The Name of This Show is Squirm

Host Squirrel

Turn on, tune in, and drop out to sounds you’ve been craving since last Thursday

All Shows Are Dedicated To The Dead Squirrel



Every Thursday 7:00am - 9:00am   |   Psychedelic Rock
The Name of This Show is Squirm
Host Squirrel

The Name of This Show is Squirm

Turn on, tune in, and drop out to sounds you’ve been craving since last Thursday

All Shows Are Dedicated To The Dead Squirrel



Every Thursday 7:00am - 9:00am   |   Psychedelic Rock


14 responses to “The Name of This Show is Squirm”

  1. I had a pretty interesting experience yesterday in which a woman directly in my face to her cowokers went “I thought that was a girl, but it’s a boy!” I am not a boy. It doesn’t seem major, but it stuck with me. This program is my attempt to release some of my thoughts about that… Hope you enjoyed the ride.
    Squirm 11/23/23
    Yoko Ono- It’s Gonna Rain
    Kali Malone- All Life Long (for organ)
    Martyna Basta- Fragile
    Susan Boti- Jabberwocky (1990)
    Maria BC- Return To Sender
    Annea Lockwood- For Ruth
    Catherina Barbieri- Alphabet Of Light
    Ellen Arkbro- Leaving Dreaming
    Pope Joanna- Eulogy (mother/daughter funeral)
    Kelly Lee Owens- Release
    Mary Ocher- Zone (A Tale Of A Mourning Mother)
    Anna buttress- La Danza
    Exploded View- One Too Many

  2. Thanks To Everyone Who Donated During Radiothon
    This is my final psychedelic program for a bit.
    Wendy and Bonnie- The winter Is Cold
    Mama Cass- The Room Nobody Lives In
    Bridget St John- To B without A Hitch
    Jan and Lorraine- Number 33
    Paul Kanter/Jefferson Starship- Let’s Go Together
    Peter Bardens- The Answer
    The Alan Brown- Penny For Your Thoughts
    County Joe and the Fish- Poropise Mouth
    Wilderness Road- Peaceful Life
    New Riders of the Purple Sage- Cecilia
    Haymarket Square- Train-Kept-A-Rollin’
    Feat Itself- In My Time Of Dying
    Ramatam- Excerpt From Guitar Concerto #1
    Ramatam- Autumn Low
    Bob Dylan- Ballad of the Thin Man- Live at Free Trade Hall 1966
    Curved Air- Easy
    United States of America- Hard Coming Love
    The Attack- Strange House (as always, thanks Jimmy for the request)
    Grace Slick and the Great Society- White Rabbit
    Fever Tree- Where Do You Go?
    Brian Wilson- Child Is The Father Of Man
    Van Dyke Parks- The All Golden
    The Firebirds- No Tomorrow
    Syd Barrett- Dominoes
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  3. Squirm 11/2/23
    The Hassles- Hour Of The Wolf
    The Doors- Summer’s Almost gone
    The Small Faces- The Autumn Stone
    The Rising Storm- A Message To Pretty
    The Insect Trust- The Eyes Of A New York Woman
    Wendy and Bonnie- The Winter Is Cold
    John Williams- Flowers In Your Hair
    Silver Apples- Dancing Gods
    The Electric Prunes- Agnus Dei
    Triangle- J’ai Vu
    Wapassou- Femmes-Fleurs
    Stow Lake- Mountains
    The Spiral Staircase- More Today Than Yestrday
    The Pleasure Seekers- Never Thought You’d Leave Me
    Hawkwind- The Reason Is?
    Id- The Rake
    Sons of Adam- The Long Road-Live
    The Smoke- Don’t Lead Me On
    The Rockin’ Vickers- I Don’t Your Kind
    Southwest F.O.B.- Smell Of Incense
    Boulder Damn- Rock On (request from Jimmy!)
    Sweetwater- Two Worlds
    Chameleon Church- Blueberry Pie
    Jerry Garcia- When The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
    The Gurus- It Just Won’t Be That Way
    Shadow Show- Dreamhead
    The Kinks- Tired Of Waiting For You
    Blu-erebus- Plastic Year
    The Deviants- Child Of The Sky
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  4. Squirm 10/26/23
    The Bears-The Fastest Group Alive
    Love- My Little Red Book
    United States of America- I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife For You, Sugar
    Joe Byrd and The Fieldhippies- Invisible Man
    Demian- Coming
    The Bubblepuppy- Todd’s Tune
    Clear Light- Mr. Blue (request by Steve!)
    The Artwoods- In The Deep End
    Spirit- The Other Song (request by Joe!)
    Jeannie and The Big Guys- I Want You
    The Cineemas- Never Gonna Cry
    The Cupons- Turn Her Down
    Charles Pikes and The Scholars- Unlucky In Love
    Twiggy- When I Think Of You
    Shocking Blue- Send Me A Postcard
    Jon and The Australian Vamps- It’s Too Late
    The Shades- I Won’t Cry
    Wendy and Bonnie- Endless Pathway
    Anita Harris- I Run To Hide
    The Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia- Columbus, OH 10/31/71
    Giant Crab- Cool It
    Procol Harum- quite Rightly So
    Yes- Sweetness
    Shadows Of Time- Search your Soul
    The Calliope- California Dreamin’
    The Unfolding- I Got A Zebra- She Can Fly
    One In A Million- Double Sight (request from Jimmy!)
    Larry Norman- I Am The Six O’clock News (request from Terry!)
    Art- Supernatural Fairy Tales
    Jimi Hendrix- Thrid Stone From The Sun
    Mighty Baby- Same Way From The Sun
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  5. Squirm 10/19/23
    The Hassles- 4 O’Clock In The Morning
    The Holy Mackerel- Wildflowers
    Paper Garden- Gypsy Wine
    Michaelangelo- One Voice Many
    Pearls Before Swine- The Riegal
    Blodwyn Pig- The Modern Alchemist
    Traffic- Dealer
    Travel Agency- Lonely Seabird
    Clear Light- Night Sounds Loud
    The Tangerine Zoo- Nature’s Children
    Rhinoceros- I Need Love
    Locomotive- Overture (request)
    Ultimate Spinach- Mind Flowers
    The Grateful Dead- Eyes Of The World
    The Grateful Dead- Cassidy-Live
    Orpheus- Music Machines
    The Sunshine Company- On A Beautiful Day
    The Female Species- I’m Gonn Make It
    The Fifth Order- Goin’ Too Far
    Renaissance- Song of Scheherazade: Fanfare/ The Betrayal/ Thr Sultan excerpt (request from Bob!)
    The Third Power- Lost In A Daydream
    Zodiac Cosmic Sounds- Aquarius- The Lover of Life
    The Fifth Dimension- Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
    Armagedon- Silver Tightrope (request from Wade!)
    The Smoke, Michael Lloyd- Cowboys and Indians
    The Hollies- Water On The Brain
    Gandalf- Hang On To A Dream
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  6. Squirm 10/12/23
    Blue Cheer- Sun Cycle
    Bowes Road Band- Two Fingers
    The Animated Egg- Sock It My Way
    Neighb’rhood Childr’n- Feeling Zero
    Love- She Comes In Colors (request)
    Sweetwater- My Crystal Spider
    Melody Fields- Rain Man
    Buffy Sainte-Marie- Adam
    Stone Circus- People I Once Knew
    Marvin Gardens- Buddy Bolden’s Place (Live)
    Caravan- Grandma’s Lawn
    July- My Clown
    Fifty Foot Hose- Fantasy
    The Small Faces- The Journey
    101 Strings Orchestra- Flameout
    The Litter- She’s Not There
    The Eyes- When The Night Falls
    Jimi Hendrix- Love or Confusion
    Tomorrow- Strawberry Fields Forever
    C.A. Quintet- Cold Spider
    KAK- Trieulogy: Golgotha/Mirage/Rain
    Jeff Simmons- I’m In The Music Business
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  7. Squirm 10/5/23 (6 MONTHS!)
    Country Joe and the Fish- Thursday
    Love- Que Vida
    Gong- Sold To The Highest Buddha
    Mike Quatro Jam Band- Circus (What I Am)
    Farm- Statesboro Blues
    The Shadows of Knight- Dark Side
    The Action- Shadows and Reflections
    The Creation- Through My Eyes
    Affinity- Night Flight
    Haymarket Square- Ahimsa
    The Carpenters- All I Can Do
    Ill Wind- High Flying Bird
    Hawkwind- The Reason Is?
    Green Jelly- Electric Harley House (Of Love)
    Green Jelly- Obey The Cow God
    Smith- Tell Him No
    Elephant’s Memoy- Chunk’n Bo
    Ian McDonald/ Michael Giles- FLIGHT OF THE IBIS
    Mark Fry- The Witch
    Female Species- You Need Me
    Petula Clark- Rain
    The Debutantes- Love Is Strange
    Orange Bicylce- Last Cloud Home (request)
    Left Banke- I’ve Got Something On My Mind
    The Cyrkle- I’m not sure What I Wanna Do
    Stoney, Jagged Edge- Rainbows
    The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- Smell of Incense
    Tommy James and the Shondells- I’m A Tengerine (request)
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  8. Squirm- 9/28/23
    Strawberry Path- Mary Jane On My Mind
    Stone circus- Adam’s Lament
    Man- Brother Arnold’s Red and White Stripped Tent
    Rhinoceras- That Time Of Year
    Cressida- Survivor
    Patto- San Antone
    Frank Zappa/ Mothers of Invention- Invocation and Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin
    Magic- Cotton Candy
    Captain Crunch and The Crew- Nowadays People
    Mashmakham- Days When We Are Free
    Shinki Chen- Requiem Of Confusion
    Salem Witchcraft- Rock and Roll Lover (Thanks Jimmy for the request)
    Mountain- Mississippi Queen- Live in Osaka,Japan 1973
    Felt- Weepin’ Mama Blues
    Deviants- You’ve Got To Hold On
    Bolder Dam- Got That Feeling
    The Groundhogs- Eccentric Man
    UFO- Boogie
    Gun- Sunshine
    Toad- Life Goes On
    Mighty Baby- At A Point Between Fate and Destiny
    Epitaph- Outside the Law (Thanks Terry for the killer track)
    The Hello People- Paris In The Rain (request)
    The Grateful Dead- Ramble On Rose (live Erope 1971)
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  9. Squirm 9/21/23
    The Millennium- To Claudia on Thursday
    She- Bad Girl
    The Female Species- Peace of Mind
    The Feminine Complex- It’s Magic
    The Hairem- Not For Me
    Kim Jung Mi- Spring
    Wendy and Bonnie- I Realized You
    Twiggy- Over and Over
    Ruth Copland- Gimme Shelter
    Trader Horne- Morning Way
    Joy of Cooking- A Thousand Miles
    Trees- Fool
    Elia y Elizabeth- Alegria
    Shocking Blue- Acka Raga
    Gal Costa- Divino Maravihoso
    Gun- The Sad Saga of the Boy and the Bee
    The Chocolate Watchband- Inner Mystique
    The Lemon Pipers- Dead End Street/Half Light
    The Sunshine Company- Spring Meadows
    Stained Glass- Doomsday
    Felt- Destination
    Pacific Gas and Electric- Bluesbuster
    The Smoke- We Can Take It
    Jefferson Airplane- Wooden Ships

  10. Squirm 9/14/23
    Night Beats- Hot Ghee
    The Seeds- Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
    Clear Light- With All In Mind
    Quiet Jungle- Everything
    Yard Trauma- I’m Not Like Everybody Else
    The Beach Boys- Surfs Up
    Fairport Convention- The Lobster
    Giant Crab- Lydia Purple
    The Chocolate Watchband- Dark Side Of The Mushroom
    Shadows of Time- Search Your Soul
    Brush- Obsession
    Night Beats- Motion Picture
    The Move- Vote For Me
    Morning Glory- Jelly Gas Flame
    Wildflowers- More Than Me
    Gary Wright- Fascinating Things (request)
    Night Beats- Dusty Jungle
    The Grateful Dead- Sugar Magnolia 10/31/71 Columbus, OH (the best!)
    Children’s Hour- Looking For The Sun
    Circus- Something To Write About
    Grace Slick and the Great Society- White Rabbit
    Strawberry Alarmclock- Strawberries Mean Love
    The Applepie Motherhood Band- I Just Want to Make Love to You
    Amanaz- Green Apple
    The Maze- I’m So Sad
    The Freeborne- Peak Impressions and Thoughts
    Night Beats- Nightmare
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  11. Squirm 9/7/23
    The Zombies- Can’t Nobody Love You
    Twiggy- Beautiful Dreams
    Wendy and Bonnie- Five O’Clock In The Morning
    The Alan Brown- Penny For Your Thoughts
    The Move- What?
    Klaatu- Around the World in Eighty Days
    The Monks- Discomfort
    The Seeds- Pushin’ Too Hard
    The First Edition- I Get A Funny Feeling
    Skip Bifferty- Schizoid Revolution
    Nazz- Open My Eyes
    Hunger- Open Your Eyes
    The Who- I Can See For Miles
    St. John Green- Messages from the Dead
    Paul Kanter and the Jefferson Starship- A Child Is Coming
    Felius Andromeda- Meditations
    The Beatles- Good Day Sunshine
    Hawkwind- Hurry On Sundown
    The Grateful Dead- Sunrise Live at Pemholme Pines, FL 5/22/77
    Tony Rivers and the Castaways- Mr. Sun
    The Innocence- Do You Believe In Magic?
    Burnin’ Red Ivanhoe- Ksilioy
    Bohemian Vendetta- All Kinds of Highs
    Harumi- Fire by the River
    Joe Byrd and the Fieldhippies- You Can’t Ever Come Down
    DAF- Mein Herz Macht Bum
    Thirteenth Floor Elevators- You’re Gonna Miss Me
    Gulliver- Angelina
    Gulliver- Christine
    Jon’s Children- Desdemona Version #2 with Alternate Lyrics
    Tim Curry- I’m Going Home

  12. Squirm-8/31/23
    Buckwheat-Elanor Rigby
    The Zombies-A Rose for Emily
    The Zig Zag People-Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
    The Ides of March-The Sky Is Falling
    Rock Revival-Venus 2038
    Calico Wall-I’m A Living Sickness
    Neo Maya-I Won’t Hurt You
    Fever Tree-Ninety Nine and One Half
    Truth-P.S. (Prognosis Stegnoisis)
    Aardvark-Copper Sunset
    Triangle-J’ai Vu
    The Tickle-Subway (Smokey Pokey World)
    The Barbarians- Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?
    Sam Gopal-Yesterlove
    Vicki Lynn-Don’t Break My Heart
    The Vipers-It’s In Our Own Time
    Strawberry Alarm Clock-The World’s On Fire
    The Doors- Light My Fire- Live at the Matrix 3/7/67
    WWH-Tell Me The Reason Why People Don’t Like Me
    The Avant Garde-Honey and Gall
    Food- Fountains of My Mind
    The Pretty Things-Bracelets of Fingers
    The Grateful Dead- Estimated Prophet Live February 1978 (Dane County Coliseum)
    Tim Curry-I’m Going Home

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