Sustainable Love Pentangle

Host blk juju, Audrey, Dogpuncher, J Guy, DJ Ambrosia

Join Sustainable Love Pentangle for five-sided electronic, rock, funk, spoken works, experimental, noise, jazz, sound collage and other universal vibes.

blk juju on 1st Fridays
Audrey on 2nd Fridays
Dogpuncher on 3rd Fridays
J Guy Laughlin on 4th Fridays
DJ Ambrosia on 5th Fridays

See previous setlists in the comments.

pentagram (sometimes known as a pentalpha, pentangle, or star pentagon) is a regular five-pointed star polygon, formed from the diagonal line segments of a convex (or simple, or non-self-intersecting) regular pentagon. Drawing a circle around the five points creates a similar symbol referred to as the pentacle,[1] which is used widely by Wiccans and in paganism, or as a sign of life and connections.

Every Friday 9:00pm - 11:00pm   |   Freeform
Sustainable Love Pentangle
Host blk juju, Audrey, Dogpuncher, J Guy, DJ Ambrosia

Sustainable Love Pentangle

Join Sustainable Love Pentangle for five-sided electronic, rock, funk, spoken works, experimental, noise, jazz, sound collage and other universal vibes.

blk juju on 1st Fridays
Audrey on 2nd Fridays
Dogpuncher on 3rd Fridays
J Guy Laughlin on 4th Fridays
DJ Ambrosia on 5th Fridays

See previous setlists in the comments.

pentagram (sometimes known as a pentalpha, pentangle, or star pentagon) is a regular five-pointed star polygon, formed from the diagonal line segments of a convex (or simple, or non-self-intersecting) regular pentagon. Drawing a circle around the five points creates a similar symbol referred to as the pentacle,[1] which is used widely by Wiccans and in paganism, or as a sign of life and connections.

Every Friday 9:00pm - 11:00pm   |   Freeform


73 responses to “Sustainable Love Pentangle”

  1. DJ Daddyslittlepinko fill in set for Dogpuncher6/21/24

    RL Burnside: Goin’ Down South
    Magic Sam Blues Band: I Feel So Good
    Junior Kimbra: I Got To Try You girl
    Louis Prima: Enjoy Yourself
    Manfred Man’s Earth Band: The Mighty Quinn Radio Days Vol 4 – Live At The BBC 70-73 (2019)
    Meiko Suzuki: ソランマン ボ So Ran Mambo – Lift it Up!, Vol. IV: Global Players (2022)
    Adrian Belew: “Z”- Desire Caught by the Tail (1986)
    GREG (Greg & King Doudou): Dembow Tronico (2021)
    Torture: Seeking Bodies in Dub – Crooklyn Dub Consortium/Certified Dope Vol. 2 (1996)
    Tara Clerkin Trio: What? (2020)
    Tonto: Monstera – Cong Burn 07 (2022)
    B.B. Seaton: Dancing In The Moonlight
    A.R. Luciani: Elettoencefalogramma
    Muamin Collective: Tailor Made (2020)
    Nurse With Wound: She and Me Fall Together in Free Death (2013)
    Powers Rollins Duo: Tea Lights – Strange Fortune (2021)
    Big Black: The Power of Independent Trucking (1987)
    Big Black: The Model (1987)
    Jayne Cortez and the Firespitters: I See Chano Pozo (1982)
    The Phoenix Foundation: Go Your Own Way -Various Artists Tribute to Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours
    Ivan Itler the Conqueror – from Full Up, Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee’s Early Reggae Productions 1968-72 (2014)
    Roy Richards: Death Rides a Horse – from Full Up, Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee’s Early Reggae Productions 1968-72 (2014)
    Thee Sacred Souls: Running Away (2023)
    Spiritualized: Any Way That You Want Me (2001)

    “ilmestys” – oranssi pazuzu
    “soft marble” – daniele ciullini
    “touch and go” – the cars
    “turn to glass” – mope grooves
    “sabbath bloody sabbath” – the cardigans
    “the hands” – joan of arc
    “a teenager in love” – dion + the belmonts
    “butterfly effect” – pell mell
    “naked when you come” – the lollipops
    “stumpwork” – dry cleaning
    “the lemon of pink I” – the books
    “space girl” – shirley collins
    “bird” – daily fauli
    “regicide” – matmos
    “the pink stuff you keep in the fridge” – BB Eye
    “pinky” – satanicpornocultshop
    “D.I.X.O” – Brain
    “omen – people (wilted woman remix)”
    “rebel funk” – pavel milyakov, yana pavlova
    “too many people” – soma holiday
    “ford” – tarwater
    “soul machine” – trees speak
    “dripping visions” – freak heat waves

  3. pink juju aka daddyslittlepinko setlist 6/7/24

    Peter Schärli: Red Top – 2016
    BLO: Get That Groove In – 2006
    Bahtiyar Taş: Hayda Bre – 2022
    Sherwood & Pinch: Fake Days – 2019
    Jeff Alexander/Bonnie Beecher: Come Wander With Me – 2005
    El Michels Affair: Tearz feat. Lee Fields and the Stacks – 2017
    RZA: Making Moves (from Guided Explorations EP) – 2020
    Ariel Kalma: I am a nice guy – 2024
    Eartha Kitt: Mink Schmink
    JJ Whitefield + Forced Meditation: Nothingness
    Lizzy Mercier Descloux: Mission Impossible
    Olivia Block + Jan St. Werner: KEIN
    The Ramones: Teenage Lobotomy (Live)
    Mad 45: You’ll Own Nothing
    Lee Scratch Perry: The Many Names of God
    Akofa Akoussah – I Tcho Tchass – 1976
    Aisha Devi: Two Serpents – 2019
    Peter Fair: Chuckles (Beets – A Collection Of Jazz Songs 1990 – photo)
    Soul Explosives: Ain’t No Sunshine/Tryin’ to get Down – 2016
    Junior Parker: The Outside Man – 1970
    Sam Gendel + Sam Wilkes: Sweet Fire – 2024
    Sagittaire (w/ Jessica Dean Harrison): Shiny Hair- 2023
    Hakushi Hasegawa: Departer – 2024
    Howie Lee: The Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche – 2024
    Fred Frith: Boots (Beets – A Collection Of Jazz Songs 1990 – photo)
    Brenda Ray: Take Me in Your Arms
    Marlon Williams: Vampire Again – 2017
    Orchestre Baka Gbiné: Twilight Yelli ,Pt. 1
    Brenda Ray: D’Ya Hear Me?
    News: Loser – 1974
    Soundwalk Collective: Schlimmer Sanft des Klang des Tages

  4. Audrey setlist 4/12/24

    Marc Bolan/T. Rex: Bang a Gong
    Jorge Antunes: Brasilia 50 – Assassinato de Kennedy
    The Last Poets: Freedom Express
    Haruomi Hosono: Picnic
    William Shatner: Rocket Man
    Astrid Sonne: How Far
    New York Gong: Strong Woman
    Rich Aucoin: Liminal
    Qwanqwa: Somali
    K. Lewis: Let’s Go Party
    Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: Safety Meetings
    Frying Food
    Young John Watson: Space Guitar
    Roger Frampton’s Intersection: Open, as the Sky
    Odetta: Midnight Special
    Audrey Chen, Phil Minton: We Do Wish We Were with You (Pt. 2)
    Jean Ritchie, The Blackest Crow
    Sly & The Family Stone: Swim (Pt. 2)
    Malik & The O.G’s: Malik’s Mode
    Blackalicious: Ego Trip by Nikki Giovanni
    Hashim B.: Tokyo to LA Steez
    Deep London (Boohle Manyosi): Deep London
    Alain Peters: La Rosée Si Feuilles Songes
    KRS-One: Sound of Da Police
    City Boyz: Down Like 4 Flat Tires
    Labi Siffre: I Got The…
    Mary Halvorson: Possibility of Lightning
    Frying Food
    Jimi Hendrix: 3rd Stone From The Sun
    Coi Leray: Players
    MK: Rhyme Dust

  5. Dogpuncher setlist 2/16/24

    David Bowie, “Width of a Circle”. Live in San ta Monica 1972
    David Bowie, A Small Plot of Land
    Can, “Halleluwah” excerpt.
    WITCH, “Waile”.
    Tony Allen/Adrian Younge, “Ebun”.
    King Crimson, “Discipline”.
    Lynn Book/Tetsu Akoi, “eelectric lady”.
    Cocteau Twins, “Alas Dies Laughing”.
    Destroy All Monsters, “Track 3”.

    Second Hour

    John Zorn. “Astral Projection”.
    La Donna Smith. “Safari By Balloon”.
    Can, “Aumgn”.
    The Harmonia Ensemble, “Peaches In Regalia”.
    John Zorn, “In Sulfur and Plume”.
    Neil Young, “Powderfinger” from Chrome Dreams album.
    Wendy Carlos, “Sinfonia to Cantata no29” J.S. Bach.
    Grateful Dead, “Bird Song” Live Washington DC 6/10/73.
    WITCH, “A Message from Witch”.
    Tony Allen/Adrian Younge, “No Beginning”.

  6. Audrey setlist 2/20/24

    Nick Cave: All The Pretty Little Horses
    Canned Heat: Gorgo Boogie
    David Thomas, P.O. Jergens: Lost Highway
    FM Einheit (Einstürzende Neubauten), Lee Ranaldo, Sonic Youth: Alpine Traum
    Hamilton Face Band, United States Atomic Energy Control
    Todd Rundgren, Sparks: Your Fandango
    Jaco Pastorious: Okonkole Trompa
    Brick: Happy
    Joe Bataan: Call My Name
    Sun Ra and His Solar Akestra: Love in Outer Space (from Secrets of the Sun)
    Njamy Stitson, Gudrun Gut: Za Ne Yen (Gudrun Gut Vogelmix)
    David Shrigley: Rock Festival
    The Screamers: 122 Hours of Fear
    MUBUC5 Pere Ubu feat. Wayne Kramer: My Friend Is A Stooge
    Adrian Quesada, Brownout, Tomar Williams: Funky Chick
    Julie London: Black Coffee
    Da Capo: Alone Again Or
    Omar Sosa, Seckou Keita: Peace Keeping
    Phil Ranelin: A Tear in Elmina
    The Chambers Brothers and Barbara Dane: It Isn’t Nice
    Mourning A Blkstar: Forges (from new release In Boston Live)
    Mourning A Blkstar: Sun (from new release In Boston Live)
    Nox: Pryor Convictions (from new release Iron Knowledge)
    Pierre Aderne, Brian Cullman, Hector Castillo: Água Doce
    Throbbing Gristle: Very Friendly (Side A, track 2)
    Sun Ra: Solar Differentials
    Roy Ayers: Sunshine excerpt (Demo)

  7. J Guy setlist 1/26/24

    Supersilent – 6.3
    Terry Riley and Don Cherry – Descending Moonshine Dervishes
    Boredoms – 9
    Anthony Child – Open Channeling
    Muslimgauze – Yasser Arafat’s Radio
    Tony Oxley Qnt – Stabbing + Co
    Phill Conrad – A Trombone Piece

  8. Dogpuncher setlist from SLP 1/19/24

    Rolling Stones Hot stuff live in Macambo 1978
    God damn led Zeppelin: Bathroom s. Sound
    Neil Young homegrown directly into Florida
    Outkast: bombs over Baghdad promo Mystical : bouncing back. (bumping me against the wall. Long
    Digital Underground: the way of swing
    New Lou Reeds: older than dirt
    Sun City Girls: tracks 4 and 5 from Jacks Creek
    Judas Priest: Sinner (live 8/7/88)
    James Brown: the payback, probably the later ’70s
    Nunchucks chair: not a f****** anthem?
    Miles Davis Black beauty track 3 according to this homemade CD
    Weather Report: medley: Vertical invader, T. H., Dr. Honoris Cousa
    Captain beefheart: zigzag man
    13th floor elevators: slip inside this house
    Hatfield and the North: shaving is boring
    Ghost (Japan): Moun God radiant youth
    K. Stockhausen: Kontact
    Robert Wyatt: Alfie

  9. Audrey setlist from SLP 1/12/24

    Monty Python: Constitutional Peasants
    James Blood Ulmer, Vernon Reed + The Memphis Blood Blues Band: I Need Some Money
    Captain Beefheart: Fallin’ Ditch
    Autumn: You Are, You Are
    The Seraphims: The Consciousness of Happening
    JJ Fad: Supersonic
    Martin Denny
    John Prine: I Have Met My Love Today
    Roxy Music: Mother of Pearl Live
    Space Afrika: Judge
    Ancient Plastix: Endurance Dream
    Alain Peters: Mangé Pou Le Coeur
    Denial: California Dreaming
    Thelonious Monk: Ugly Beauty
    Nah Eeto: Auntie What Happened to Me
    Mourning [A] BLKstar feat. Sonja Rhie Mace: Green Tara
    Young Fathers: Shoot Me Down
    Jack Smiley: Chloroform Orbit
    Mum: Green Grass of Tunnel
    Morning Teleportation: Boom Puma
    Scott McMicken + The Ever Expanding: Reconcile
    Neo Maya: I Won’t Hurt You
    Laura Agnusdei: Matilde’s Lemon Dance
    Mourning [A] BLKstar: Forges
    Young Fathers: Drum
    Brittany Howard: Stay High
    Amanda Palmer + The Grand Theft Orchestra: Bottom Feeder

  10. blk juju setlist from SLP 1/5/24

    “walk through the valley” – Kay Johnson
    “no more papa mama” – Vincent Gallo
    “dreaming with alice” – Mark Fry
    “radio freak in a storm” – Pram
    “pink litmus paper shirt” – R Stevie Moore
    “no pride restate” – Chicarica
    “can’t free the night (club mix) – East-West
    “stranger” – NOVEL
    “slip into” – Alex Maas
    “flying fish” – Clinic
    “mouhamadou lo and his children” – Wau Wau Collectif
    “i am a very rude person” – Thom Yorke
    “make a change” – Nearly God
    “sun zoom spark” – Captain Beefheart
    “vixen” – Stano, Jerome Rimson, Vinnie Murphy
    “bone fragments” – Dazzling Killmen
    “wei wei wei” – Gong Gong Gong
    “maraka” – May East, Alice Pink Pink
    “UR – culturevultur” – Secret Chiefs 3 
“all sleaze, no class” – We. – blursed EP
    “time will come” – Tol-Puddle Martyrs
    “uneasy” – Laika
    “la fat fur” – Connan Mockasin, Devonte Hynes
    “you better” – Demolition Group
    “prepare your coffin” – Tortoise
    “dragon path” – Operating Theatre

  11. Audrey Setlist from SLT 9/22/23

    Harold Alexander: Mama Soul
    Four Tops: Ball of Confusion
    Cortex: Disturbance
    Pussification: Angry Cat Choirs Annual Meeting
    ST 37: In Crowd
    Victor Axelrod, Bob + Gene, The Inversions: I Can Be Cool
    Timmy Thomas: Why Can’t We Live Together
    John Cooper Clarke: I Don’t Want To Be Nice
    The Clash: Robber Dub
    Frankie + The Witch Fingers: Doom Boom
    Hot Butter’s Sound: Pa-Pa-Pa
    OSees: Drowned Beast
    Nazz: Hello It’s Me
    The Budos Band: Arcane Rambler
    Herb Alpert: Rise
    Jimmy Bo Horne: Dance Across The Floor
    Wrong Places: Library Day
    Flying Lotus: Mages Sages
    Goat: Boom Boom
    Tongue Depressor: Hymns of Mud
    Al Karpenter + CIA Debutante: Medieval Cocaine
    Arnold: Cut The Crap

  12. Audrey’s Setlist from SLT 9/8/23

    Lee Dorsey – Give It Up
    Spacemen 3 – 5 2:35
    Mayo Thompson – Good Brisk Blues
    Can – All Gates Are Open
    Smog – The Time For The Blues Has Come
    Brenton Wood – Oogum Boogum Song
    Saun & Starr, Bosco Mann – Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah
    Wet Tuna – Party In Tha House
    Ornette Coleman – Friends and Neighbors
    Smoab – My Love
    SBTRKT & Anna of the North – WASTED
    Donwill, Sound Permits
    Gil Scott Heron & Brian Jackson – Push Comes To Shove
    Tom Tom Club (Chris Frantz & Tina Weymouth) – Love To Love You Baby
    Thomas Brenneck, Charles Bradley, LaRose Jackson – Change Change Change
    Goldfrapp – Ooh La La
    Skatebärd – Pagan EP
    Aaron Dilloway – Bhoot Ghar: Entrance Soundtrack
    Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake – Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
    Bo Hein, Burmese Golden Drum
    Peace Division – Coast to Coast
    Baba Commandant – Chasser Les Sachets
    Diana Rogerson – Falling Apart
    Radiohead – 15 Steps (request, Live from The Basement)
    Sons of Champlin, You Can Fly
    Pissed Jeans, No Convenient Apocalypse

  13. Schlippy set from 9/1

    Ruth White – Spleen
    The Godz – White Cat Heat
    Pere Ubu – Non-Alignment Pact
    Ataraxia, Mort Garson – Astral Projection
    The Misunderstood – Who’s Been Talking
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Stratus
    Cabinet – Treesap
    J.J Cole – Cherry
    Booker T. & the M.G.’s – Let’s Go Get Stoned
    BLO – Chant to Mother Earth
    John Lee Hooker – I Need Some Money
    The Paragons – Man Next Door aka Quiet Place
    Sonzeira – Where Naná Hides/Naná
    Gábor Szabó – Spellbinder
    Àbáse – Onire
    The New Deal – Movement – #1
    Szun Waves – Exploding Upwards
    Michael Marshall – San Francisco
    Dubamine – Cool & Relax
    Sepia – Instinct
    Daedelus – Old Hearts
    Febueder – Brazillia
    Dopapod – Happy Accident
    Romare – The Difter
    Soreab – Insomnias
    Tubby Isiah – Tellaman
    Five Revolutions – Few Bana Zambia
    Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
    Polyrhythmics – Yeti, Set, Go
    The Monzas – Where Is The Love
    Verse & Rowl – Theory of One

  14. J Guy set 8/25
    (mostly Big Noise Candy Mountain acts)
    Emeralds – Genetic
    Seaclones – Headless
    Headboggle – Ballroom Psych
    Unguent – side A excerpt from Simulation of a Bat Engulfed in Acid cassette
    LXV – Tunneling
    Moltar – Secrets
    Burning Plastic Blues Band – track 4 from “Spiritual Latency” cassette
    Reed Evan Parker – excerpt from side A of untitled cassette
    Icky Reels – VOV Encore
    Quicksails – Lost Breath
    w00dy – They Have 4 Subs
    Galaxxu – Vibrating Memories Unaware Colors
    Swisher – side D excerpt from “It’s Back” cassette

  15. Dogpuncher set 8/18

    Open Mind: Magic Potion
    13th Floor Elevators: Rose and the Thorn
    Nue: Lila Engle
    Hafler Trio: Red integration track #2
    Peter Gunn announcements interlude
    Johnny Guitar Watson: Miss Frisco( Queen of the Disco)
    Anthrax: I’m the Man( censored version)
    Kurtis Blow: America
    9 Shocks Terror: A Nice Place to Live
    Tangerine Dream: Ultima Thule Teil#1
    Yoko Ono: Yang Yang
    SunRa: Prelude to Strangers
    Echo City: In the Field
    Bordoms: track 5 of super Roots number 6 titled number 3
    SunRa: Mayan Temples
    Negativeland: Yesterday Hates Today
    Melt Banana: Spathic!
    Nue: Super78
    Maldoror: track 8 off She
    Dave Davies: Creeping Jean
    Man: Sudden Life
    The Youngbloods: Darkness, Darkness

  16. Audrey set from 8/11

    Cortex: La Rue
    Lou Reed: Street Hassle (Waltzing Matilda + Street Hassle)
    Eric Burdon + War: Sun/Moon
    Antibalas: MTTT Pt.2
    Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés + Holly Herndon: Cant de la Sibil-la
    Shortparis: All The Young Dudes
    Jah Wobble: I Am The Fly
    The Flying Lizards: Shake
    Diode: Eye Pop
    Olimpia Splendid: Mimosa Pudica
    Dirty Beaches: Coast To Coast
    Marden Hill: Curtain
    Steve Gunn: Birdsong
    Sun Ra: Life Is Splendid
    Sic Alps: Do You Want To Give $$$
    Richard Swift: Kensington
    Can: Aumgn
    Royal Trux: Solid Gold Teeth
    Lester Young + The California Playboys: Funky, Funky Horse
    David Van Tieghem: Birdbrain
    Sinead O’Connor: I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got
    Residents: It’s a Man World
    Burning Plastic Blues Band, Shattered Crystal + Blue Delusion
    Cortex: Madbass
    Oneida: Opportunities
    15-60-75 (The Numbers Band): Drive
    Olimpia Splendid, Nicotinella

  17. J Guy set from 7/28

    Durian Brow – disc 2 track 1
    Daniel Menche – She’s a Slaughterhouse
    Hafler Trio – Captation #7 – Transilient Membranes
    The Gerogerigegege – Endless Humiliation (excerpt)
    Francisco López – untitled #162
    Leslie Keffer – Summon
    Sick Llama – “Over Sleep” side A part 2
    Mark McGuire – Sick Chemistry
    Le Creuset – side B (excerpt) s/t
    Kyle Flanagan and Tim Gick – the Deceptive Cairvoyance of Machines
    Laundry Room Squelchers – live at Churchill’s 05-07-04
    Nurse With Wound – Rock N Roll Station
    Reynols – Rampotanza Ronil Grodo Remplente: Response
    Black Dice – Big Drop

  18. Dogpuncher set from 7/21/23

    Einsturzende Neubauten: Tische
    Grotesque: Couldn’t Get Ahead
    Coldcut: Boogieman (remix by Darko)
    Coldcut: Eien Kleine Hed Music
    United Future Organization: Doopsylalolic
    Scanner w. Post Modern Jazz Quartet: Not a Frame Earlier or Later
    Plastic Crimewave Sound: Shifting Sands
    Grateful Dead: King Solomon’s Marbles
    Frank Zappa: Things that look like meat
    Black Flag: Genocide
    Focus: I need a Bathroom
    Lee Morgan: TerribleT
    Eugene Chadborne: Honey Don’t
    Psychic TV (remixed by Evil Eddie): I.C.Water
    Queen Latifa and De La Soul: Mama Gave Birth to the Soul Children
    MC Solar: Nouveau Western
    Free Music Quintet: No#1
    Can: Live in Stuttgart “Eins” excerpt
    Captain Beefheart: Lick Your Decals Off
    Milford Graves: Nothing 19 (edit)
    Puffy Areolas: Hold it Back
    The Who: Sparks

  19. Audrey (Helen) set from 7/14/23

    X-Ray Spex: I’m A Poseur
    Bebo Best, Allan Parson, Brian Eno: Speak To Me
    Traffic Sound, Sky Pilot
    Aleuchatistas, The Curse That Keeps on Giving
    Silver Apples, Susie (Rocket Mix)
    Fatma, The Dirty Beat
    Andrew VanWyngarden: Nature Boy
    The Slits: Typical Girls
    Myra Melford’s Fire and Water Quintet: II
    Craig Taborn, Joelle Leandre, Mat Maneri: “E”
    Fat White Family: Touch The Leather
    Clinic: Touch Me
    Mouse on Mars: I Go Ego  Why Go We Go
    Phương Tâm: Ai?
    Curly Chalker: Make The World Go Away
    MC5: You’re Gonna Miss Me
    Ultra Satan: USB
    Charles Amirkhanian: Dzarian Bess Ga Kjhorim Edit with Dogpuncher: Live July 3, 2021
    Yoko Ono, Anonhi: I Love You Earth
    Dave Rempis, Joshua Abrahms, Avreeayl Ra: Perihelion Recorded live at Elastic Arts August 27, 2015

  20. Audrey Set 6/10/23

    Edith Massey – Punks Get Off The Grass
    Herbie Hancock, Tinariwen, Knaan, Los Lobos, Exodus
    Count Ossie + The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari  – Bongo Man
    Asnakech Worku – Tche Belew
    Pissed Jeans – Waiting On My Horrible Warning
    Pissed Jeans – The Bar is Low
    Kool + The Gang Bangers – Living In A Hole
    OOIOO – Tisou
    Hot Wax – Rip It Out
    Stock, Hausen + Walkman – Open up + Schweizer
    Scam LIkely – Chameleon
    Yacht, Scattered
    Laetitia Sadier, Undying Love For Humanity
    They Young Ones Of Guyana – Liquidator
    Matty Kemer – Boeing
    Erase Errata, The White Horse Is Breaking
    Sister Nancy – Bam Bam
    Heshoo Beshoo Group – Armitage Road
    Gigi – Khan
    They Young Ones Of Guyana – Guitar Man
    Stock, Hausen + Walkman – Lip Gloss
    Color Clownies, Mah Nah Mah Nah
    Paul Horn – Somba
    Kirk Knuffke – White Shoulders
    Ana da Silva + Phew – Islands
    Count Ossie + The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari  – Narration Continued
    Sun Ra, We Travel The Spaceways
    Jose Gonzales, This Is How We Walk On The Moon

  21. Schlippy Set 5/5/23

    1.) Miles Davis – Black Satin
    2.) Burland – Dagobah
    3.) Niobe – Drei Zinnen
    4.) Percussions – February 2014
    5.) Yu Su – Watermelon Woman – Dub
    6.) Michou – Maloya Ton Tisane
    7.) Sir Victor Uwaifo – Ohue
    8.) The Rationals – Glowin’
    9.) Gil Tryhall – King of the Road
    10.) Ken Matsurani plays guitar
    11.) Aaron Dilloway – The Beauty Bath
    12.) Pamela Z – Site Four
    13.) Throbbing Gristle – Hamburger Lady
    14.) Holy F**k – Raymond New Dang
    15.) Don Caballero – Fire Back About Your New Baby’s Sex
    16.) Harry Mudie – Full Dose of Dub
    17.) Max Graef – Jazz 104
    18.) Pill – Naked Muse
    19.) High Places – Head Spins
    20.) tonstartssbandht – What Has Happened
    21.) Jake Xerxes Fussell – Three Ravens
    22.) Dougie Poole – Los Angeles
    23.) Jah Shaka & Mad Professor – People Of Yoruba
    24.) Les Carne – Desiderata
    25.) The Field – From Here We Go Sublime
    26.) CV Vision – Tropical (Tune In)
    27.) Zakir Hussain – Rapanagatun
    28.) The One “O” Ones – Radio Cosmo 101
    29.) Discovery Zone – Nu Moon
    30.) Woo – Western
    31.) Electrelane – Love Builds Up
    32.) Connan Mockasin – I Want to Troll With You
    33.) Bitchin Bajas – Angels and Demons at Play

  22. Helen von S set 4/14.23

    Beach Boys, In My Room
    Link Wray, Vendetta
    Metz, Good Not Great
    O’Donel Levy, Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
    Jimmy McGriff, Ain’t It Funky Now
    Redbone, Come and Get Your Love
    Shoot, Mean Customer
    Lou Reed, I Can’t Stand It
    Planning To Rock, Misogyny Drop Dead
    Else Olsen Storesund & Pauline Oliveros, Digitalis Purpurea
    Esther Phillips, One Night Affair
    Norm Talley, Exodus
    Clark Terry & Max Roach, Lil’ Max
    Harold Mabern & Gregory Porter, Afro Blue
    Erik B & Rakim, Don’t Sweat The Technique
    Tribe Called Quest, Electric Relaxation
    Casino Music, The Beat Goes On
    The Offs, You Fascinate Me
    Richard Strange, International Language of the World
    Red Crayola, Save The House
    Monette Sudler, To Be Exposed
    Robin Fox & Oren Ambarchi, Standing Mandala
    Silver Apples, Missing You
    Joy Division, Insight
    Syd Barrett, It Is Obvious
    Gong, Strong Woman
    Christian McBride, Seek The Source
    Fred Hersch & Esperanza Spalding, But Not For Me

  23. Helen von S set 3/10/23

    Gil Scott-Heron, Don’t Give Up
    Lou Reed, I’m Waiting for the Man (1965 demo)
    Lennie Tristano, Turkish Mambo
    Charles Mingus, Better Git It In Your Soul
    Negativland, Methods of Torture
    Betty Roche, Trouble Trouble
    Connan Mockasin, Flipping Poles
    Monnette Sudler, Easy Walker
    Burning Plastic Blues Band, Refracted (cassette)
    Burning Plastic Blues Band, Splinter Cycle (cassette)
    I Am Kloot, Bigger Wheels
    Spacemen 3, Losing Touch With My Mind
    The Chills, Pink Frost
    Viagara Boys, I Feel Alive
    Charlie Feathers, Can’t Hardly Stand It
    Theo Parrish remix Amerie, 1 Thing
    Arthur Russell, This is How We Walk on the Moon
    Betty Carter, Most Gentlemen Don’t Like Love
    Sonny Sharrock Trio, Dick Dogs
    Quincy Jones, Don’t Bug Me
    Teho Teardo/Blixa Bargeld, Soli si muore
    Bitchin Bajas with Bonnie Prince Billy, Your Hard Work is About To Pay Off

  24. Helen Set 2nd Friday in Feb, 2023

    Luchito & Nestor, Soy Un Hombre (I’m a Man) pt. 1
    The Walkmen, We’ve Been Had
    Tom Waits, Ken Nordine, Kathleen Brennan, Circus
    Rubblebucket, Morning in The Sun
    Anthony Moore, Caught Being in Love
    Hotaru, Noudashi
    Eola, Someone’s Got a Secret
    Donnoya Drake, Only You
    Edit Service, Que’st Ce Que Je Fais Ici
    SPC ECO, Friday I’m In Love
    Black Meteoric Star, Freaks Only
    Pete Drake, I’m Just a Guitar
    X_X, No Nonsense
    John Otway, Mine Tonight
    Nautilus, Lady Day + John Coltrane
    Nautilus, Serengeti
    Tonstartssbandht, Falloff
    Dereadoorian, The Illuminator
    Blood Wine or Honey, Tomorrow
    The Dandelion, Old Habits + New Ways of The Dandelion
    Anna Ledoespoetry + Phil Manzanera, The American/British Dream
    Don Cherry, Suite for Albert Ayler
    Minami Deutsch, Steller Waffle

  25. 12/30/22
    5th Friday – Live Improv Band In The Studio!
    J. Guy Laughlin drums, Stephan Haluska harp and objects, Tom Orange saxophone, trumpet, Max Hyde-Perry string bass and bagpipes, Robert Sirovica synthesizer

    Zos Kia and Coil, Truth
    Psychik TV, The Orchid
    Klingon, Do You Think I’m Sexy
    Kaba Blon, Moribiyassa (Daniel Haaksman Edit)
    Blo, It’s Gonna Be A Good Day
    Elektrifide-Fokoko, Beast in Blue Moon
    Suicide, Dream Baby Dream
    Snack Family, The Strange Outside
    L’espirit, In The Nursery
    Negativland, Incomprehensible Solution
    Erika Stucky, Black Betty
    49:49 time Dirty Rig (J. Guy Laughlin drums, Stephan Haluska harp and objects, Tom Orange saxophone, trumpet, Max Hyde-Perry string bass and bagpipes, Robert Sirovica synthesizer)
    1:03-1:06 enter Diamanda Galas, Swing Low Sweet Chariot
    1:48 – enter Patti Smith, Free Money
    LeRoy, A8_13

  26. Audrey set for 12/23
    Pre-recorded in a hurry due to snowpocalypse XXII – lots pulled from past sustainable love corp shows, but some stuff in there too that hasn’t been played in the slot before. Enjoy, and stay cozy kids!

    Hour 1
    Peter Holsapple and Alex Chilton, Baby I Love You (rehearsal)
    Nikola Tesla and Thee Coils, Sweet Rays
    Shuggie Otis, Ice Cream Party
    Kleenex, Ain’t You
    Gazelle Twin, Unflesh
    Howard Blake, The Snowman
    BLO, Gotta Get Me A Better Head
    Gudrun Gut and Anita Lane, Yadi Yadi
    Faust and Gary Burger, Beware The Transatlantic Feedback
    Cymande, Sweet Talk
    Les Paul and Mary Ford, Besame Mucho
    Richard H Kirk, Magic Words Command
    Sumo Brothers, I Love Music
    New York Dolls, Bad Girl
    Les Paul, Brazil (excerpt)
    Hour 2
    Moodyman, When She Follows
    Mike List, Lockdown Tapes #5
    Henry Threadgill, Air
    Bai Konte, Kelefa Ba
    Paul White, The Uprising Of The Insane
    Hector Zazou, Into Your Dreams (with Laurie Anderson)
    Efrim Manuel Menuck, Kills v. Lies
    Ebony Rhythm Band, Soul Heart Transplant
    Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step, Side Trip To Jupiter
    Mad Doctor X, Intergalactic Throwdown

  27. Audrey set from 12/9

    Buddy Fo and his Group, Going Home
    Eddie Harris, Scatting Unlyrically Simultaneously
    Numa Gama, Entre ½
    Blackbyrds, Rock Creek Park
    Recloose, Dust (feat. Joe Dukie, Roque Wun Mix)
    Gigi (Egigayehu Shibabaw), Kahn
    Steve Swell, Planet Hopping on a Thursday Afternoon (with Gebhard Ullmann, Hilliard Green, Barry Altschul)
    Teddy Lasry, Blue Theme
    Liena Vienesa, Cangrejos En La Cocina
    LeRoy, A#8_13
    Mourning [A] BLKstar, A No Bit Dust
    Numa Gama, Twig People
    Lonnie Liston Smith, Expansions
    Lil’ Louis, French Kiss
    Leo James, Capital
    (Accidentally repeated Numa Gama, Entre ½)
    Disco Four, Let It Whip
    Herbie Mann Roy Ayers, Windows Open (Herbie Mann, Roy Ayers, Sonny Sharrock, Miroslav Vtious, Bruno Carr)

  28. Helen von S. last show as Sustainable Love Corporation
    11/25/22 with special guest: Dogpuncher

    A bit more unprofessional chaotica than usual:

    Low, I”m on Fire
    Virna Lindt, Silhouettes
    Avery Tare, Laughing Hieroglyphic
    The Butch Cassidy Sound System, Cissy Strut
    Stereolab, Jenny Ondioline (excerpt)
    Ra Kalam Bob Moses, Word From the RA
    Knowsum, Nepumuk, Retrogott, Alpha (excerpt)
    TBA, Can’t Find this Cassette
    Skip Spence, You Know
    David Lynch, Imaginary Girl
    Moth Cock, TBA cassette
    Stereolab, Soop Groove #1
    King Crimson, THRAK
    Roger & The Human Body, Freedom parts I and II 1976
    Samo Salamon, Arild Andersen & Ra Kalam Bob Moses, You Take My Arm
    Roxy Music, The Bogey Man
    No-Neck Blues Band, Fuck-No. (excerpt)
    Sonya Spence, Let Love Flow On
    Kuja Orchestra, Ngoma
    Liquid Liquid, Cavern
    Cabaret Voltaire, Gut Level
    Wu Tang Clan, RZA, MF DOOM, Biochemical Equation
    King Crimson, VROOM VROOM
    Steve Hillage, The Glorious Om Riff

  29. Helen von S set list: (11/11/22)

    White Noise, Love Without Sound
    Sly & The Family Stone, Runnin’ Away
    George Clinton + The P Funk All Stars, Sloppy Seconds
    Bardo Pond, Call The Doctor
    The Slits, Earthbeat/Earthdub
    Nico, These Days excerpt
    Warren Haynes, Dirty
    Mala, Anti War Dub
    The Detroit Escalator Company, Tai Chi + Traffic Lights
    Odd Ned, Arp Realm
    Sun Ra, I’ll Wait for You
    Sula Bossana, Lost in Space
    Delaney Davidson/Bruce Russell, Ghost in the River
    Kilynn Lunstard, Sewerland
    The Black Tones, Ghetto Spaceship
    Antonio Ocasio, Forward
    Starcrawler, I Love LA
    Oh Sees, Raw Optics
    Obnox, America In A Blender
    Dazy + Militairie Gun, Pressure Cooker
    Upper Wilds, Love Song #8
    Holden, Lumpette
    The Hellp/Xiu Xiu, Undertow
    Low, Down By The River

  30. Schlippy set list: (11/4/22)

    555 – Santaka, Manfredas, Marijus Aleska
    Spectrum is Green – Solid Space
    Eisbär – Grauzone
    Zwei – Obernauer
    Too Much Money – Automatic
    Snakes Crawl (East Village Mix) – Phil Kieran, Bush Tetras, East Village
    Throbbing Gristle – Hot On Heels of Love
    Bas Ismaa Meny – Moving Still
    Harlem River After Hours Dub – Kevin Morby, Peaking Lights
    Yeah (1966) – The Alarm Clocks
    Humor Me – Pere Ubu
    Stepping Razor – Peter Tosh
    Caramel – Cluster
    Angst in my Pants – Sparks
    Enchantica – Jon Kennedy
    Ayoba-yo – The Hard Workers
    Caminos del Deseo – Lila Tirando a Violeta, Loris
    Walk the Night – Bent Boys
    Tchu Tchuca – Bonde do Tigrão
    Who Put the Bomb – Jaakko Eino Kalevi
    Love Theme From Flashdance – Helen St. John
    Satan in Love – La Bellini
    Secret Teardops – Martin Rev
    Alien – Rexy
    Do The Wrong Thing – The Lounge Lizards
    Ta Fardah – PAINT
    Treat the Youths Right – Jimmy Cliff

  31. Helen von S set
    Friday 10-28-22 9-11pm

    Roy Long, Mercy Mercy Mercy
    Art Blakey, Aghano
    Kuja Orchestra, Säatäjä Sapiens
    Quintron and Miss Pussycat, I’m Not Busy
    Larry Coryell with John Scofield + Joe Black, Little B’s Poem
    Lizzie No ft. Ben Piriani, Sweeter Than Strychnine
    Spiritual Cramp, Tenderloin
    Kilynn Lunsford, Reality Testing
    The Comet is Coming, Star Exploding in Slow Motion
    Deerhoof + Wadada Leo Smith, Last Fad
    Sonic Funk Foundry, Right On
    Big Fun, Sexy Back
    DANA, R U Dead
    Iman Houssein, Pieces Don’t Make Shapes
    Balungan, Kangen
    Nico Lindsay, This
    Nightmares on Wax, Master Plan
    African Head Charge, Beri (Version)
    Muddy Waters, Mannish Boy
    Yellow Magic Orchestra, Day Tripper
    Clinic, I Can’t Stand The Rain
    Vickie + The Van Dykes, I Wanna Be A Winner
    Show Pink, Rubber Surf
    Crime of Passing, World on Fire
    Dr. Quinn parody of Weird Al parody of Tiffany cover of Tommy James and the Shondells,  I Think I’m a Clone Now

  32. Schlippy set

    Friday 10-21-22 9-11PM

    Wampiro – Thee Commons
    La Araña – kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds
    Human Fly – The Cramps
    Halleluwah – CAN
    Atlas – Battles
    Ghost (Aaron Dilloway) mixed with Jesus on the Run and the Game is Off (The Grouchos)
    Black Venom – The Budos Band
    Frankenstein – King Horror
    Psycho – Eddie Noack
    Kiss of Death – Charlie Megira
    We Got a Date – Hasil Atkins
    No Warewolf – Allah-Las
    Six Foot Under – Bob Fryfogle
    Pupilas Dilatadas – Fumaça Preta
    Smelly Tongues – The Residents
    Tarantula – The Tarantulas
    I Was a Teenage Zombie – The Fleshtones
    Italian Movie Theme – Pylon
    Hungry, So Angry – Medium Medium
    Black Widow – Big Fun
    Troglodyte – Viagra Boys
    Yheti – Weird Trumpet
    Student Night – Sandy B, Lion’s Drums
    Take Two – Daphni
    Velvet Cave – Silver Apples
    Don’t Shake Me Lucifer – Roky Erickson
    Chase à l’homme – Pierre Cavaliers
    Hana Ga Saitara – Mariah
    With the Day Comes the Dawn – Anna Domino
    Ye Ye – William Onyebor, Caribou, Daphni
    Tenebre – Claudio Simonetti, Massimo Morante

  33. Helen von S set 10/14

    Starcrawler, Bet My Brains
    Obnox, He’s Forever
    Brainticket, Black Sand
    M.V. Edit – The Fatback Band, Yum Yum (Gimme Some)
    Gilles Peterson + Lionel Loueke + Alex Patchwork, One Finger (Snap version)
    Orestt, Luddisme
    Leroy Hutson, Cool Out
    M.V. Edit – Brian Briggs, Brian Damage
    Cosmo Vitelli, As She Rolled Another
    Eno, The Great Pretender
    Richie Weeks & Company, Just Cause I Don’t Dance
    Jimi Tenor, Miracles
    Amon Duul II, Green Bubble Raincoated Man
    Julie London, Easy Street
    Jimi Tenor, O-Sex
    Spontaneous Overthrow, All About Money
    S.C.A.M., Spooky
    The Meteors, My Daddy Is A Vampire
    Screamin Jay Hawkins, I Hear Voices
    Gerald Wenzel and Kenneth Morrison, Side 2 Track 2
    Andrew Weatherall, End Times Sound
    Chucky Thurmon, Tickets For Doomsday
    Bill Laswell, Mantra
    Brainticket, Egyptian Kings

  34. Helen von S set 9/30

    Pink Floyd Redux, Money
    Kinks, Here Comes Yet Another Day
    Sonics, Busy Body
    A-Qasar, Awal feat. Lee Ranaldo
    Moin, I Can’t Help But Melt
    Buke and Gase/So Percussion, Ancient Tool Gadget
    Laryssa Okada, Chrysanthemum feat. AiMai
    Brothers Johnson, The Devil
    Betamax vs. Clive Bell, Apichatpong Weerasethakul
    tiNI + Carl Craig, My Shine (Carl Craig Remix)
    Terrence Parker, Somethin’ Here
    Bill Laswell, Lost Roads of Orchestral Suite
    Unloved, Mother’s Been A Bad Girl
    Okedolo, Good
    Dua Saleh, Cat Scratch
    Confidence Man, Bubblegum (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
    Devon Rexi, Human Snax
    Groove Armada, Are Friends Electric?
    Unloved, Love Experiment feat. Etienne Daho
    Quodega, Volta Regulat
    MSSV, Eureka
    Black Midi, Hellfire
    The Double Happiness, Red Room
    Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Vitamin C

  35. Helen von S set 9/16

    The Fall, Gotta See Jane
    This is the Kit, Easy Picking
    FM Einheit (Einstürzende Neubauten) Death Progression
    Augustus Pablo, Black Gunn
    Quincy Jones, Tryna Find Out About You
    Zach Phillips, Know What? [Genevieve Artardi]
    Devo, Ohio
    Elijah Minnelli, Cud
    The Sound, I Can’t Escape Myself
    Vision + The Riddle, Mr. Engineer
    The Fall, Junger Cloth
    The Missing Brazilians, Meander
    The Beast People, “untitled” 10-inch Hanson Records, 2006
    Oren Ambarchi, Bamasa
    The Kinks, Lazy Old Sun
    Ericka Stucky, All I Really Wanna Do
    Thavius Beck, Aye/Sequenced Prose
    Larry Heard, Can You Feel It
    Saint Germain, I Want You To Get Together
    Moor Mother w/Billy Woods + Olof Melander
    No Neck Blues Band, Fuck-No. (with some Porest, Ohbliv and David Lynch mixed in)
    Can, Moonshake
    Boys Order, Out of Sight Out of Mind
    Devo, Mr. RNA

    also.. Balam Acab instrumental beats from Wander/Wonder played under setlist readings

  36. Helen was a little late today 8/27 so thanks to Cory and Arthur
    for rolling into the show with the first 3 tracks.
    Thin Lizzy, Dear Lord
    Wire, Heartbeat
    Cluster, Prothese

    Helen von S set
    Magazine, White Label – Side A track 2
    DANA, Death by Misadventure
    Rubblebucket, Earth Worship
    Wire, Touching Display
    Test Department
    Kevin Coyne, Party Party Party
    Africa High Tech, Out in the Streets
    Flying Lotus, Pickled
    Dead Kennedy’s, Kill The Poor
    Zappa/Beefheart/Mothers, Deborah Kadabra + Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
    The Prefects, Total Luck
    X_X, No Nonsense
    Lou Reed, Andy’s Chest
    Clinic, Male Stripper
    Rebels of Tijuana, Erotique
    GRRR, Madshit 3
    Arsenal, Love Song
    Richard Strange, International Landscape
    Amon Duul, Light
    Sula Bussana, Lost in Space
    Nachdenkliche Wehrpflictige, You Say You Don’t Love Me
    DANA, Pork Pie

    Mers was a little late today, so Helen went into the 11pm hour with these selects
    Archive 4 this:
    Tracy Thorne, Femme Fatale
    Robert Wyatt, Chairman Mao
    Arto Lindsay, Erotic City
    Reymour, Daya
    Bongwater, The Power of Pussy

  37. Schlippy set 8/20/22

    Big Yawn – Ragazzo
    The dirt bombs – Sharvari
    Dumbo Gets Mad – Tahiti Hungry Jungle
    Ait Meslayene – El Fen
    Los Wemblers de Crema – La Danza de Petrolero
    Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band – Les fleurs
    Dream Stars – Pop Makossa
    El Michels Affair, Piya Malik – Murkit Gem
    Avey Tare – What’s the goodside?
    101 Crustaceans – Carmelite
    Robert Wyatt- Pigs… (In there)
    Rexy – Funky Butt
    Prince Far I – Dub to Africa
    Akofa Akoussah – I tcho tchass
    Alogte Ohi & his Sounds of Joy – Mam Yinne Wa
    Deerhoof – Love-Lore 2
    Sven Wunder – Variations in Rock
    Kasper Marott – Kun for Mig
    Negativland- Yellow Black and Rectangular
    Adam Beyer – Your Mind
    Eevee, Drevm – Acid
    Aaron Dilloway, Lucrecia Dalt – Demands of Ordinary Devotion
    Roma Kami – Mezcal
    Holy F**k – New Dang
    Professionals – Theme from The Godfather
    Warmduscher – I Got Friends
    Crows – Garden of England
    Automatic, John Dwyer – Electrocution (John Dwyer Remix)
    CAN – Spoon
    Charlie Megira – Alligator Man
    The Durutti Column – Love No More
    DNA – Blonde Redhead
    Win Terram – Majid Soula
    The Scorpions, Saif Abu Bakr – Nile Waves
    Elizabeth Cotten – Freight Train

  38. Helen von S set 8/12/22

    Quincy Jones, Summer in the City
    Rehash, Gratuitous Theft in The Rain
    Brenda Ray, D’Ya Hear Me! From Naffi Years, 1979-83 (prev. unreleased version)
    Toy Love, Death Rehearsal
    Protomartyr, You’re With A Creep
    The Bollock Brothers, Bootleg Man
    Big Fun, Black Widow
    Iggy Pop, T.V. Eye
    The Humms, Burn One Off
    Roland Vincent, L.S.D. Partie
    JJ Cale, Low Rider
    Erika Stucky, Black Betty
    Eddie Harris, Conversations of Everything + Nothing
    Lou Reed, Dirt
    Karate Moves, The Song
    Kim Gordon, Sketch Artist
    Big Fun, Freak Machine
    Kids On A Crime Spree, I Don’t Want To Call You Baby, Baby
    Cheveu, La Tortuga
    Seratones, Kingdom Come
    Wolf Eyes, Burn Your House Down
    Public Enemy, 911 is a Joke, Incident at 66.6 FM, Welcome To The Terrordome
    Fatboy Slim, Talkin’ About My Baby
    Jauch, Bergtech
    Suicide, Cool As Ice

  39. Schlipp’s setlist from Aug 5, 2022

    Eris Drew – Ride Free
    The Residents – Beyond the Valley of A Day In The Life
    The West Coast Pop Art Experience – Leiyla
    Guv’ner – Lucky Ladybug
    Los Bitchos – pista (fresh start)
    Etran de L’Air – toubohk ine chihoussay
    Mar Seck – Sibouten

    Bowery Electric – Without Stopping
    Robocobra Quartet – Wellness
    Holy fuck – Nintey Five
    Native Soul – Teenage Dream
    Black Dice – Endless Happiness
    Holy Fuck – Chains

    Above & Beyond – Sun in your eyes

    Aaron Dilloway – Blue Studies
    Bobby Oroza – Bobby’s New Mood
    Aber Jay – Cocaine Blues
    Pharoah Sanders – High Life
    Diablos Rojos – sacalo sacalo
    33 – Abominatron

    Fugees, Ms. Lauryn Hill Wyclef Jean – Fu-Gee-La
    Ibibio Sound Machine – Protection From Evil
    Beau Jacque, The Zydeco Hi Rollers – Pop That Coochie
    Steve Monite – Only You
    Darude – Feel the Beat

    Think – Once you Understand
    Daniele Luppi, Parquet Courts, Karen O – Pretty Prizes
    The Lazy Eyes – Fuzz Jam
    The Bombers – Mexican Highway

  40. Helen von S w/guests Dr. Joanna Mental + the apprentice Will C. – setlist from July 22

    Arthur Fiedler and The Boston Pops, M’nah M’nah
    Mary Ocher, Six Dead White Men
    Quincy Jones, In Cold Blood (Soundtrack to the film In Cold Blood)
    Mad Doctor X, Intergalacticthrowdown
    Obnox, Names (Feat. Kisha Nicole Foster & Ngina Payola)
    Narrow Road, 15-60-75 (The Numbers Band)
    Sadao Watanabe, Missouri Live at Budokan
    Rasa, Questions in My Mind
    Jauche, Bring It On
    Jitwam, Aria’s Song
    Four Seasons Total Landscaping, Revert
    Kyle Kidd, TMS
    ♨︎, Back 2 Basics
    Mary Ocher, Martin Eden (Wiki Wiki)
    Sergius Golowin, Die weisse Alm [Lord Krishna von Goloka]
    DJ Detox, Funk the Police
    Coe, Spin Cycle
    Interplanetary Criminal, Gyaldem Dub
    Against All Logic, If You can’t Do It Good, Do It Hard
    Cut Chemist remix, Los Chicos Altos, Lluvia
    The Dream Syndicate, When You Smile
    Hiroshi Suzuki, Cat
    Pluto Juice, Pluto and Beyond
    Devo, We’re Through Being Cool
    Steve Lacy, Round Midnight
    Soul Coughing, Soft Serve

  41. Schlippy Set list 7-15
    Song / Artist
    Watussi – Harmonia
    Tinariwen – Group Anmataff
    Nagu – Sam Sam Redmore
    Hercules – Ghetto Priest
    Johnny Winter – All tore down (request)
    The sky sings – Sefi Zisling
    No Rest for the Wicked – Dub FX (request)

    The Wedding List – Kate Bush
    Things Fall Apart – Steve Monite
    yamar – Dry Bread
    Nora Dean – Angie La La

    Twin Peaks Soundtrack – Audrey’s dance
    Walk the cow – Daniel Johnston
    Walk tall – Hiroshi Suzuki
    Free ride – Nick drake
    Ode to African violet – mort Garson

    Brian Bennett – chain reaction
    Daniel Avery – Naive Response
    Flutes – Hot Chip
    World hold on – bob Sinclair (FISHER Rework)
    Go on – Panda bear

  42. Helen von S Setlist from Fri, July 8

    Linda Perhacs, Parallelograms
    Walter Carlos, Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G Major
    Henry Goebbels + Alfred Hurth – Berlin Q-Damm
    Was (Not Was), Dad I’m in Jail
    Sly + The Family Stone, Loose Booty
    Joe Farrell, Times Lie
    The Paragons, Riding High on a Windy Day
    Lena Plantanos, Dialima to Savato
    Los Ecos, La Fuga del Bandido
    Satruno 2000, La Rebajada de los Sonideros
    Hot Chip, Motion Sickness
    Dry Cleaning, Scratchcard Lanyard
    No Sign, Western Drunk
    Fry Ry, whenwewasyoung
    Steven David Heithotter, I don’t mind (pt. 1)
    Meshell Ndgeocello, American Rhapsody
    Mourning [A] BLKstar, Two
    TBZ, Can’t go back now
    Moebius + Plank, Missi Cacadou
    Ronnie Foster, Swingin’
    Whit Dickey Quartet, Space Quadrant
    Robert Bensick Band, Night Life
    Clear History, Solar Death Ray
    Kid Acne + Spectacular Diagnostics, Null + Void

  43. Schlippy’s set list – Friday June 17, 2022

    Susso – Ansumana
    F.J. McMahon – The Spirit of the Golden Juice
    Takeshi Terauchi – Ganroku Hanami Odori
    Los Saicos – Come On (Ven Aqui)
    Los Diablos Rojos – Sacalo Sacalo
    Zydeco Dependants – Iko, Iko
    Solid Space – Tenth Planet
    Container – Glaze
    Nine Inch Nails – Sanctified
    Sleaford Mods – All Day Ticket
    Saada Bonaire – Your Touch
    !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – Let It Be Blue
    They Might Be Giants – Mr. Xcitment
    Daphni – Cos-Ber-Zam-Ne Noya
    Hugo Montenegro – Moog Power
    Akofa Akoussah – Dandou Kodjo
    Female Species – Tale of My Lost Love
    Os Mutantes – Dia 36
    ESG – Dance
    !!! (Chk Chk Chk) – Even When the Water’s Cold
    Dom & Roland – Outta Endz Up
    Yellowman – Lost Mi Love
    Francis Bebey – Pygmy Love Song
    Bobby Oroza – I Got Love
    Jaqueline Taieb – 7 Heure Du Mat
    Tropical F**k Storm – Who’s My Eugene
    Gilla Band – The Witch Doctor
    Flaming Lips – Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Pt. 2
    Ought, Blue Sky

  44. Helen von S Set List from Fri June 10, 2022

    Kevin Ayers, Brainstorm // The Unfairground
    Herbie Hancock, Doin’ it // Secrets
    Gonzales feat Feist, Lovertits
    Great Dane, Black & White // Alpha Dog
    Myself 69, Hi Waves // Gilga V
    Eleanor Friedberger Cate Le Bon remix, Are We Good?
    Gonzales feat Louie Austen, Let’s Groove Again
    Happy Rhodes, When the Rain Came Down
    Myself 69, Naima Jam
    Four Tet, Castles Made of Sand
    Billo’s Caracas Boys, La Pachanga
    Shit & Shine, Whose your Waitress
    Efrim Manuel Menuck, A Lamb in the Land of Payday Loans
    Sun Runners, I Might Be Crazy
    Montaña, Creo
    Sweet Reaper, Drink the Poison
    Zombierella’s Tentative Reels, Strange
    DMX Crew, Orange Cat Milk
    Sun Ra, Love In Outer Space
    Infinite Music, Infinite Music (A Tribute to La Monte Young)
    Byproduct, Glasgow Climate Pact
    Israel Movements, Heart Beat // Ina Roots & Truths
    The Rebels of Tijuana, et le blizzard s’estompe (album version)
    Gerry Franke, Cada Dia // Found Myself or Just I’m Dead
    This Heat + Little Marlon
    Bob Andy, Games People Play

  45. Schlippy Set List from Fri June 3, 2022
    The Durutti Column – Sketch for Summer
    S.E. Rogie – Please Go Easy With Me
    The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone
    Javelin – Esteves
    Bomber – Hell in Texas
    Holy F**k – Super Inuit (Live)
    Blawan – Under Belly
    The Fall – Blindness
    Pete Drake – The Spook
    Elizabeth Cotton – Freight Train
    Johnathan Richman & the Modern Lovers – The Sweeping Wind (Kwa Ti Feng)
    Dur-Dur Band – Dooyo
    Augustus Pablo – AP Special – Secrets
    DARKSIDE – The Limit
    Naked Giants – Slow Dance II
    Joseph Ray – Chem-Ex
    Quasi – I Never Want to See You Again
    Hot Chip – Boy From School
    The Uplifting Bell Ends – Sweetheart I Thought I Saw You
    Small Black – Sun Was High (So Was I)
    Don Cherry – Brown Rice
    Daniel Avery – Naïve Response
    Daphni – Life’s What You Make It
    Prince Rama – So Destroyed
    Fat Boys (feat. The Beach Boys) – Wipeout
    Mumbo Jumbo – Wind it Up
    Black Mountain – Space to Bakersfield
    Darude – Sandstorm
    Moondog – Do Your Thing

  46. What a delight to have Stephan Haluska and Graham Rosen aka Elephant Ornament in studio Friday, May 27, promoting the upcoming Cleveland Uncommon Sound Project festival. It’s taking place from June 9-12 here in the Cle. for more 411.


    Spacemen 3, Lord Can You Hear Me?
    Chilly Gonazales, Decisions
    Blood Wine or Honey, Anxious Party People
    Elephant Ornament – Live in studio set
    1- The Iris Brings Thoughts of Joy2 – Count Me In
    3 – Silver Lining
    4 – Til Our Wedding Day
    Warp Trio, A Thousand Skies
    Robin Blake, Sound Experiment
    Eunbi Kim Saturn Years by Sophia Jani
    Slowspin, Odd Ways
    Danielle Kuntz, Black Mountain Collage by Louis Raymond-Kolker
    Émilie Fortin, Wu Wei by Kevin Gironnay
    Pink Noise, Black as a Hack for Cyborgification by Jessie Cox

  47. Helen von S Set List from Fri 5/13/22

    Alice Cooper, Schools Out
    Sun Ra, Summertime
    Dream Syndicate, When You Smile
    Zov Zov, The Souls
    Rockabye Baby (Black Sabbath), War Pigs
    Moondog and His Honking Geese, Rabbit Hop
    Bob Logg III, Boob Scotch
    The Fall, How I Wrote Elastic Man
    I am Kloot, Bigger Wheels
    Hunee, The World
    Mike Cooper, A1 (White Shadows In The South Seas)
    Stereo Total, Keine Musik
    Borusiade, Infatuation (excerpt)
    The Cool Jerks, Man + A Woman
    Lightning Bolt, Halloween 3
    Robert, Kelly Had A Seizure
    Obnox, Sexy Librarian
    The Higher, Submarine 99’
    Karen Gwyer, The Workers Are On Strike
    Life Without Buildings, New Town
    Joe Higgs, You Hurt My Soul
    Bob Log III, My Shit Is Perfect
    Khalab & M’berra Ensemble, We Are M’berra
    Cheval, As Years Go By
    Ground, Logos
    Upper Wilds, Lovesong #10
    Sun Ra & His Arkestra, Music is a Vibration
    Nina Simone, Do I Move You?
    Nicolas Gaunin, Rongo
    Halumnen, Lost Episode
    Thomas Brinkmann, Henry Livesey Bo (recording of an antique loom from Industrie Museum Bocholt)
    Extra tracks starting at 11pm… Mothers of Invention, The Sound of Cheese + Nine Types Of Industrial Pollution
    New Paradise, Easy Life

  48. Schlippy Set List from Fri 5/6/22

    Jeffrey Silverstein – Trip Sitter
    White Eyes – It’s For You
    Outrageous Cherry – Complicate Me
    Sonzeira – Samba de Retorno
    Ernest Honny – Kofi Psych
    Pays P. – 3h et des Personnes
    Kit Sebastian – Pangea
    The Pro-Teens – One Beer
    Traffik Island – Ulla Dulla
    Amanar – Alghafiat
    The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band – ลำสั้นดิสโก้
    Ray Flanagan – In Every Way
    Country Westerns – Anytime
    The Chats – Keep the Grabs Out
    The Chats – Smoko
    Fontaines DC – Boys in the Better Land
    Black Country New Road – Opus
    Gilla Band – Paul
    Black Eyes – Deformative
    Dehd – Desire
    Antena – Camino del Sol
    A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?
    Caribou – Odessa

  49. Schlippy and Helen Back to Back 5th Friday DJ set from Fri 4/29

    Gil Scott Heron, Don’t Give Up
    Brian Bennet, Voyage
    Niagara/Animal Collective remix, Hyperocean
    David Stout, The seven rays
    Pink Floyd, I’m a King Bee
    Derryl Parsons, Floating Landscape including chase scene
    Sleaford Mods, I Don’t Rate You
    The Knife, Networking
    Style, Playboy en Detresse
    Branford Marsalis feat. Terence Blanchard (and Denzel Washington)
    Viagra Boys, I Feel Alive
    Thee Oh Sees, Toe Cutter
    Yosuke Yamashita, First Time
    Blackalicious, Alphabet Aerobics
    David Begun (FlyLo Doom), Figaro Figaro
    Sonzeira, O Bairo do kassin
    Cut Chemist (Co. Fee) La Burrita de Eliseo
    Lajadu Sisters, Not Any Longer
    DJ Black Cow, Stiwawa Quitter
    Cut Chemist, East Side (first 8:20 minutes)
    Crime of Passing, Off My Shoulder
    Amyl & The Sniffers, Guided by Angels
    Fontaines D.C. Skinty Fia
    Ether Bunny, Laptop Carpetbagger
    Television Personalities, Favorite Films
    Nouvelle Vague, Heart of Glass
    Quakers feat. Sampa the Great, Approach w/caution
    The Coal Greenhouse, Alexa!

  50. Helen von S Setlist April 22, 2022

    Frankie Smith, Double Dutch Bus
    Wayne Carter, Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo, Mr. Scruff Edit
    Martin Rev, I Made You Cry
    Ty Segall, You Should Never Have Opened That Door
    Jimmy Jones, Live + Let Live, Mr. Scruff Edit
    Lijadu Sisters, Orere
    Fulu Miziki, Oke Seke Bien
    Leo James, Punishment
    Negativland, The Perfect Cut (Rooty Poops)
    Zazou Bikaye, Mangumau
    Charles Manier, Stag Error
    Quincy Jones, Bridge Over Troubled Water
    Tropical Britzotica
    Minutemen, Paranoid Chant
    Wagon Christ, Special Designer Song
    DJ Sotofett, Space Dub
    Nawksh, Side A Track 3
    The Motherhood, Costanza
    Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo, Crimson and Clover
    Matias Aguayo, Selvagem
    Sun City Girls, Dry Valley
    KateRina, Run Roc Run
    Exkurs, Fakten sind Terror
    Splitting Image, Jb’s Latin
    Plans Plans, We Love Grapes in The Springtime (excerpt)
    MSSV, The Eureka Moment
    Total Control, Love Performance
    Janis Joplin, Mercedes Benz
    Ruby My Dear, Babil (alternate take)
    ARCA, Meque Treke
    Mark Fry, Song for Wilde
    Suuns, C-Through

  51. DJ Redondo Setlist April 15, 20222

    Wayne Hancock – Juke Joint Jumpin (CD)
    R.L. Burnside – Boogie Chillin’ (CD)
    Charles Mingus – Open Letter to Duke (CD)
    Yellowman – I Can’t Stand It (33)
    Guerilla Toss – Magic is Easy (CD)
    King Gizzard & The Wizard Lizard – Shanghai (33!)
    Hot Ice – Disco Nights (45!!)
    Devo – Girl u Want (45!!)
    DJ Spooky – Scientifik (CD)
    Lijadu Sisters – Not Any Longer (33)
    DJ Mega Mix …? Random vinyl
    Grandmaster Flash – White Lines
    Tricky Tee -Johnny the Fox
    Pigbag – Papas got a brand new pigbag
    Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub
    The Beatles – Birthday
    Foghat – aint livin long like this (waylon jennings song)
    Michael Bisio – I Fall in love too easily

  52. Helen von S setlist April 8, 2022

    MSSV, What’s So Funny About Social Justice
    Bonnie Prince Billy, The Eagle and the Hawk
    Walt Dickerson & Sun Ra, Visions
    Dennis Coffey, Getting It On
    The Trashmen, Surfin’ Bird
    Joe DeFrancesco, Soul Dancing
    Large Professor, Blaze Rhymez (Main)
    Joe Tomino, For Your Safety
    Chris Pasin, Jayne
    Makaya McCraven, Holy Lands
    MSSV, Button Pusher
    Headroom, New Heaven
    Yagya, At the Gate (From the album Plastic – misattributed over the air as the band called Plastic)
    Madlib, Hoprock
    Art Pepper, Red Pepper Blues
    Kaleidosope, Simulator
    Kaleidoscope, Activation
    Pluto Juice, Welcome To Our Snowglobe
    Goncalo Salgado, Mistério e Fogo
    Ben U.F.O Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1, recorded 9/25/21 (Excerpt. Beginning until about 18:40)
    Diamanda Galas, I’m Gonna Live The Life
    Richard H. Kirk, Magic Word Command
    The Chinese Restaurants, LFO
    Monkey Power Trio, Feed Your Hunger

  53. Schlippy setlist April 1, 2022

    Hamlet Minassian – Alas-Alas
    Chad Vangaalen – Earth from a Distance
    Flo-Morrisey and Matthew W. White – Govindam
    Peter Tosh – Johnny B. Goode
    Elijaha and the Ebonites – Hot Grits
    Basil Kirchin – Silicone Chip
    DARKSIDE – Liberty Bell
    Charlotte Adigery and Bolis Pupil – HAHA
    Tristesse Contemporaine – Daytime Nighttime
    The Seeds – Can’t Seem to Make You Mine
    Meridian Brothers – Donde Estas
    Maria Burnis Moleme – Where is the Answer?
    CAN – I Want More
    Sun City Girls – Radar 1949
    Suburban Lawns – Janitor
    Thee O Sees – Strawberries 1+2
    Panda Bear – Boys Latin
    Television Personalities – Happy All the Time
    Jacques Dutronc – Et Moi Et Moi Et Moi
    Os Mutantes – Baby
    Tinariwen – Tenere Taquim Tossam (Four Tet Remix)
    Mabaiisi – Baakoya (Armonica Remix)
    Jana Rush – Moanin’
    Rick Asikpo and Afro Fusion – Too Hot
    Douaa – Haditouni
    Los Destellos – Guajira Sicodelica
    Tropical F*** Storm – Staying Alive
    Pauline Oliveros – Sound Patterns
    Topo – Ba Ba, Go Go

  54. Helen von S setlist March 25, 2022:

    Red Crayola, War Sucks
    Nat Turner Overdrive, Getting Higher Together
    Wavves, Goth Girls
    Cal Chuchesta, Rubber Duck
    Wolf Alice, Smile
    Heliocentrics, Elephant Walk
    Negativland, Time Zones
    Pere Ubu, Heart of Darkness
    Sun Ra, Is it Forbidden
    Oneness of Juju, African Rhythms
    Kleenex, Ain’t You
    Harunemuni, Kick in the World
    Two Fingers vs. Muadeep, Blood Moon
    Otto von Schirach, Anunnaki Theme
    BJ Thomas, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head
    801 Live, You Really Got Me
    Big Star, You Get What You Deserve
    Wolfgang Press, Swing Like A Baby
    Current 93 feat Nick Cave, All the Pretty Horses
    New York Dolls, Bad Girl
    Sr. Langosta, Funk You!
    Christian Scott aTunde Adjnah, TWIN
    Shina Williams & his African Percussionists, Agb’oju L’ogun
    Ill Considered, Building Bridges
    Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt, Ojazo
    Amon Tobin, Rise to Ashes
    Sun Ra, Make Another Mistake

  55. Schlippy setlist March 18, 2022

    1.) Fallout – Kevin Courcey
    2.) We – The Soft Pink Truth
    3.) Only You – Steve Monite
    4.) Beef Rap – MF Doom
    5.) Alien 3 – Mandy, Indiana
    6.) Anything – Subterranean Lawns
    7.) Pub Feed – The Chats
    8.) Secret Canine Agent – Viagra Boys
    9.) Divide and Conquer – IDLES
    10.) Plantasia – Mort Garson
    11.) Banza Banza – Congotronics International, Deerhoof
    12.) I Cry (Night After Night) – The Egyptian Lover
    13.) Nuclear Lethargy – Lane 8
    14.) Kudashe – Afriquoi, Kudashe Matimba
    15.) 5ft7 – Tonstartssbandht
    16.) Long Way to Obscurity – Cereal Banter
    17.) Shoulderblades – Gilla Band
    18.) The Rest is Noise – Jamie XX
    19.) Ecstasy – New Order
    20.) On the Move – Genesis Owusu
    21.) Tribulations – LCD Soundsystem
    22.) Ring My Bell – Anita Ward
    23.) Just Get Up and Dance – Afrika Bambaataa
    24.) Conga – Gloria Esteban
    25.) Cool in the Pool – Hogler Czukay
    26.) Do Leme Ao Pontal – Tim Maia
    27.) Afrique Victime – Mdou Moctar
    28.) Fantastic Man – William Onyeabor
    29.) Me Alive – Gen Pop
    30.) Chipko Chipko – Asha Puthli
    31.) Computer Love – Kraftwerk

  56. Helen von S. setlist March 11, 2022

    Clague, I Wonder Where (1969)
    The Meters, Look a Py Py (almost the whole track) (1969)
    Deodato, Thus Spake Zarathustra (1973)
    Brothers Johnson, Come Together (1976)
    Stackwaddy, Willie The Pimp (1972)
    Mick Harris, Never Leaves The House (2022)
    The Raincoats, Lola (1979)
    Barry + The Chivertons, Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back) (2020)
    IDLES, Mr. Motivator (2020)
    Snips, Feed The People (2021)
    Rebecca Vasmont, Dance Yourself Free (2022)
    Watercolor, All Bundled In One (1974)
    Claude Denjean, Everybody’s Talkin’ (1970)
    The Meters, Look a Py Py (complete track) (1969)
    Nat Turner Rebellion, Laugh To Keep From Crying (1972)
    Wagon Christ, Reception (2020)
    Snapped Ankles, Shifting Basslines of the Cornucopians (2021)
    Christian Fitness, Full Morrissey (2018)
    The Heliocentrics, Burning Wooden Ship (2018)
    Khun Fluff, Daw (2021)
    Arcane Device, The Moon Blushes (2022)
    Mayo T + The Corky Band, (Why) I’m So Blasé (2020)
    David Begun, JuVillain:Doomnuts Workin’ on Air (2021)
    Wagon Christ, Bend Over (2001)
    Shackleton, The World Is A Stage/Reach The Endless Sea (2019)

  57. Helen von S. setlist March 4, 2022

    The Turtles, Buzz Saw (1968)
    Beastie Boys, Sabotage (1994)
    The Sumo Brothers, I Love Music (1978)
    Jungle Jim Slim (James Quarles), Life Line (2018)
    Gazelle Twin (Elizabeth Bernholz), Unflesh (2018)
    The Fall, Industrial Estate (Peel Session, 1978)
    Mike Reed, Greg Ward, Tim Halden, Scenes From The Next Life (2017)
    BLO, Gotta Get Me A Better Head (1975)
    Tilt, Arkade Funk (1983)
    J.B. Green + Band, Time 1972 (2021 anthology)
    War, Cisco Kid (1973)
    Roxy Music, Ladytron (Peel Session 1972)
    Ahleuchtistas, Bad Dudes (2007)
    Maria Sole, Regnè Gnegnè Gnegnè (1979)
    Suicide, Dream Baby Dream (1979)
    Big Blood, Reproduce + Get Dirty (2017)
    Protomartyr, I Am You Now (2020)
    Gong Gong Gong, Siren (2018)
    Yo La Tengo, James and Ira demonstrated mysticism and some confusion holds (Monday) (2020)
    Kevin Ayers, Song For Insane Times (1969)
    Wire, I Am The Fly (Peel Session 1978)
    John Cooper Clarke, I Married A Monster From Outer Space (Peel Session 1978)
    Normil Hawaiians, Obedience (1981)
    Delta 5, Journey (1981)
    Christopher, In Your Time 1970 (2021 anthology)
    Joe Frank, No More My Lord (2000)
    Igloohost, Kai Whiston + BABiii, Maü Shit *outro excerpt (2019)

  58. Schlippy’s Setlist from February 25, 2022

    Jive Baby on a Saturday Night, The Jellies
    The Birds, Rick Cuevas
    Energy, Kim Carter
    Why go to War, William Onyeabor
    Favourite Films, Television Personalities
    Life During Wartime, Talking Heads
    The Wild Kindness, Bonnie Prince Billy and Bill Callaghan
    Alligator Man, Charlie Megira
    Retox, Essaie Pas
    Emcimbinii, DJ Black Low
    Guns of Brixton, Dub Mentor and Yan Jan
    Karaoke with Cal, Aaron Dilloway
    Rain a Fall, Prince Far I
    Israelites, Desmond Dekker
    El Beach, The Luminanas
    Dance on Vaseline (Thievery corp. Remix), David Byrne
    Mars Repumped, Italian Ice
    Miss Missy Dee, Missy Dee
    Opus, Uranium Club
    Vassili Voir, Pays P.
    Edit the Dragon, Colorbox
    Bottle Episode, Mandy Indiana
    Pending in Pattern, Simo Cell and Abdullah Miniawy
    Devish Chant, African Head Charge
    La Trampa, Fumaca Preta
    Homo Sapien, Parquet Courts
    Jesu Joy and Hope of Man, Sir Victor Uwaifo

  59. Helen von S. Setlist Feb 18, 2022

    Harry Nilsson, Joy (demo guitar version)
    Tom Waits, Step Right Up (Jeremy Sole 2009 remix)
    Ambient interlude from automation
    Meridian Brothers, Guaracha U.F.O (No Estamos Solos…) from Desesperanza
    Ikebe Shakedown, No Answer
    The Electric Prunes, I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
    Azalia Snail, Possibly
    The Residents, The Moles Are Coming
    Ikebe Shakedown, No Answer (accidental encore play)
    The Black Angels, Science Killer
    Space, The Female of the Species
    Carl Perkins, Put Your Cat Clothes On
    Iglooghost + Kai WInston + BABiii, Lamb
    Clay and Friends, OMG
    J Dilla, Anthem (instrumental)
    William Parker + Patricia Nicholson, Little Black Kid With The Swollen Stomach
    The Bug feat. Flowdan, Pressure
    Dr. S, Heavy Meditation
    The Flying Stars of Brooklyn + Aaron Frazer, My God Has A Telephone
    Kokoko, L.O.V.E.
    Kevin Coyne, Pretty Park
    Ooioo, Open Your Eyes You Can Fly
    Riow Arai, Custard
    Melé, Vultures, Soul on Ice EP
    8-bit Arcade, Aquarius
    Boncana Maiga, Zouro
    Uffe, Not Around
    Paul Giallorenzo Trio with Joshua Abrams, Mikel Patrick Avery, A-Frolicking

  60. Helen von S. Setlist for Feb 11, 2022

    Betty Davis, Shoo-B-Doop + Cop Him
    Charley Crockett, Out of Bad Luck
    Jackie Mittoo, You’ll Never Find
    Sharhabil Ahmed, Kamar Dawa
    Joy Division, Sister Ray
    Kontrast, Opus Dope Us
    Lol Coxhill + Morgan Fisher, Pretty Little Girl
    Betty Davis, Politician Man
    Sudan Archives, Come Meh Way
    Kokoko, Tokoliana
    Benoit + Sergio, Walk and Talk/Where The Freaks Have No Name
    Barbara Dane and the Chambers Brothers, It Isn’t Nice
    Guess What, Al Khawarizmi
    Igloohost, Kai Whiston + BABiii, Maü Shit
    The Heatwave feat Mr. Lexx + Keida, Walk Out Gyal
    Make Up, I am Pentagon
    Betty Davis, Ooh Yeah
    Lucy + Aaron, The Blob
    David Bowie, V2 Schneider
    Ray Conniff, I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
    Juana Molina, Cosoco
    Kiko Dinucci, Olodé
    Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Pull Your Pants Up
    Sadar Bahar, Bouncing Atoms
    Queen Latifa, U.N.I.T.Y.
    De La Soul ft. Common, The Bizness
    King Porter w/Betty Hall Jones, Buddy Stay off That Wine
    Blood Wine or Honey, The Young Ones

  61. Prerecorded cuz of THE BLIZZARD

    Hour 1 New Mix for February 4, 2022

    Soul Survivors, Hey Gyp
    Blood Wine or Honey, Anxious Party
    Theo Parrish, What You Wanna C (Hambone)
    Boncan Maïga, Koyma Hondo
    Carg Craig, My Shine
    Tomorrow’s Children, Bang Bang
    Unloved, Cry Baby Cry
    Casino Music, The Beat Goes On
    Iggy Pop, I’m Bored
    The Upsetter, Such is Life
    Owiny Sigoma Band, Owiny Space
    George Benson, I Want You (She So Heavy)
    Sleaford Mods, Second

    Hour 2 Rebroadcast Hour 1 from July 15, 2020
    Alan Vega, You Pay/Too Many Teardrops
    impLOG – Holland Tunnel Driver
    Lee Ranaldo, The End of Life in America-Angels
    DakhaBrakha, Sho z-pod duba
    Jean-Claude Gaspard, Machin Sex
    Obnox, Return Fire from Savage Raygun
    Jeff Parker, Fusion Swirl
    Ebony Rhythm Band, Drugs Ain’t Cool
    Amino Belyamani, 1833
    Ben LaMar Gay, Sunday Morning
    Bernard Estardy, Theme Africain from Space Oddities 1970-1982
    Adrienne Rich, What Kind of Times are these
    Bernard Estardy, Pussy Ring
    Vivien Goldman, Laundrette
    Paul White, The Uprising of the insane
    Grandmaster Masese, Orogena raw baba

  62. Sustainable Love Corporation Setlist for 1/29/22
    Helen von S and DJ Redondo

    Blonde on Blonde, Spinning Wheel
    Gudrun Gut, Rendering Buddha
    King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizard, If Not Now, Then When
    Hype Williams, Hype WIlliams Meets Shangaan Electro
    Strafe für Rebellion, Portuguese People
    Strafe für Rebellion, Blaue Mig
    Ohio Express, Yummy Yummy Yummy
    Memphis, Shake + Rock til the Police Knock
    Psychemagik, Mean Customer
    Indian Rope Burn, End of the Line XYZ
    Gravel, Swollen Shut
    Com Truise, Persuasion Sister
    Amnesia Scanner + Bill Kouligas, Lexacast II
    William Parker + Patricia Nicholson, Struggle
    Eight Route Army, Professional Killer
    GNOD, Bodies For Money
    Ian Drury + The Blockheads, Reasons to be Cheerful Pt. 3
    Zen Frisbee, Freeburn (I Want Rock {pt.II, v.II})
    Power Monkey Trio, When I Was A Baby
    Flying Luttenbachers, Goosesteppin’
    Burt Bacharach, South American Getaway
    Bruno Belissimo, Funk Rimini
    Khalab & M’berra Ensemble, Moulan Shakur
    Khruangbin, B-side
    Royal Crescent Mob/Negativland mashup TimebombI Didn’t Know I Was Dead
    Pleasure Leftists, Passage on a Dead Ship
    Ventre de Biche, Chose Savage
    Ini Kamoze, Here Comes The Hotstepper
    Moody Man, Got Me Coming Back Rite Now
    Rangers in the NIght, Robert Wyatt
    Wanda Jackson + Shooter Jennings, Cold Cold Night

  63. Setlist for January 21, 2022, Stephe DK on the decks

    Background music: Badura Skoda plays Franz Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody #2 in C Sharp Minor

    Blue Cheer “Out Of Focus”
    Answer Code Request “Ab Intus”
    Savages “T.I.W.Y.G.”
    Coil “Things Happen”
    Red Krayola “14”
    Mouse On Mars “Shlecktron”
    Jaks “Alamo”
    Demdike Stare “Kommunion”
    Jim Nastic “Chanting”
    Denison/ Kimball Trio “Whirlpool”

    Dee Dee Sharp “Mashed Potato Time”
    Dee Dee King “Mashed Potato time”
    (fake band) “Smashed Potatoes”
    Doug Sahm “The Railpak Dun Done In The Del Monte”
    Electric Indigo “4.31 Hz”
    Thomas Fehlmann “Morrislouis”
    Scott Walker “Blanket Roll Blues”
    Hype Williams “My Love”
    something by Shackleton from a white label
    Guilty Simpson/ Gensu Dean “Could’ve Been”
    The Fall “Protein Protection”
    Hype Williams “My Love Dub”
    Hank Marshall “Welfare H.U.D.”

  64. Tracklist for Friday, December 10, 2021

    Syd Barrett, Is it Obvious
    Kikagaku Moyo, Green Sugar
    Japon, Karomi No Step
    Owiny Sigoma Band, Owiny Space
    Residents, yes yes yes excerpt
    The Uplifting Bell Ends, Super Giant
    PEEL, Memory Loop
    The Stooges, Tight Pants
    The Monks, Oh How To Do Now
    15-60-75 (The Numbers Band), Who Do You Love?
    Buffalo Daughter/Cibo Matto/Nels Cline, Golden Leaves
    Turtle Skull, Rollercoaster (Roky Erickson cover)
    Fat White Family, I am Mark E. Smith
    Pauline Oliveros, Poem of Change excerpt
    Mile High Club, Me Myself and Dollar Hell
    MF Doom, Deep Fried Frenz
    Kind Geedorah, Take Me To Your Leader
    Flowers Must Die, Shut Up
    Willie Nelson, Somewhere Over The Rainbow excerpt
    Clangtint, Everything Goes Away
    The Babe Rainbow, Funky I Like It
    Twink, Fountain
    The Louts, Specs Powell
    Ty Segall, Pretty Baby (You’re So Ugly)
    Mary Ocher/Your Government, Ulifant Fadera
    Residents, Bossy
    Lakuta, Bata Boy
    Manu Dibango, Qui Est Fou De Qui
    Sun Ra, I’ll Wait For Your
    Dr. Lonnie Smith, Come Together

  65. Tracklist from October 22, 2021 – 99% DK

    Catherine Ribiero et Alpes- Ame Debout
    Exuma- Exuma , The Obeah Man
    Starfu*kers- Ordine Pubblico
    Bubble Puppy- Hot Smoke & Sassafras
    Half Japanese- U.S. Teens Are Spoiled Bums
    U.S. Maple- Breeze, It’s Your High School
    Jack Hammer- Rebellion
    Jayson Black- Gold Standard
    Alan Vega- 13 Crosses, 16 Blazin’ Stars
    Gowns- Fake July
    Imperial Wax- Bromidic Thrills
    Diamanda Galas- See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
    Pailhead- Man Should Surrender
    Ignatz & Der Stervende Honden- You Can’t See Me

    Brightblackmorninglight- Another Reclamation (live)
    Slapp Happy- Me and Paravati
    The Pastels- Firebell Ringing
    Rosebud- Money
    Stacey Q- Two Of Hearts
    Robert Forster- Love Is Where It Is
    Soft Cell- Tainted Love
    LCD Soundsystem/ Shlippy training phone experiments with Dr. O
    Shocking Blue- Hot Sand
    Elvis Costello & The Attractions- What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace Love & Understanding
    Groundhogs- Earth Is Not Room Enough
    Nomeansno- The River
    Dead Kennedys- Halloween
    Nilsson- You’re Breaking My Heart

  66. Tracklist 100/15/21
    Hour 1 – Schlippy
    Hour 2 – Helen von S.

    Jack the Ripper – Rolles
    The Crusher – The Novas
    You’re Gonna Watch Me – Pressler-Morgan One Plus One
    Currubuco – Bloque
    Girl From Kenya – Jan Jan
    007 (Shanty Town) – Desmond Dekker and the Arcs
    My Brother Pt. 1 – The J.Bs
    Duppy or a Gunman – King Yellowman
    Coming in from the Cold – King Yellowman
    Mimbreños – Cochemea
    A Fan’s Mail (Tron Song Suite I) – Thundercat
    Even When the Waters Cold – !!! (Chi chi chi)
    Wow – Young Fathers
    War – IDLES
    Head of Darkness – Pere Ubu
    Road Runner – Phantoms
    “Don’t Gimme No Lip Child” – Pleazers

    Marie et les Garcons, ReBop Electronic
    Ofo The Black Company, Allah Wakbarr
    Lou Reed, High in the City
    Zappa, Willie the Pimp
    Faust, Je Mai Aux Dents
    Barbecue Bob, We Sure Got Hard Times
    Jesse Gould, Out of Work
    Twin Sister, All Around And Away We Go
    Ian Drury, Reasons To Be Cheerful
    Horrific Child, Freyeur

  67. Tracklist for Friday 10/8/21 9-11pm (some holes in the list near the end)

    Ruth Anderson, SUM (State of the Union Message)
    Amon Duul, Rattlesnake Plumcake
    The Pipkins, Gimmie Dat Ding
    Davy Graham, Both Sides Now
    National Health, Brujo
    Buffy Sainte-Marie, Better to find out for yourself
    Willie Nelson, Buddy
    Kevin Coyne, House on the Hill
    Napoleon XIV, They’re coming to take me away, HAHA
    Silver Apples, Lovefingers
    Stinking Lizavetta, Journey to the Underworld
    Azna De L’Ader, Samedi Soir
    Stinking Lizavetta
    Spenser Cullom’s Coin Collection
    B-52s, Legal Tender
    Winston Jarret, Humble Yourself
    Numbers Band, Sucker Punch
    Dan Ackroyd/Tom Hanks, City of Crime
    Duotone, ino drop!
    Short Rabbits, R U Receiving Me
    Pink Fairies, Spoiling for a Fight
    Unknown Instructors, Election Day in Stachidananda
    Marlon Magas, Open Up (The Crab)
    Fake Fruit, Don’t Put It On Me
    Drive Like Jehu, New Math
    Johnny Bond, How to succeeed with girls (without half-way trying)
    Cecil Taylor, Air

  68. Tracklist for Oct 1, 2021
    Richard Kirk, Magic Words Command
    Karen Marks, Cold Cafe
    The Sensational Harvey Band, Snakebite
    The Music Machine, Talk Talk
    Roxy Music, Do the Strand
    Soft Machine, Hope for Happiness
    Van der Graff, Generator Killer
    Hajk, Keep Telling Myself
    Buck 65/Sufjan Stevens, Blood pt. 2
    MF Doom, Poo Putt Platter
    !!!, Slyd
    Mort Garcon, Ode to an African Violet
    The moovees, Littel Boy Blue, Little Girl Green
    The Stranglers, For What Its Worth
    Anthony Moore, Broke and Idle
    Gonzales, Soft Shoe Snoozin feat. Princess Superstar
    Rick Derringer, Rock N Roll Hoochie Koo
    F.S.K., The Transatlantic Feedback
    Peter Gabriel, Spiel Ohne Grenzen
    Roy Wood, Music to commit suicide by
    Eno, Cindy Tells Me
    The Plasmatics, Beep Beep
    Groundhogs, Darkness is no Friend
    Warren Zevon, Lawyers Guns, and Money
    The Move, I can hear the grass grow
    The Easybeats, Friday on my mind
    Soft Machine, Why are we sleeping
    Robert Wyatt, Sonia
    Zappa/Mothers, Preamble, Cheapness
    Everly Brothers, Cathy’s Clown

  69. Tracklist for Friday 9/24 9-11pm featuring The Mild Bunch (Helen von S, Schlippy, Joanna Mental, and Stephe DK)

    The Meters, Hand Clapping Song
    Kool + Together, Sitting on a Red Hot Stone
    Apostles, Onye Akpa
    Shopping, Straight Lines
    Kiko Kids Jazz, Tanganyika Na Uhuru
    Silkworm, Bourbon Beard
    Chavez, Top Pocket Man
    Red Lipstique, Drac’s Back
    The Yummy Fur, Policeman
    Evergreen, Plastic Bag
    The Jam, That’s Entertainment
    PIL, Memories
    Universals, New Generation
    Jackie McLean + Michael Carvin, De I Comahlee Ah
    Mr. Doris, Slick Drippers
    Breeze, Come Around
    Justice + Metro, Hold it Down
    Africa Ritmo, Olha o Pica
    Apple and the 3 Oranges, Down Home Publicity (Cut Chemist Deep Funk Mix track 1)
    Destroy All Monsters, Bored
    Cabaret Voltaire, (Do The) Mussolini Headkick
    Electric Eels, Silver Daggers
    The Fall, Kimble
    Jad Fair + Kramer, Subterranean Homesick Blues
    JOhn Cooper Clarke, Innocents
    Hotel Lux, The Last Hangman
    Cat Power, American Flag

  70. Tracklist Friday September 17, 2021 9-11pm (Introducing Schlippy)

    13th Floor Elevators, We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place
    Les Paul, Brazil
    Les Claypool and the Frog Brigade, Cosmic Highway
    Lou Reed, Real Good Time
    Wendy Eisenberg, No Such Slack
    Daniele Columbo, I’m Your Puppet
    Cereal Banter, Black Hole Needs A Sun
    Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra, A Wrinkle In Time Sets Concentric Circles Reeling
    Air Liquide, This Is A Mind Trip
    Trypheme, Rock Imaginaire
    Traxman vs. MF Doom, One More Beer
    Jaber Fayad, Sufi Taksim
    Miriam Makeba, Click Song #1
    Los Ukkas, Extrano
    Floco Floco, On Ma Dit
    Editrix, Instant
    New Lou Reeds, High Heels
    Lou Reed, Street Hassle
    Bruce Gilbert, There Are (And other Side 1 tracks underneath setlist reading)
    Ebony Rhythm Band, Drugs Ain’t Cool
    Heiner Goebbels, Die Befreiung Des Prometheus
    Pauline Oliveros, Four Meditations For Orchestra
    Rick Sabo, Four

  71. Tracklist for Friday, Sept. 10, 2021 (featuring Stephe DK)

    Najib Al Housh, Ya Aen Daly
    Connie Bell, Vampire
    Danilo Perez, Panafrica (Melodious Mood Mix)
    The Lazy Eyes, Come On Let’s Go (Broadcast cover)
    Dry Cleaning, Scratchyard Lanyard
    Shirley Ellis, the Name Game
    Plastic Bertrand, C’est Plane Pour Moi
    Bauhaus, Party of the First Part
    Esquivel, Much Muchacha
    Jean Pierre Djeukam, Africa Lo
    Nina Simone, Four Women
    Goal Volant, Jesus Loves to Dance
    Negativland, Guns
    The Osmonds, Crazy Horses
    Plasmatics, Concrete Shoes
    Discharge, Drunk with Power
    The Garden, All Access
    Aoife Nessa Frances, Blow Up
    The Bug, Hammer
    Roland Alphonso, Shuffle Duck
    Bob Vylan, Pretty Songs
    Annette Peacock, My Mama Never Taught Me How To Cook
    Quakers, Think I’m Finished
    Charlie Parker All Stars
    Karen Black, Sunshine Of Our Days
    Coleman Hawkins, Spellbound
    Mary Ocher, Your Government

  72. Tracklist for Friday, Sept. 3, 2021 (Introducing Joanna Mental)

    Deux, Game + Performance
    Tony Allen, No Discrimination//No Discrimination
    Henry Kawahara, Primitive Love (Genshi no ai) (Delayed Version) from Cybernetic Defiance and Orgasm: The Essential Henry Kawahara
    Mataparda, Me llena la cachimba
    Ela Stiles, Drone Transitions (excerpt)
    Finis Africae, Hybla//LA OLA INTERIOR Spanish Ambient & Acid Exoticism 1983-1990
    Salah Ragab and the Cairo Jazz Band, Egyptian Strut
    Justice +Metro, Hold it Down
    Warm Drag, Butch Things
    Sun Palace Rude Movements (Kenny Dope, Dancefloor Powder Remix)
    Andre Benini, Jawa//Drumphilia Vol. 1
    Connan Mockasin & Andrew VanWyngarden, Bad Boys//
    Self Discovery For Social Survival
    WuTang Clan feat. Jim Jarmusch, Infomercial #3
    LCD Soundsystem, Oh Baby
    Mouse on Mars, Foul Mouth//DimensionalPeople
    Residents, Godsong//Fingerprince
    The Koreatown Oddity, Weed in LA
    The Koreatown Oddity, LIttle Dominique’s Nosebleed
    Lee Scratch Perry, Tell Me Something Good
    Yin Yin, One Inch Punch//The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
    Ela Stiles, Drone Transitions (excerpt)
    This is the Kit, Earthquake//Wriggle Out The Restless
    Casino Music, The Beat Goes On
    King Crimson, Peace Song
    Karkara, Falling Gods//Nowhere Land
    Amyl and the Sniffers, Guided by Angels
    Nico Mauskovic, A Big Brain//Club Coco Compilation
    Quakers, Think I’m Finished//Supa K: Heavy Tremors
    Goat, In My Mouth
    Grosso Gadgetto & Black Saturn, Project 00
    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, I Will Make Room For You (Fourtet remix)

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