumri Khamaj” and “Raga: Thumri Piloo” from ST (His Master’s Voice 1970)

    Bismillah Khan, “Ragupati Ragav Rajaram – Bajan” from Shehnai Nawaz Bismillah Khan (His Master’s Voice 1966)

    Kunaicho Gakubu Ensemble, “Hyōjō Chōshi” and “Kanshū” from Gagaku Collection 2 (Victor 1973)

    “Gong Kebyar De Sawan – Tambulilingan” from Bali: Le Gong Kebyar (Galloway 1974)

    “Monghosan (Retour des Chasseurs de Têtes)” “Dayung (Incantation d’un Chamane)” “Sangkep (Batterie de Pilons)” and “Kapeng Dateng (Solo de Luth)” from Musique Dayak (Disques Vogue 1972)

    Ustad Allauddin Khan, “Behag Gat,” “Vairabi-Gat,” “Gara-Gat” and “Behag” from ST (Megaphone 1976)

    “Uqba: ‘Gumbri,’ 2 Mouvements” and “Mjerred: Percussion Ee ‘Rhaita'” from Les Possédés d’Allah: Musique Confrérique du Maroc (BAM 1977)

  15. Playlist 15 February 2024 Damo Suzuki (1950-2024)

    Can. “Mother Sky,” “Tango Whiskeyman” and “Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone” from Soundtracks (Liberty 1970)

    Can, “Mushroom,” “Halleluwah” and “Augmn” from Tago Mago (United Artists 1971)

    Can, “Pinch,” “Sing Swan Song” and “Spoon” from Ege Bamyasi (United Artists 1972)

    Can, “Moonshake” and title track from Future Days (United Artists 1973)

    Can, “Blue Bag” and “TV Spot” from Limited Edition (United Artists 1974)

    Damo Suzuki, “Interview (10.02.00)” (excerpts) posted by dublab ( 2020)

    Omar Rodr​í​guez​-​L​ó​pez & Damo Suzuki, “Parts 1” from Please Heat This Eventually (Gold Standard Laboratories 2007)

    Damo Suzuki & Now, “One And One Equal One” from The London Evening News (TRI 2007)

    Damo Suzuki & Cuzo, “Billete Sencillo Para Dos” from Puedo Ver Tu Mente (Alone Records 2011)

    Mugstar / Damo Suzuki, “Subway Sound” and “Innanewah” from Start From Zero (Important Records 2014)

    Minami Deutsch and Damo Suzuki, “Part II” from Live at Roadburn Festival (Fuzz Club Records 2019)

    Damo Suzuki + Echo Ensemble, “Encore Part 2” from Live at The Green Door Store (Willkommen Records 2020)

    Damo Suzuki with Numinous Eye & Steve Eto, “Orange Moon Alphabet Hotel” from High School Pharmacy​!​!​! (Charnel Music 2021)

    Damo Suzuki & Spiritczualic Enhancement Center, “Ra” from Arkaoda (Akuphone 2022)

  16. Playlist 8 February 2024

    Brian Eno, “Needles in the Camel’s Eye,” “Dead Finks Don’t Talk,” “Some of Them Are Old” and title track from Here Come The Warm Jets (Island 1974)

    Peter Hammil, “Modern” and “Red Shift” from The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage (Charisma 1974)

    Sam Weinberg Trio, “Vatican Thirds” from Plays Quarter Notes and Other Notes (self-release 2024)

    James Brandon Lewis Quartet, title track from Transfiguration (Intakt Records 2024)

    The Messthetics and James Brandon Lewis, “Emergence” from ST (Impulse! 2024)

    Ches Smith, “Remote Convivial” from Laugh Ash (Pyroclastic Records 2024)

    Simple Minds, “Shake Off the Ghosts” and “The Kick Inside of Me” from Sparkle in the Rain (A&M 1984)

    Johnny and the Self-Abusers, “Saints and Sinners” and “Dead Vandals” 7″ single (Chiswick 1977)

    Simple Minds, “Sad Affair” and “All For You” from Life in a Day (Zoom / PVC 1979)

    Simple Minds, “Naked Eye,” “Citizen (Dance of Youth)” and “Changeling” from Real To Real Cacophony. (Zoom / Virgin 1979)

    Simple Minds, “Constantinople Line” and “Twist / Run / Repulsion” from Empires and Dance (Zoom / Virgin 1980)

    Simple Minds, “Sweat in Bullet” from Sons and Fascination (Virgin 1981)

    Simple Minds, “Careful in Career” from Sister Feelings Call EP (Virgin 1981)

    Simple Minds, “Colours Fly and Catherine Wheel” and “Somebody Up There Likes You” from New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84) (Virgin 1982)

  17. Playlist 1 February 2024

    Big Star, “O My Soul,” “Life Is White,” “Way Out West,” “What’s Goin’ Ahn,” “Daisy Glaze” from Radio City (Ardent 1974)

    The dB’s, “Black and White,” “Dynamite,” “The Fight” and “Big Brown Eyes” from Stands for Decibels (Albion 1981)

    The dB’s, “Happenstance,” “From a Window to a Screen,” “I Feel Good (Today),” “In Spain” and “Nothing is Wrong” from Repercussion (Albion 1981)

    R.E.M., “Laughing,” “Perfect Circle” and “Catapult” from Murmur (I.R.S. 1983)

    The Replacements, “Unsatisfied” and “Answering Machine” from I Will Dare (Twin Tone 1984)

    The Replacements, “Alex Chilton” from Pleased to Meet Me (Sire 1987)

    Matthew Sweet, “I’ve Been Waiting,” “Looking at the Sun” and “I Wanted to Tell You” from Girlfriend (Zoo Entertainment / BMG 1991)

    Wilco, “Box Full of Letters,” “Shouldn’t Be Ashamed,” “Pick Up the Change,” “Dash 7” from A.M. (Reprise 1995)

  18. Playlist 24 January 2024

    Louis Moholo Octet, “Khanya Apho Ukhona (Shine Wherever You Are)” and “You Ain’t Gonna Know Me ‘Cos You Think You Know Me” from Spirits Rejoice (Ogun 1978)

    Bill Dixon with Tony Oxley, title track and “Scribbles” from Papyrus Volume 1 (Soul Note 1999)

    Moor Mother, “Guilty” from The Great Bailout (Anti- 2024)

    Aaron Dilloway, “The Missing Children” from The Absence Of Milk In The Mouths Of The Lost (Original Score) (Hanson Records 2024)

    Gerycz Powers Rolin, “Entrance” and “Sun Rays” from Activator (12XU 2024)

    Tashi Dorji, “Improvisation I” from Guitar Improvisations (Headway 2012 / Drag City 2023)

    Mary Halvorson, “Desiderata” and “Incarnadine” from Cloudward (Nonesuch 2024)

    Brötzmann / Nilssen-Love, “Butterfly Mushroom” from Chicken Shit Bingo (Trost Records 2024)

    Ballister, “Grab” from Smash and Grab (Aerophonic Records 2024)

    Zahir Jan, robab, and Musa Jan, voice and washtub, “Pashtu Ghazal”; Saydo, sorna (oboe), and Baydo, dhol (drum), “Sorna and Dhol” (professional music for celebrations, dances, advertising, and work crews); Habibullah, voice, “Char Bayti” (a quatrain or four-line stanza of poetry); Baba Moqim, voice and dayra (tambourine), “Olang Olang” (wedding song); Mohammad Akbar, tula (flute), “Tula”; and Sayid Murad, voice, Khaistamir, voice and dambura, Mohammad Rahim, zerbaghali, “Ensemble of Northern Afghanistan,” from Folk Music Of Afghanistan Vol. 1 (Lyrichord 1971)

  19. Playlist 17 January 2024

    Bob Dylan, “Tough Mama,” “Dirge” and “Never Say Goodbye” from Planet Waves (Asylum 1974)

    Joni Mitchell, “Free Man in Paris,” “Car on a Hill” and “Trouble Child” from Court and Spark (Asylum 1974)

    Sidi Ahmed El Bakay ould Awa (tidinit and voice), “Seïni Karr” (mode and “n’temass” style); Mounnina and her son, “Vagho” from Mauritanie: Musique Maure (Ocora 1966)
    Recorded by Charles Duvelle. “Mounnina (a very famous singer in Mauritania), heard here ‘in dialogue’ with a young griot (her son) in the mode ‘vagho’; she is accompanied by two ‘tidinits’ [ 4-string lute kin to guimbri and ngoni], and ‘ardin’ [10-string frame harp] (which she plays herself), a ‘t’bol’ [kettle drum], clapping and even a ‘daghumma’ [calabash gourd rattle] (almost inaudible).”

    Kotokoli flutists and drums, “Instrumental” (A2); Ali Bawa, “Ki Man Wo”; Kotokoli flutists and drums, “Instrumental” (A8); Akofa Akoussah, “Lili”; Kotokoli flutists and drums, “Instrumental” (B3); and Houwenema, “Mandza Tom Halu” from Togo: Music From West Africa (Rounder 1978)

    Unknown Artists, “Dushdi Nazarym (My Eyes Have Seen)”; D. Khansakhatov (dutar), “Selbinyaz Kyrk”; M. Khalmamedov and Folk Instrument Trio, “Bileni (Ever With You)”; and M. Tachmuradov (dutar), “Gyrmyzy”; from Turkmenian Folk Songs and Melodies (Melodiya 1966)
    ‘This is a recording of the most popular and beloved Turkmenian folk songs. The words are from folk destans, very popular among the Turkmenian people, also from works by prominent classics of Turkmenian literature. Thus, the words of the folk song “Dushdi Nazarym” (“My Eyes Have Seen”) are from the folk destan “Seipel-melek-Medkhal-jemal”. Separated from his beloved, Seipel-melek sings the beauty of his Medkhal-jemal.[…] The lyrics of “Bileni” (“Ever With You”) are by the 19th century Turkmenian classic Zelini.[…] Melodious, lyrical “Gyrmyzy” and “Selbiniaz Kyrk” are striking examples of Turkmenian instrumental folk music, which have been played on the dutar for many centuries.’

    “Ulawala,” “Namio,” “Ulawala,” “Manjinaul,” “Gitagitavia” and “Luklukvia” from Music of Oceania: The Iatmul of Papua New Guinea (Musicaphon 1982)
    Performances on seven transverse flutes and hour-glass drum (Yumanwusmange ensemble, named after female deity associated with the village) at Aibom village, Sepik River valley, north central Papua New Guinea. Each Iatmul clan “is likely to have a long list of totemic ancestors, which almost always includes some bird, fish or animal…. The names given to the flutes are the names of ancestors…. the most commonly held view is that the flute sounds represent the voices of the spirits that were put into the flutes.”

    Madison Greenstone, “smell of the moon” and “aeolian harp ii” from Resonance Studies in Ecstatic Consciousness (Relative Pitch Records 2023)

    Cecilia Lopez & Ingrid Laubrock, “fabulaciones” and “bala perdida” from Maromas (Relative Pitch Records 2023)

    Lina Allemano / Axel Dörner, “Orcus” and “Ceres” from Aphelia (Relative Pitch Records 2023)

  20. Playlist 10 January 2024

    The Feel Trio, Celebrated Blazons (FMP 1994)

    Giorgio Gaslini, “Fabbrica Occupata (2nd Part)” from Giorgio Gaslini Meets Jean-Luc Ponty / Steve Lacy / Harry Becket / Tony Oxley / Gianni Bedori / Bruno Tommaso / Paul Rutherford (Pausa 1976)

    Bill Dixon, “Incunabula” from Vade Mecum II (Soul Note 1996)

    Rich Halley / Matthew Shipp / Michael Bisio / Newman Taylor Baker, “Angular Logic” from Fire Within (Pine Eagle 2023)

    Colin Webster, from Textural Studies (A New Wave Of Jazz 2023)

    Phill Niblock, “Ten Auras” and “Ten Auras Live” (excerpt) from A Young Person’s Guide to Phill Niblock (Blast First 1995 / Experimental Intermedia 2002)

  21. Playlist 3 January 2024

    John McLaughlin, “Arjen’s Bag” and “Pete the Poet” from Extrapolation (Marmalade/Polydor 1969)

    Tony Oxley Quintet, “Preparation” from The Baptised Traveller (CBS 1969)

    Tony Oxley, “Saturnalia” from 4 Compositions For Sextet (CBS 1970)

    Alan Skidmore Quintet, “Majaera” from Once Upon a Time… (Deram 1970)

    Tony Oxley, “Crossing” from Ichnos (RCA 1971)

    Rolf Kühn Jazzgroup, “Sad Ballade” and “Racing it Down” from Going To The Rainbow (BASF 1971)

    John Surman / Alan Skidmore / Tony Oxley, “Winter Song” from Jazz In Britain ’68-’69 (Decca 1972)

    Kenny Wheeler, “Nothing Changes” from Song for Someone (Incus 1973)

    Tony Oxley, “East of Sheffield” from ST (Incus 1975)

    Murderous Vision, “A Wrench in the Grinding Gears” and “Lever, Pulley And Screw” from Mechanical Collapse in Six Stages (Dunkeliheit Produktionen 2023)

    Francis Dhomont, “Signé Dionysos” from Mouvances – Métaphores (Empreintes DIGITALes 1991)

  22. Playlist 27 December 2023

    John Coltrane, “Peace on Earth” (second night) from Live in Japan (Impulse 1973/1977/1994)

    John McLaughlin, “Binky’s Dream” from Extrapolation (Marmalade 1969)

    Tony Oxley, “Oryane” and “Cadilla” from Ichnos (RCA Victor 1971)

    Carla Bley / Steve Swallow, “King Korn” from Are We There Yet? (WATT / ECM 1999)

    Carla Bley / Andy Sheppard / Steve Swallow / Billy Drummond, “Wink Leak / Traps / Leonard Feather” from The Lost Chords (WATT / ECM 2004)

    Joseph Holbrooke Trio, “Condensation” from The Moat Recordings (Tzadik 2006)

    Bill Dixon with Tony Oxley, “Epigraphy” from Papyrus Volume II (Soul Note 1999)

    Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, “The no-grip” from New Rudiment Candidates For Snare Drum (Dinzu Artefacts 2023)

    Sam Weinberg, “FS” from Academy (self-release 2023)

    Stephen Gauci​ / ​Michael Bisio​ / ​Whit Dickey, “Improvisation V” from Live at Scholes Street Studio (GauciMusic 2023)

    Rob Brown, “Oversea Undersea, part 2” from Oceanic (RogueArt 2023)

    Rob Brown Quartet, “Interjection” from Oblongata (RogueArt 2023)

  23. Playlist 20 December 2023 (re-air from 12/21/2022)

    Tampa Red, “Boogie Woogie Dance” and “Bumble Bee Blues” (Vocalion 1931)

    Red Red Meat, title track, “Second Hand Sea” and “All Tied” from There’s A Star Above The Manger Tonight (Sub Pop 1997)

    Jandek, “I Stepped Out Of It” and “I Want to Look In” from The Humility of Pain (Corwood Industries 2002)

    Jandek, “Can I See Your Clock” from Six and Six (Corwood Industries 1981)

    Marisa Anderson, “Chimes” and “Resurrection” from Into The Light (Chaos Kitchen Music 2016)

    Six Organs of Admittance, “Bless Your Blood” from The Sun Awakens (Drag City 2006)

    Sakina Abdou, “Planting Chairs Parts 1-3” from Goodbye Ground (Relative Pitch Records 2022)

    Don Malafon, “Mutable 3-5 ” from Mutable (Relative Pitch Records 2022)

    Milford Graves, “Transcendence” from Stories (Tzadik 2000)
    Milford Graves, title track from Grand Unification (Tzadik 1998)

  24. Playlist 13 December 2023

    Killing Joke, “Empire Song” from Revelations (Editions EG 1982)

    Killing Joke, “Unspeakable” from “Ha” Killing Joke Live (Editions EG 1982)

    Killing Joke, “Complications” from ST (Editions EG 1980)

    Killing Joke, “Good Samaritan” and “Dregs” from Revelations (Editions EG 1982)

    Murderous Vision, “Fading Breath,” “You Won’t Live Forever” and “The Bedside Ghosts” from Amor Fati (Difficult Interactions 2023)

    Daniel Bachman, “10:17 PM KHB36 (The Warned Area),” “Flood Stage” and “Innundation (The Blackout) from Almanac Behind (Three Lobed Recordings 2022)

    The Weird Weeds, untitled track A5 and “A Drought” from Help Me Name Melody (Autobus Records 2010)

    Magnetic West, “‘The Shallow Canyon Echo Exchange'” from Pass Fire (self-release 2023)

    Mary Halvorson, “The Gate” from Cloudward (Nonesuch 2023)

    Caroline Davis’ Alula, “Burned Believers” from Captivity (Ropeadope 2023)

    Allison Miller, “Fierce” from Rivers in our Veins (Royal Potato Family 2023)

    Jean-Baptiste Geoffroy, “Haunted ghost note” and “Tripled double-single-stroke” from New Rudiment Candidates for Snare Drum (Dinzu Artefacts 2023)

    LaDonna Smith and Leland Scott Davis, title track from Channeling The Gateway (Trans Museq 2020)

    Professor Liang Tsai-Ping and David Ming-Yeuh Liang, “Ascending The Tower,” “Mutual Longing” and “Song Of The Sweetcake Vendor” from Chinese Masterpieces For The Cheng (Lyrichord 1965)

  25. Playlist 6 December 2023

    Neil Young and Crazy Horse, “Slip Away” and “Scattered” from Year of the Horse (Warner 1997)

    Boneshaker, “Oculoplania” from Unusual Words (Soul What 2014)

    Fred Frith, “A Spit in the Ocean” from Speechless (Ralph Records 1981)

    The Waitresses, “Christmas Wrapping” 7″ (ZE / Island 1981)

    Swollen Monkeys, “Mystic Umbrella” from After Birth of the Cool (Cachalot 1981)

    Swollen Monkeys, title track from On Vacation! EP (Cachalot 1982)

    The Waitresses, “It’s My Car” from Wasn’t Tomorrow Wonderful? (Polydor 1982)

    The Waitresses, “Luxury” from Bruiseology (Polydor 1983)
    Billy Idol, “Catch My Fall” from Rebel Yell (Chrysalis 1983)

    The Psychedlic Furs, “Heartbeat” form Mirror Moves (CBS 1984)

    Mark Bingham, “Jackie-ing” from That’s The Way I Feel Now: A Tribute To Thelonious Monk (A&M 1984)

    The Untouchables, “I Spy for the FBI” from Wild Child (MCA 1985)

    Psychedelic Furs, “Shadow in My Heart” from Midnight To Midnight (CBS 1986)

    Rubber Rodeo, “Souvenir” from Heartbreak Highway (Mercury 1986)

    Naked Raygun, “Holding You” from Raygun… Naked Raygun (Caroline 1990)

    Lostboys, “Seaside Lover” from Lost And Found (Atlantic 1990)

    LaTour, “Following You” from Home On The Range (Smash Records 1993)

    Die Warzau, “Grounded” from Engine (Wax Trax! Records 1994)

    Sister Machine Gun, “Snake” from Burn (Wax Trax! Records 1995)

    Sister Machine Gun, “Living Without You” from Metropolis (Wax Trax! Records 1997)

    Witches and Devils, “Angels” from At The Empty Bottle (Knitting Factory 2000)

  26. Playlist 29 November 2023

    Yazoo, “Too Pieces” and “I Before E Except After C” from Upstairs at Eric’s (Sire 1982)

    Depeche Mode, “Leave In Silence” from A Broken Frame (Sire 1982)

    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, “Almost” from ST (Dindisc / Virgin 1980)

    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, “Statues” from Organisation (Dindisc / Virgin 1980)

    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, title track from Architecture & Morality (Dindisc / Virgin 1981)

    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, title track, “The Romance of the Telescope” and “Silent Running” from Dazzle Ships (Virgin 1983)

    Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark, “She’s Leaving” from Architecture & Morality (Dindisc / Virgin 1981)

    New Order, “Chosen Time” from Movement (Factory 1981)

    New Order, “Procession” from 1981-1982 EP (Factory 1982)

    Simple Minds, “The American” and “20th Century Promised Land” from Sister Feelings Call EP (Virgin 1981)

    Modern English, “Just a Thought” from Mesh & Lace (4AD 1981)

    Modern English, “Carry Me Down” from After the Snow (4AD 1982)

    Moev, “Madhatter” from Zimmerkampf (Go! Records 1982)

    Colin Newman, “We Meet Under Tables” from Not To (4AD 1982)

    Hüsker Dü, “Lifeline” from Metal Circus EP (SST 1983)

    Hüsker Dü, “Pink Turns to Blue” from Zen Arcade (SST 1984)

    Hüsker Dü, “Perfect Example” from New Day Rising (SST 1985)

    Hüsker Dü, “Divide and Conquer” from Flip Your Wig (SST 1985)

    Hüsker Dü, “Dead Set On Destruction” from Candy Apple Grey (Warner Brothers 1986)

    Hüsker Dü, “Too Much Spice” and “Friend, You’ve Got to Fall” from Warehouse: Songs and Stories (Warner Brothers 1987)

    Hüsker Dü, “Recurring Dreams” (excerpt) from Zen Arcade (SST 1984)

  27. Playlist 22 November 2023

    Jan Garbarek – Bobo Stenson Quartet, “A.I.R.” and “Kukka” from Witchi-Tai-To (ECM Records 1974)

    Catherine Christer Hennix, excerpt from Solo for Tamburium (Blank Forms Editions 2023)

    Daniel Bachman, “Someone Straying, Long Delaying,” “Sad The Parting Down The Lane” and “I Must Leave You Someone’s Saying” from When The Roses Come Again (Three Lobed Recordings 2023)

    Bex Burch, “You thought you were free?,” “‘Joy is not meant to be a crumb'” and “On Failing” from There Is Only Love and Fear (International Anthem 2023)

    Nicole Mitchell & Alexander Hawkins, “Flicker Bounce Glide” from At Earth School (Astral Spirits 2023)

    The Feelies, “There She Goes Again, ” “Head Held High” and “Run Run Run” from Some Kinda Love: Performing The Music Of The Velvet Underground (self-release 2023)

    Mars Williams and Hal Russell, “Carnal Concupiscence” and “Is This Virginia?” from EFTSOONS (Nessa 1984)

    The Vandermark 5, “Careen” from Single Piece Flow (Atavistic 1997)

    Minstry, “Cannibal Song” from The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste (Sire Records 1989)

    Catherine Christer Hennix, “Equal Temperament Fender Mix” and “The Well-Tuned Marimba” (excerpt) from Selected Early Keyboard Works (Empty Editions 2018)

  28. Playlist 15 November 2023

    Mendoza Hoff Revels, “New Ghosts” and “The Stumble” from Echolocation (AUM Fidelity 2023)

    Bushman’s Revenge, “Last Cup of Zorro” from All the Better for Seeing You (Is It Jazz? Records 2023)

    Ned Rothenberg, “Bob and Weave” from Crossing Four (Clean Feed Records 10/20/2023)

    Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet, “Insertion One” from Hear The Light Singing (RogueArt 2023)

    Rob Brown Quartet, title track from Oblongata (RogueArt 2023)

    Rob Brown, “Gathering Breeze” from Oceanic (RogueArt 2023)

    Kate Gentile, “Open Epoch” from Find Letter X (Pi Recordings 2023)

    Lina Allemano, “Butterscones” from Canons (Lumo Recordings 2023)

    Lina Allemano Four, “Plague Diaries, Parts 1 (Longing) & 2 (Trying not to Freak Out)” from Pipe Dream (Lumo Recordings 2023)

    Tony Scott, “Prajna-Paramita-Hridaya Sutra” from Music for Zen Meditation (Verne 1964)

    I. S. Mathur, “My Birds,” “Moogsical Forms,” “Once I Played a Tanpura” and “Soundtrack of Shadow Play” from The NID Tapes: Electronic Music from India 1969-1972 (State 51 Records 2023)

    Ustad Zia Mohiuddin Dagar, “Raga Yaman Kalyan – Jhala & Chautala (12 Beats)” from Vrindavan 1982 (Black Truffle 2023)

  29. Playlist 08 November 2023 Radiothon edition

    Albert Ayler Trio, “The Wizzard” from Spiritual Unity (ESP-Disk 1964)
    J.S. Bach, “Adagio” and “Presto” from Partita No. 1 in G Minor for Solo Violin, performed by Arthur Grumiaux (Phillips 1961)

    Big Star, “The Ballad of El Goodo” from #1 Record (Ardent 1972)

    Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, “Ink Mathematics” from Ice Cream for Crow (Virgin 1982)

    Cocteau Twins, “Loreli” from Treasure (4AD 1984)

    John Cage, Sonata No. 1 from Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano performed by Joshua Pierce (Wergo 1989)

    The Fall, “Smile” from Perverted By Language (Rough Trade 1983)

    Fugazi, “Break” from End Hits (Dischord 1998)

    Gastr del Sol, “Work from Smoke” from Crookt, Crackt of Fly (Drag City 1994)

    Gang of Four, “Anthrax” from Entertainment! (Warner Bros. 1979)

    Milford Graves, title track from Grand Unification (Tzadik 1998)

    Skip James, “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” (Paramount 1931)

    Steve Lacy, “Existence” from Snips: Live at Environ (Jazz Magnet 2000)

    William Parker and Hamid Drake, “Black Cherry” from Piercing the Veil (AUM Fidelity 2001)

    Public Enemy, “Brothers Gonna Work It Out” from Fear Of A Black Planet (Def Jam 1990)

    Lou Reed, side 3 excerpt from Metal Machine Music (RCA 1975)

    The Residents, “Weightlifting Lulu” from Duck Stab / Buster & Glen (Ralph Records 1978)

    The Soft Machine, “Hope for Happiness” from ST (Probe 1968)

    Sonic Youth, “Becuz” from Washing Machine (Geffen 1998)

    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, “Identify” from Now I Got Worry (Matador 1996)

    Wipers, “Now Is The time” from Over the Edge (Brain Eater 1983)

    The Cecil Taylor Unit, “Serdab” (excerpt) from ST (New World Records 1978)

  30. Playlist 01 November 2023

    Carla Bley, “Rawalpindi Blues” from Escalator Over The Hill (JCOA Records 1971)

    Julia Reidy, “I” from Trances (Shelter Press 2023)

    Kate Gentile, “Laugh Magic” from Find Letter X (Pi Recordings 2023)

    Matana Roberts, “a(way) is not an option” from Coin Coin Chapter Five: In The Garden (Constellation Records 2023)

    Jessica Pavone, “Nu Shu (part 1)” from from Clamor (Out of Your Head Records 2023)

    Lina Allemano, “3 Trumpet Canon” from Canons (Lumo Recordings 2023)

    Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet, “Insertion Four” from Hear The Light Singing (RogueArt 2023)

    Carla Bley, “Real Life Hits” from Live! (WATT 1982)

    Carla Bley, “Joyful Noise” from Heavy Heart (WATT 1984)

    Carla Bley, “Copyright Royalties” from Social Studies (WATT 1981)

    Carla Bley, “The Girl Who Cried Champagne” from Sextet (WATT 1987)

    Carla Bley / Steve Swallow, “Reactionary Tango Parts 1/2/3” from Duets (WATT 1988)

    Carla Bley, “Rut” form Night-Glo (WATT 1986)

  31. Playlist 25 October 2023

    Paul Bley Quartet, “O Plus One” from Solemn Meditation (GNP 1957)

    Jimmy Giuffre 3, “Jesus Maria” and “Ictus” from Fusion/Thesis a.k.a. 1961 (ECM 1992)

    Paul Bley Trio, “Batterie” and “Ida Lupino” from Closer (ESP-Disk 1966)

    Carla Bley / Mike Mantler / Steve Lacy / Kent Carter / Aldo Romano, “Oni Puladi” from Jazz Realities (Fontana 1966)

    Gary Burton, “Grave Train” from A Genuine Tong Funeral (RCA 1968)

    Charlie Haden, “The Ending to the First Side” from Liberation Music Orchestra (Impulse! 1970)

    Carla Bley / Paul Haines, title track from Escalator over the Hill (JCOA Records 1971)

    Carla Bley, “Enormous Tots” from Tropic Appetites (WATT 1974)

    Carla Bley, “Walking Batteriewoman” from Social Studies (WATT 1981)

    Trevor Watts And Jamie Harris, title track from Tribal (Klopotec 2017)

    Spontaneous Music Ensemble, “Unknown Title” from Question And Answer 1966 (Rhythm & Blues Records 2021)

    Amalgam, title track from Prayer For Peace (Transatlantic 1969)

    Spontaneous Music Ensemble, “Rambunctious 2” from Quintessence 1 (1973 / Emanem 1997)

    John Stevens / Trevor Watts / Barry Guy, title track from No Fear (Spotlite Records 1978)

    The Original Trevor Watts Drum Orchestra, “Shaking and Droning” from Drum Energy! (1989 / Hi 4 HEAD Records 2007)

    Trevor Watts Moiré Music Trio, “Jungle Strut” and “End Of The Road” from Moire (Intakt Records 1995)

    Trevor Watts And Jamie Harris, “Multiki” from Live In Sao Paulo, Brasil (Hi 4 HEAD Records 2006)

    Trevor Watts And Jamie Harris, “Ancestry” from Tribal (Klopotec 2017)

  32. Playlist 18 October 2023

    Charlie Haden & Liberation Music Orchestra, title track and “Silent Spring” from Time/Life (Impulse! 2016)

    Mendoza Hoff Revels, “Discalculia” and “Diablada” from Echolocation (AUM Fidelity 2023)

    Rent Romus’ Actual/Actual, “VIII-V” from Baptismal (Edgetone Records 2022)

    Nicole Mitchell & Alexander Hawkins, “Interlocking Imaginations,” “Jalopy Ride” and “There Is a Balm in Gilead” from At Earth School (self-release 2023)

    Marike van Dijk, title track from Stranded (self-release 2023)

    Helen Svoboda, “Foreign Bodies” from The Odd River (Earshift Music 2023)

    Kris Davis, “The Dancer” from Diatom Ribbons Live At The Village Vanguard (Pyroclastic Records 2023)

    Trevor Watts / Jamie Harris, “Ancestry” from Tribal (Klopotec 2017)

    Jaap Blonk, title track (2003 version) from Ursonate (Basta 2004)

  33. Playlist 11 October 2023

    Matthew Shipp, “Jazz Frequency” and “The Bulldozer Poetics” from The Intrinsic Nature of Shipp (Mahakala Music 2023)

    Idris Ackamoor and The Pyramids, “Requiem for the Ancestors” from Afro Futuristic Dreams (Strut Records 2023)

    Matana Roberts, “Predestined Confessions,” “How Prophetic” and “A Caged Dance” from Coin Coin Chapter Five: In The Garden (Constellation Records 2023)

    S.C. Sharma, “After the War”; Atul Desai, “Compositions”; S.C. Sharma, “Dance Music I-III”; and I. S. Mathur, “Shadows of the Show” from The NID Tapes: Electronic Music from India 1969-1972 (State 51 Records 2023)

    Japan, “The Unconventional” and title track from Adolescent Sex (Hansa-Ariola 1978)

    Japan, “Love is Infectious,” “Deviation” and “The Tenant” (Excerpt) from Obscure Alternatives (Ariola 1978)

    Japan, “Life in Tokyo” from Special Edition – Five Song – Extended Play (Hansa 1980)

    Japan, “All Tomorrow’s Parties” and “Alien” from Quiet Life (Virgin 1979)

    Japan, “Swing” and “Burning Bridges” (excerpt) from Gentlemen Take Polaroids (Virgin 1980)

    Japan, “Talking Drum,” “Still Life in Mobile Homes” “Cantonese Boy” (excerpt) from Tin Drum (Virgin 1981)

  34. Playlist 04 October 2023

    Ornette Coleman, “Ramblin'” and “Una Muy Bonita” from Change of the Century (Atlantic 1960)

    Die Hochstapler, “Part 1 excerpt (not on record) from Within (Umlaut Recoerds 2023)

    Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer, Shahzad Ismaily, “Sajni” from Love In Exile (Verve Records 2023)

    Chris Corsano, “Twice Removed” and “Not Now Not Later Not Ever” from Cut (Hot Cars Warp Records 2012)

    Dana Jessen, title track (without reed), (with teeth), (only reed) and (postlude) from Carve (Innova Records 2016)

    Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, “Nice It Up” from Afro Futuristic Dreams (Strut Records 2023)

    Matana Roberts, “we said,” “different rings” and “unbeknownst” from Coin Coin Chapter Five: In The Garden​.​.​. (Constellation Records 2023)

    Jonah Parzen-Johnson, “On the Way Home” from Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow (Primary Records 2015)

    Darius Jones, “Zubot” from fLuXkit Vancouver (i​̶​t​̶​s̶ suite but sacred) (Northern Spy 2023)

    Todd Sickafoose, “Bent Into Shape” and “Switched On” from Bear Proof (self-release 2023)

    Blonde Redhead, “Snowman” from Sit Down for Dinner (section 1 (2) 2023)

    Blonde Redhead, “(I am taking out my eurotrash) I Still Get Rocks Off” and “Violent Life” from La Mia Vita Violenta (Smells Like Records 1995)

    Blonde Redhead, “Kazuality,” “Symphony of Treble” and “Bipolar” from Fake Can Be Just As Good (Touch & Go 1997)

    Blonde Redhead, “Futurism Vs. Passeism Part 2” from In An Expression Of The Inexpressible (Touch & Go 1998)

  35. Playlist 27 September 2023

    James Brandon Lewis / Red Lily Quintet, “Elijah Rock” from For Mahalia, With Love (TAO Forms 2023)

    Irreversible Entanglements, “Soundness” and “Root ⇔ Branch” from Protect Your Light (Impulse! 2023)

    Matthew Shipp, title track from The Intrinsic Nature Of Shipp (Mahakala Music 2023)

    Daniel Carter / Matthew Shipp / William Parker / Gerald Cleaver, “Blinking Dawn” from Welcome Adventure! Vol. 2 (577 Records 2023)

    Daniel Carter / Leo Genovese / William Parker / Francisco Mela, title track from from Shine Hear, Vol. 1 (577 Records 2023)

    Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, “First Peoples” and “Re-Memory” from Afro Futuristic Dreams (Strut Records 2023)

    The Feelies, “I’m Waiting For The Man” and “Rock & Roll” from Some Kinda Love: Performing The Music Of The Velvet Underground (self-release 2023)

    Black Duck, “Thunder Fade That Earth Smells” from ST (Thrill Jockey 2023)

    David Louis Cintron, “Five” and “Two” from World Views (Textile Records 2023)

    Magnetic West, “Battle Draughts” from Pass Fire (self-release 2023)

    Swans, “Just A Little Boy (For Chester Burnett)” and “Kirsten Supine” from To Be Kind (Young God 2014)

  36. Playlist 20 September 2023

    James Brandon Lewis Red Lily Quintet, “Wade in the Water” from For Mahalia, With Love (TAO Forms 2023)

    Irreversible Entanglements, title track and “Our Land Back” from Protect Your Light (Impulse! 2023)

    Tomas Fujiwara, “Solace” from Pith (self-release 9/15/2023)

    Angelika Niescier / Tomeka Reid / Savannah Harris, “Hic Svnt Dracones” from Beyond Dragons (Intakt Records 2023)

    Anna Webber, “Swell” from Shimmer Wince (Intakt Records 2023)

    Weston Olencki / Anna Webber, “Champion Donut” from Several (self-release 9/22/2023)

    Mike Reed, “Your Soul” from The Separatist Party (We Jazz Records 2023)

    Richard Davis, “The Wine of May” and “Silver’s Serenade” (excerpt) from Fancy Free (Galaxy 1977)

    Charles Gayle 3, “Oh God” from Precious Soul (FMP 2001)

    By Any Means, “Straight Ahead Step” from Live at Crescendo (Ayler Records 2008)

    Richard Davis, “A Third Away” from Harvest (Muse Records 1979)

    Charles Gayle / Dominic Duval / Arkadijus Gotesmanas, “Compassion” from Our Souls: Live in Vilnius (No Business Records 2009)

    Richard Davis, “On the Trail” from Way Out West (Muse Records 1980)

    Richard Davis, “Go Down Moses” from The Bassist: Homage to Diversity (Palmetto 2001)

    Gayle / Barcella / Cabras, “Sub Philosophy” (excerpt) from The Alto Sessions (El Negocito 2019)

  37. Playlist 13 September 2023
    Van Morrison, “Beside You” from Astral Weeks (Warner Brothers 1968)
    Eric Dolphy, “Come Sunday” [1963] from Iron Man (Douglas 1968)
    Chico Hamilton, title track from The Dealer (Impulse 1967)
    Andrew Hill, “Siete Ocho” from Judgement (Blue Note 1964)
    Sam Rivers, “Mauve” and “Indigo” [1972] from Hues (Impulse 1975)
    Charles Gayle Trio, “Eternal Now,” “Earth’s Families” and “Sometimes” from Spirits Before (Silkheart 1988)
    Charles Gayle Trio, “Lift Every Voice” from Homeless (Silkheart 1989)
    Charles Gayle / William Parker / Rashied Ali, “Part C” from Touchin’ on Trane (FMP 1993)
    Charles Gayle Quartet, “Sealed Books” (excerpt) from More Live at the Knitting Factory, February 1993 (Knitting Factory Works 1993)
    Charles Gayle Quartet, “Hymn of Praise” from Translations (Silkheart 1993)
    Charles Gayle, “Eden Lost” from Unto I Am (piano and voice, Les Disques Victo 1995)
    Charles Gayle 3, from Abiding Variations (FMP 1999)
    Charles Gayle 3, from Precious Soul (FMP 2001)
    Charles Gayle Trio, “Jesus… Amen” from Consider the Lilies (Clean Feed 2006)
    Charles Gayle Trio, track 4 from Burghausen 8 March 2008 (unofficial)
    By Any Means, from Live at Crescendo (Ayler 2008, )
    Charles Gayle / Dominic Duval / Arkadijus Gotesmanas, from Our Souls: Live in Vilnius (No Buisness Records 2009)
    Gayle / [Giovanni] Barcella [dr] / [Manolo] Cabras [db], from Live in Belgium (El Negocito Records 2017)
    Charles Gayle Trio, from Solar System (For Tune 2017, Ksawery Wojcinski & Max Andrezejewski)
    Gayle / Barcella / Cabras, from The Alto Sessions (El Negocito 2019)
    Charles Gayle / John Edwards / Mark Sanders, from Seasons Changing (Otoroku 2023)

  38. Playlist 06 September 2023

    Edgar Froese, “NGC 891” from Aqua (Virgin 1974)

    Bee Mask, “Stop The Night” from Elegy For Beach Friday (Spectrum Spools 2011)

    Bee Mask, untitled side A from I Will Hold The Bag (Deception Island 2007)

    Quicksails, “Lost Breath” from Surface (Hausu Mountain 2023)

    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, “Debt Card” from Speaking of the Dead (self-release 2023)

    Les Rallizes Dénudés, “The Night, Assassin’s Night” from CITTA’ ’93 (Tuff Beats 2023)

    David Louis Cintron, “One,” “Two,” “three” and “Five” from World Views (Textile Records 2023)

    Madhuvanti Pal, “Todie Part 1” (excerpt) from The Holy Mother: Madhuvanti Pal Plays The Rudra Veena (Sublime Frequencies 2023)

    “Wu Chu Aci (Rice Transplanting Song)” and “Bia Tsa Tsa (Song of the Bee)” from Hani Polyphonic Singing in Yunnan China (Sublime Frequencies 2023)

  39. Playlist 23 August 2023

    Stereolab, “Tone Burst,” “Our Trinitone Blast,” “Golden Ball” and “Pause” from Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements (Elektra 1993)

    Irreversible Entanglements, “Our Land Back” from Protect Your Light (Impulse! 2023)

    jaimie branch, “baba louie” from Fly or Die Fly or Die Fly or Die ((world war)) (International Anthem 2023)

    Mendoza Hoff Revels, “Diablada” from Echolocation (AUM Fidelity 2023)

    Lina Allemano / Axel Dörner, from “Sedna” and “Eris” from Aphelia (Relative Pitch Records 2023)

    Dave Douglas Quintet, “Lift Up My Eyes” and “Peace Within Your Walls” from Songs Of Ascent, Book 1: Degrees (Greenleaf Music 2022)

    Arnold Dreyblatt / The Orchestra Of Excited Strings, “Shuffle Effect” and “Flight Path” from Resolve (Drag City 2023)

    Vumbi Dekula, “Maamajacy” from Congo Guitar (Hive Mind / Sing-A-Song Fighter 2023)

    Ustad Noor Bakhsh, “Kalam Lolo” from Jingul (Honiunhoni 2022)

    Jaffar Hussain Randhawa, “Thumri Pahadi” from Guldasta (Honiunhoni 2023)

    75 Dollar Bill, “Beni Said, Pt. 2” from ST (cassette self-release 2013 reissued 2023)


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