Are you extra excited for the 2020 grand-slamming WCSB Halloween Lockdown Maskerade Ball? Are you so excited that you can’t wait any longer and will likely explode or at least deflate in a highly anticlimactic fashion? Well your friends at WCSB 89.3 have the solution. Try your luck at our coloring contest! As you can see, our flyer for the event is dull, black & white, and pizzazz-less… but you, sweet listener, can save us all.

Download a copy of the flyer and color it up with whatever futuristic digital program you have on your computer or get old school and print that sucker out and dust off the colored pencils! However you choose to do it be sure to share it. Send your masterpiece to or upload it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #wcsblockdown & #Coloringcontest to be seen.

The deadline for submissions is 9 p.m. on Halloween and prizes will be avaible for the winner.

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