Hours Of The Dogwolf

Host Jackie The Dogwolf
Every Thursday 5:00am - 7:00am   |   Rock
Hours Of The Dogwolf
Host Jackie The Dogwolf

Hours Of The Dogwolf

Every Thursday 5:00am - 7:00am   |   Rock


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  1. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Scabrox- Bobo Laka
    The Sharks- Sir Psycho
    Chick Jump Skips- Go Heaven
    Lords of the Highway- Damn You Millers
    Os Catelepticos- Blood as Wine
    Vurtu- Girl on a Torch
    Nekromantix- Haunted Cathouse
    Devils Sisters- Tenia Razon
    Hillbilly Moan- Sometimes Late at Night
    Cult of the Psychic Fetus- Queen of the Vampire
    Scary Bitches- Theres a Licanthrope on the Bus
    Tiger Army- Hot Prowl
    Delta Bombers- The Way You Love Me
    The Cramps- How Far Can Too Far Go
    Koffin Kats- Chainsaw Massacre
    The Clash- Brand New Cadillac
    Mojo Nixon (RIP)- Kinky is Everywhere
    The Cramps- Sado County Auto Show
    2nd Hour—————————————————————–
    The Centurians- Bulwinkle pt.II
    Deuce Coops- Nite Prowler
    Los Mambo Jambo- Luna Calinete
    “”- Candlelight
    The Ventures- Lets Go
    Oongow- Nuke Your Sunset
    The Phantom- Who are You Kissin
    Flippy T Fishead- Werecow
    Wynonna Carr- Please Mr. Jailer
    Bill Haley- Goofin Around
    Johnny Burnette and Rock n Roll Trio- All By Myself
    Nicotyna- Hey Bama Lama Lama Lu
    Carl Perkins- Boppin the Blues
    Rock-a-teens- Story of a Woman
    Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers- Lonesome for a Letter
    Robert Gordon- Drivin Wheel
    Mac Curtis- Turn to Me
    Jimmy Lloyd- Rocket in My Pocket
    Dale Hawkins- Liza Jane
    Stray Cats- How Long Do You Wanna Live Anyway?

  2. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    The Radios- Love Swamp
    “”- Make You Mine
    The Cramps- Hot Pearl Snatch
    Kim Fowley- Big Bad Cadillac
    zombie Ghost Train- Teddy Boy Boogie
    Klingonz- Mutant Blob
    Sir Psyko and His Monsters- Los cuatros Condenados
    Frantic Aberation- Fiesta
    Nekromantix- Trick or Treat
    The Meteors- Wolf Job
    De La Rocka- Little Green Men
    Rattle Stomp- Like Fury
    P. Paul Fennech- Werewolves with Motorcycles on Speed
    Radium Cats- Howling in the Swamp
    JS and the Lockerbillies- Speak of the Devil
    The Mutants- Dr. Gedup
    The Cramps- Can Your Pussy do the Dog (live)
    2nd Hour————————————————————————–
    Mac Curtis- Sexy Ways
    “” For Your Love
    Everly Brothers- The Roving Gambler
    The Blasters- Well O Well (live)
    Jody Reynolds- Making Out
    Johnny Powers- Long Blonde Hair
    Servotron- Rocket Dog
    Pearl Harbour- Fujiyama Mama
    Nick Corran and the Lowlifes- Rcoker
    Black Cats- Pink No Lemonade
    Beach Bastards- The Goldfish That Ate New York
    Whiskey Daredvils- Forever Blue
    Easy Tigerz- I’m Dating the Ghost of a Biker Chick
    The Roadhouse Roosters- Chrome n Fins
    The Misfits- American Nightmare
    The heathens- Problems
    Betty Jones- I’m Not Mixed Up Anymore
    The Coasters- Yakety Yak
    Stray Cats- Lonely Summer Nights

  3. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    The Meteors- Rawhide
    Poison Ivy- Riot in Cell Block 66
    Town Rebels- For an Angel
    King Khan and the BBQ Show- Treat Me Like a Dog
    Dildos- Echo Experiment
    The Titans- Love in Town
    Richard Hell- Blank Generation
    The Tomb Tones- Pumpkin Guts
    Night Nurse- Self Esteem
    Flash Conley and the Deans of Discipline- College Boy
    Screamin Rebel Angels- Baby Gets Down
    Voodoo Glow Skulls- Closet Monster
    Reverend Horton Heat- Baddest of the Bad
    The Chop Tops- Bitch
    Hillbilly Hellcats- Hillbillies on Speed
    Batmobile- Mad at You
    Last Call Brawlers- Dust Devil
    Screamin Rebel Angels- Heel Grinder
    Morgus and the Derringers- Werewolf
    2nd Hour—————————————————————-
    Mac Curtis- Rockabilly Uprising
    Jack Rabbit Slim- Next Time
    “”- Rock n Roll Ship Wreck
    J.D. McPherson- Bloodhound Rock
    Cherry Casino and the Gamblers- She Loves to Rock
    Glen Glenn- Mean Woman Blues
    Junior Marvel- Cruisin
    Crystal and Runnin Wild- Free the Demons
    Miss Mary Ann- I’ll be Your Slave
    Deadwood Drifters- Cold Wind
    Danny B Harvery and Annie Marie Lewis- Hot Rod Girl
    Tiger Army- Outlaw Heart
    The Titans- Wild Guy
    Howlin Moon Doggies- Pistol Fast Cadillac
    The Cramps- Domino
    The Crazy Teds- Beautiful Brown Eyes
    Johnny Pandora- Cinderella Lullaby
    Ruby and the Mystery Cats- Palm of Your Hand
    The Blasters- I’m Shakin (live)
    The Biscats- In You
    Stray Cats- Sexy and 17

  4. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Deadbolt- Cockeye
    Cult of the Psychic Fetus- Blood I Crave
    The Cramps- Garbage Man
    Frenzy- Can’t Stop Thinking About You
    Sir Psyko and His Monsters- Out for Blood
    Skitzo- House of the Rising Sun
    Hola Ghost- Django
    Los Gatos Zombies- Evil Twist
    Cryptkeeper Five- Funny Little Thing
    Gilead Rises- Batty
    The Dead Heroes- Love You to Death
    Messer Chups- Dark Side of Paradise
    Mimi and the Miseries- Party
    Tastless- Morning Mist
    Coffinshakers- King of the Nighttime
    The Meteors- Night of the Werewolf (live)
    Nekromantix- Motorpsycho (live)
    The Delta Bombers- Hey You Know You Wanna
    2nd Hour——————————————————————
    Shakin Pyramids- Shadow My Baby
    Nervous Norvous- Transfusion
    Gradie O’Neal- Turkney Neck Stretch
    Louis Jordon- Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
    Neil Young- Rainin in My Heart
    The Debonaires- Never Mistaken
    The Ventures- Fear Man
    The Surfrajettes- Salty Sister
    Los Straightjackets- All Men are Liars
    Oongow- Double Down
    Jumpin Gene Simmons- Haunted House
    The Radions- Who Combs the Werewolf
    Chubby Checker- The Twist
    Chie and the Wolfbaits- Two Timin Man
    Devil’s Daughters- Girl Like Me
    The Delta Bombers- The Wolf
    Johnny Pandora- Motorcycle With the Wind
    Drew and the Blue- 336 Blues
    Rockin Ichiro and the Boogie Woogie Swing Boys- Rain Drop Boogie
    Collins Kids- Hot Rod (live)
    Stray Cats- Lust n Love

  5. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Torment- Im a Loser
    The Quakes- I Miss You
    Voodoo zombie- Amor Psycho
    Devils Brigade- Vampire Girl
    Ghost Bastards- Paranoia
    The Sharks- Sideshow freak
    Voodoo Zombie- Nino Monstruo
    Zombina and the Skeletones- Zombie Hop
    Balzac- Tomorrow
    The Cramps- Im Cramped
    The Freeloaders- I Want You
    Spotniks- Ghost Riders in the Sky
    Raygun Cowboys- Workin for Nothin
    Rocket 350- Purr Kitty Purr (live)
    Hot Rod Walt- Sex and Fire and Gasoline
    U.S. Bombs- Die Alone
    Polecats- Gravediggers Rock
    “”- 99 Chicks
    2nd Hour————————————————————–
    Steve Cook- The Legend ’97
    Angle Dean- Spiders Web
    Mike Badger- The Wolfman
    Johnny Pandora- A Big Hunk O Love
    Lee Rocker- Rockabilly Boogie
    Whiskey Daredevils- Straight Shooter
    The Biscats- Dear Friends- Cover
    The Cramps- Sheenas in a Goth Gang
    Andrea and Mud- End of the World/ Bullwinkle pt. 3
    Fats Domino- Im in the Mood for Love
    Lloyd Price- Poppa-shun
    Gene Vincent- Love is a Bird
    Molly Tuttle, Allison Brown, Missy Raines and Kimberly Ludiker- Little Annie
    Carl Tranthum and His Rhythm All-Stars- After I Go Away
    Clipjoint Cutup- Pay it No Mind
    Blasters- Dark Night (live)
    Jagged Edge- Big City
    Stray Cats- Rev it Up and Go

  6. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    ICP- Murder Go Round
    The Crazy Teds- Stand By Your Man
    “”- Town of Rock n Roll
    Hola ghost- Night of the Vampire
    Coffinbangers- Comin to Get You
    Los Gatos Rockabilly- Sam El Bigoton
    The Mackshow- CB750
    Cavegirl and the Neandergals- Wild
    The Sharks- Sideshow Freak
    The Klingonz- Werewolf Boogie
    The Cramps- 2-Headed Sex Change
    Karling and the Kadavers- The Worst of Me
    Phantom Rocker and Slick- Runnin from the Hounds
    Rythm Rockers- Madness
    Batmobile- Midngiht Maniac
    Coffin Shakers- Dracula has Risen from the Grave
    The Titans_ Speedqueen Mama
    Misaki Aono- Forenzo- Cover
    Bloodshot Bill- Honey Dolling
    The Gories- Thunderbird Esq.
    2nd Hour————————————————————-
    John Barry 7- Skid Row
    LEs jaguars- Hanky Panky
    The Shadows- Dance on
    The Ventures- Wipeout
    Pharos- Pinter
    Duane Eddy- Dance With the Guitarman
    The Chessmen- I Need You There
    Wire- Feeling Called Love
    The Mummies- Stronger than Dirt
    The Turtles- Buzz Saw
    Hasil Adkins- Shake that Thing
    Louis St. Louis0 Rock n Roll Party Queen
    Elvis- Hard Headed Woman
    The Blasters- Love Me With a Feeling
    Everly Brothers- Since You Broke My Heart
    Warren Smith- Uranium Rock
    Paul bearer and the Hearsemen- I’ve Been Thinking
    Deadly Ones- Rauncy
    Ghastly Ones- Spookmaster
    Los Gatos Rockabilly- Trenes y Gatos
    Manos Wild- Rock n Roll Dreamer
    Glen Glenn- Blue Jeans and a Boys Shirt
    Wanda Jackson- Let Trouble By You
    Stray Cats- Somethings Wrong With My Radio

  7. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Wrecking Crew- My Confusion
    Wrecking Crew- My Minds Diseased
    Daunting Nightmare- Untitled Demo Track 1
    Shiva- Runaway
    Twompsax- Dysphoric
    Unity- Positive Mental Attitude
    Slapshot- Big Mouth Strikes Again (#1 Greatest Cover)
    Hoods- Pit Beast
    Justice- Up and Down
    D.I.- I Hate Surfing in HB
    Necros- Police Brutality
    Uniform Choice- Straight and Alert
    Demented Are Go- Hellbilly Storm
    Coffinshakers- Reverends of Doom
    Tiger Army- Where the Moss Slowly Grows
    Philadelphia Experiment- No One Wears a Suit to Rock n Roll Anymore
    Torment- Uncle Sam
    Hellvis- Drive Like Lightnin’
    Gutter Demons- Hell Bent on Rockin’
    The Monsters- Creature from the Black Lagoon
    Balzac- Wall
    Frantic Aberration- Batz Skin on my Head
    2nd Hour—————————————————————-
    Man or Astroman- Updated Theme to Supercar
    Gas Huffer- Ouch!
    The Cramps- What’s Behind the Mask?
    The Centurians- Bullwinkle Pt.II
    Jack Scott- The Way I Walk
    Ray Campi- How Do You Feel
    The Megatons- Long Ponytail
    Rockin’ Ichiro and the Boogie Woogie Swing Boys- Merry Lu
    X- Johnny Hit and Run Pauline
    Southern Culture on the Skids- Firefly
    Nick Hoffman- King of the Moon
    Nekromantix- Ghost Babe
    Zombina and the Skeletones- Ginferno
    Tiger Army- Nocturnal
    Johnny Burnette- Sweet Love on My Mind
    Johnny Cash- One Piece at a Time
    Cobras- Instant Heartache
    Souta and the Blitz Attack Boys- I’m In Trouble
    Stray Cats- Fishnet Stockings

  8. SPECIAL HOLIDAY SHOW (I hope the holidays were well!)
    1st Hour——————————————————–
    T.P. Orchestra Poly-Rhytmo- Gnonnou Ho
    Crown City Bombers- When Santa Comes
    Brian Setzer Orchestra- Dig the Crazy Santa Claus
    The Mavericks- Hey! Merry Christmas!
    The Cramps- I Was A Teenage Werewolf (live)
    The Cramps- Sunglasses After Dark (live)
    H.B. Moon- Knocked Down
    La Pera Blanca- Treat Me
    Clownvis- Clown Motel (He has a christmas song, but I couldn’t find it :()
    Dazey and the Scouts- James Dean You Let Us Down
    Meshugga Beach Party- Hot Rod Hanukkah
    Groovie Ghoulies- My Christmas Card to You
    Reverend Horton Heat- What Child is This
    Reverend Horton Heat- Santa Looks Alot Like Daddy
    Tiger Army- F.T.W (96 demo)
    Tiger Army- Nocturnal (97 demo)
    The Legendary Raw Deal- Rev a Little Harder
    2nd Hour———————————————————
    Keith Richards and Chuck Berry- Run Run Rudolph
    The Radiacs- Do Bad Things
    Willie and the Poor Boys- Poor Boy Boogie
    Jody Reynolds- Making Out
    Ichi-Bons- Show Me the Ropes
    Surfer Joe- Changing Things
    Woah Nellie! Vera and Johnny- Japanese Guitar
    Warren Smith- Rock n Roll Ruby
    Marty Robins- Maybelline
    The Trip Daddys- The Way She Wiggles
    Rocket From the Crypt- I Drink Blood
    Zombie Ghost Tain- R.I.P
    Atomic Mosquitos- Meltdown
    The Mummies- The Fly
    Gun Club- Fire of Love
    Long Tall Texans- Kill Me
    The Sharks- You Made Me Warm (acoustic ver.)
    Gun Club- your Man’s Feelin’ Low
    Elvis- Blue Christmas
    Stray Cats- Too Hip, Gotta Go

  9. 1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Flamingos- I Only Have Eyes for You
    The Cactus Blossoms- Powder Blue
    Connie Francis- Fallin’
    Ritchie Valens- Rock Lil’ Darlin’ (demo)
    Wanda Jackson- Stop the World
    Robert Gordon- Have I the Right
    Little Anthony and the Imperials- Tears on My Pillow
    The Magnetix- Baby Doll- Baby Doll
    Tav Falco- A Little Mixed-Up
    Dale Hawkins- Susie Q
    Southern Culture on the Skids- Love-a-rama
    The Coasters- Poison Ivy
    The Pagans- All Our Friends are So Messed Up
    Whiskey Daredevils- Champagne and Candy and Flowers
    Tav Falco- Brazil
    The Sentinels- Sunset Beach
    The Spotniks- Last Date
    Frankenstein and the All-Star Monster Band- Midnight Movies
    2nd Hour——————————————————–
    Brian Ferry- These Foolish Things
    Charlie Megira- Golgotha Rock
    Messer Chups- Sex Change
    The Big Bopper- Little Red Riding Hood
    Eddie Cochran- Hallelujah I Love Her So
    Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys- Fool
    Nervous Norvous- Transfusion
    Johnny Strickland and the Rebels- Cry Some More
    Demented are Go- Transexual Lesbian
    Silver Shine- I’ve Got a Heart
    Deadbolt- Billy’s Dead
    The Cramps- How Come You Do Me?
    Groovie Ghoulies0 Devil Town
    The Wolfmen- Needle in the Camel’s Eye
    The Cramps- Sinners
    Duane Eddy- Rebel Rouser
    Ventures- Walk, Don’t Run
    The Surfaris- Jack the Ripper
    Nekromantix- Haunted Cat House
    Benny Joy- You’re a Bottle of Love
    Johnny Clark and the Four Playboys- Be-Bop-A-Lula
    Stray Cats- Cat Fight (Over a Dog Like Me)

  10. 12/7 Show:
    1st Hour—————————————————————-
    Twiztid- I Could
    Drew and the Blue- Cigarette
    Ghost Bastards- Sick Psychopath
    X Ray Cat Trio- Wolfcop
    Speed Crazy- Por Que Te Vas
    Lords of the Highway- Cajun Queen
    Os Catalepticos- Entrance from Hell
    Klingonz- Kling Stomp
    Gas Huffer- Rotten Egg
    The Queers- Feeling Groovy
    Gilead Rises- Thighs o’ thunder
    Hillbilly Moon Explosion- Teddy Boy Flick Knife Rock n Roll
    The Young Werewolves- Mischief Night
    Mr. Fang and the Darktones- I Want to Be a Movie Monster!
    The Crescents- Pink Dominoes
    Groovie Ghoulies- Graveyard Girlfriend
    The Surftones- Cecilia Ann
    Dragon Jive- NoHo Walker (1/2)
    Hawaii Samurai- Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    The Pandoras- Hot Generation
    Stray Cats- Rock This Town
    2nd Hour—————————————————————
    Blasters- Lone Wolf
    ” “- American Music
    The Crystals- Da Doo Ran Ran
    Glen Glenn- I Sure Do Love You, Baby
    Charlie Feathers- Can’t Hardly Stand It
    Carl Perkins- Rock On Around the World
    The Lostines- Faith in Love
    Kitty, Daisy, and Lewis0 I Got my Mojo Working
    The Cramps- I ain’t Nothin’ But a Gorehound
    The Polecats- Boogie Man
    Deacon and the Rock Rollers- Rockin’ on the Moon
    Nekromantix- Devil Smile (live)
    The Marauders- New Tattoo
    The Quakes- Killing Moon
    Biscats- Koiwaaserazu
    Ray Campi- Rockabilly Rebel
    The Everly Brothers- Bird Dog
    Stray Cats- I Won’t Stand in Your Way Anymore (Their best song ever. PERIOD!)

  11. 11/30 Show:
    1st Hour————————————————
    The Frantics- Werewolf
    Deadbolt- Jackals of Botswana
    Hillbilly Hellcats- Cats Like Us
    Poison Ivy- Funnel of Love
    The Meteors- I Don’t Worry About It
    Karling and the Kadavers- Ruby
    Los Gatos Zombies- Rata Rei
    Stormtroopers of Love- Making Love in a Crematory
    Headcat- Say Mama
    ” ” – I ain’t Never
    The Blasters- Lone Wolf
    Flash Conley and the Deans of Discipline- Rollin’ Rock
    Reverend Horton Heat- Bales of Cocaine
    Cavegirl and the Neandergals- Psycho Bitch
    Night Nurse- Bed Bug
    Screaming Dead- Night Creature
    Long Tall Texans- Kill Me
    MC5- Motor City Burning
    2nd Hour———————————————–
    Allah-Las- No Werewolf
    Fast Fourier- Black Rock n Roll
    Ghostwolves- Crooked Cop
    The Nipple Erectors- King of Bop
    Short Rabbit- Beat Seeker
    The Amazing Pink Holes- Billy Monster
    Cult of the Psychic Fetus- Body Count on Mars
    Kid With the Replaceable Head- Richard Hell
    Chop Tops- Chicks Smicks, Food Smood, Beer YEAH
    MadMartin Trio- Flying Saucer Rock n Roll
    Crazy Cavan and the Rhythm Rockers- My Little Sister Got a Motorbike
    Ichi-Bons- Dust of Life
    Los Tsunamis- Cachito
    Satan’s Pilgrims- Vampiro
    Robert Gordon- Rockabilly Boogie
    Rock and Roll Music- Chuck Berry
    Creep- Betty Lou’s Got a New Tatoo
    The Fabulous Wanderers- I’m a Road Runner
    Go to Blazes- 97 Miles
    Courtney and Western- Diplomat
    Stray Cats- Rockabilly Rules

  12. 11/23 Show:
    1st Hour————————————————
    The Wolfgangs- Death on the Radio
    Gilead Rises- Catcalls and Cramps
    Tasteless- Love Really Hurts Without You
    Tiger Army- Devil Girl
    Carolina and the Rhythm Rockets- Lift Off
    Jack Rabbit Slim- Queen of the Curves
    Bloodshot Bill- Hook me
    Danny B Harvey, Devil’s Daughters- Double D Boogie
    Lloyd Price- Lawdy Miss Clawdy
    Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon- Nostalgia for an Age that Never Existed
    Tandori kings- Hungama and Khamoshi
    Rocking Ryan and the Real Goners- I’m the Wolfman
    Wolfmanhattan Project- Now Now Now
    Ding-Dongs- Motorcycle Girl
    Red Devil Ryders- Wings on Monday
    Hot Damn- I Just Wanna Be Naked
    Florence and the Machine- Not Fade Away
    Misaki Aono- Love Forever
    Neil Coffin and the Pallbearers- Dance
    Highmarts- Flamin’ Sunset
    2nd Hour—————————————————
    The Revels- Church Key
    Chantays- Wayward Nile
    Daikaiju- Zombie Harem
    Ghastly Ones- Banshee Beach
    Lara Hope and the Arktones- Let’s Go
    Hasil Adkins- Figgy Mountain Top
    Lee Rocker- Last Offline Lovers
    Blue Chieftains- Punk Rockin’ Honky Tonk Girl
    Das Yahoos- I’ll Be There
    Royal Flush- Wild Race
    Crown City Bombers- Things I Used to Do
    Joe Dresser and the Krazzy Kats- Wiggly Little Mama
    Bo Diddley- Bo Diddley
    Neil Young- Wonderin’
    Roy Orbison- Cryin’
    The Strangeloves- Nighttime
    The Megatons- Spark Plug
    Cherry Casino and the Gamblers- Hospital Blues
    Kip Tyler- She’s My Witch
    The Cramps- Lonesome Town
    Crawling King Snakes- Philadelphia Baby
    Stray Cats- Cruisin’

  13. 11/16 Show:
    1st Show————————————————
    Stressor- 3210
    Coffin Nails- Grease Lightnin’
    Whiskey Daredevils- Shine a Light
    Brain Setzer- Drive like Lightnin’
    The Satans- Driving Wheel
    Sharks- Ghost Train
    The Collins Kids- Hop, Skip, and Jump
    Carl Perkins- Painted Toe Shoes
    Jimmy Evans- Pink Cadillac
    Bloodshot Bill- Pinch Me
    Cult of the Psychic Fetus- Ghost Machine
    Jody Reynolds- Tarantula
    Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys- Don’t Let Go
    Cool Blue Rebels- Zombie Love
    Pink Holes- Love, You Bet
    Peter and the Wolves- Wolman Rock
    MC5- Tutti Frutti
    Dave Edmunds- Queen of the Hop
    2nd Hours——————————————————–
    Misaki Aono- Midnight of Trip
    Replacements- I’ll Buy
    The Paint it Blues- AH! Love of Eight Beat
    Neil Coffin and the Pallbearers- Jacqueline
    Cactus Blossoms- No More Crying the Blues
    Los Straightjackets- Space Junket
    Ventures- Out of Limits
    Lost Acapulco- Maremento Shake
    Willie and the Poor Boys- Revenue Man
    Messer Chups- Hounds of Baskerville
    Tremolo Beer Gut- Clayton’s Hotrod
    Van Hoffman Orchestra- Boy, Girl, Thing
    Crown City Bombers- Here Comes the Night
    Los Gatos Rockabilly- Sufro Por Ti
    Everly Brothers- Devoted to You
    Reverend Freakchild- All I Got Now
    Spotnicks- Johnny Guitar
    Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton- Brand New Cadillac
    Sue Moreno and Jack Rabbit Slim- One Track Mind
    Delta Bombers- This is the Night
    Bobby Lord- Everybody’s Rocking but Me
    Stray Cats- You Can’t Hurry Love

  14. 11/7 Show:
    1st hour——————————————————–
    Face Value- Someday
    Insight- Silent Score
    Project X- Straight Edge Revenge
    Slant- Stagnation
    Soul Power- Steppin’ Out
    Grouch- Grouch
    “” – Enemy
    Black SS- Underdog
    Chain of Strength- Too Deep
    86 Mentality- Get Away
    Mariscal X- Linea Ofensiva
    Negative Approach- Your Mistake
    Kong Style- Burdened by Chemicals
    Drug Test- Locked Out
    Career Suicide- Punitive Damages
    PIT- Teeth
    Circus- Chucklehead Shiv
    Tabqir- Al-zuki Akbar
    Pain of Truth, Madball- You and Me
    Gulch- Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress
    Crippled Youth- Positive Scene
    9 Shocks Terror- Attack with a Gas Mask
    Crucial Youth- Me and Mr.
    Confront- One Life Drug Free
    Narc- If You Deadname Her I Will Stab You
    7 Seconds- Young Til I Die
    D.F.C- Cycle of Deception
    2nd hour——————————————————-
    Reverend Horton Heat- Rockin’ Dog
    Nekromantix- Gholina
    Charlie Feather- Wild, Wild Party
    Biscats- Sweet Drive
    Cramps- Love Me
    Delta 88- In the Back of a Black Cadillac
    Born Losers- Werewolves on Wheels
    Charlie Megira- Thrown Key
    Hillbilly Moon Explosion- Stumble Though the Dark
    Hot Rod Walt- Long Lonesome Highway
    Firjid Pink- Blues Jam
    Nick Shoulders- Blue Endless Highway
    Johnny Pandora- The Chase
    Electric Guitars- Wolfman Tap
    Rockin’ Denny- Bop Boogie
    Dragon Jive- Dinosurf
    Lords of the Highway- 6 Days on the Road

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